Rafael Nadal sends sweet message to Carlos Alcaraz after Wimbledon victory

20-year-old Carlos Alcaraz secured his first-ever Wimbledon championship title by defeating Novak Djokovic on Sunday. The final scoreline saw Alcaraz emerge victorious with a 1-6, 7-6 (8/6), 6-1, 3-6, 6-4 triumph.

22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal was among the first one to congratulate him. He took to Twitter and wrote:

Congratulations Carlos! You have given us immense joy today and I am sure that our pioneer in Spanish tennis, Manolo Santana, has also been cheering wherever he is, such as Wimbledon whom you have joined today.

A very strong hug and enjoy the moment, Champion!!!

Congratulations, dear Carlos! Enjoy in your amazing victory and stay healthy because we are sure this is just the beginning of your amazing career!


  1. Well done Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Murray , Warrinka and Carlos.
    Djokovic and Carlos played great at Wimbledon and they both deserve praises, win or lose.
    What a match from 2 great talents

  2. Congratulations Carlos 👏🏆 One of the best Wimbledon Men’s Singles Finals I’ve watched in over 50 years. Bravo and what an all round champion Novak Djokovic is too 🙌🏽. Missing you Rafa, you too Roger 🎾 ❤️

    • I honestly think Rafa should avoid exhibitions and concentrate on the tour and the Olympics. I can think of millions of reasons why he’d play Abu Dhabi but does he really need the money? Especially after Subway throwing a bucket load of cash in his general direction. Anything like Laver cup or the Las Vegas thing against Alcaraz is just another way he could possibly be injured unnecesarily. It would be an absolute tragedy if he took a bad fall during an exhibition then…. End of career.

      Just keep your eyes set firmly on the tour and go out like Sampras did, while still at the top of your game.

  3. First of all congrats to Carlitos, what an epic victory!

    About Rafa’s schedule in 2024: If I were Rafa, I would skip Australian Open and only focus on clay tournaments, there a few of them in South America in February and he already started with them when he was coming back from injury in the past.

    But since Rafa said that 2024 is the year of retirment somehow I think he will want to play Down Under so that he can say goodbye to his beloved Aussie fans.

    • That’s not very nice, calling Alcaraz overrated. He’s an astonishing player.

      Sure, insult Djokobitch all you want but Alcaraz won that match, Djokobitch didn’t lose it.

    • Not overrared by any stretch of the imagination . Nonetheless, we hope Rafa gets back on tour and gets another Slam or 2 . What a great return that would be for Rafa !!!

  4. Hello Rafa. I watched Tennis after a very long time, ever since you last played at the Australian open. Was absolutely delighted to see another Spanish boy win the Wimbledon. Just can’t wait to see you play again my Champ. Loads of love and a big God bless to you Rafa.

    • You knows it. Wonder if he’ll set another record? Quickest rise up the rankings ever. If anyone can….

  5. Dunc, a 250 is not a bad idea or maybe a 500 such as Acapulco. It all depends on timing. I don’t think Rafa will be ready for AO but you never know.

    But first Rafa has to get two months of recovery under his belt before he can even practice.

    For now it’s congratulations to Carlito. I had a feeling he could get the job done and he did. BTW a lot of different players are capable of winning the 2023 US Open.

    • I actually think you’re right about skipping the AO, Rafa wouldn’t lose a lot of ranking points either with him going out so early this year. Was going to type last year there. The AO is a weird one, so close to the start of a new year.

      After doing a little search through the calendar. I also agree about Acapulco being a possibility or even Rio, a week earlier, mid to late February. He’s done really well in Acapulco though, winning it 4 times and has spoken highly of the great energy that the crowd brings. The conditions in Acapulco have absolutely floored competitors but Rafa seems to thrive at Acapulco.

      This is all very speculative, of course but I think Rafa should make his comeback at a tournament he loves and with a great crowd who adores him. The second part is any tournament really.

  6. Well done Carlitos.

    He’s going to run out of places on his arm to fit grand slam win tattoos, very soon.

    • That was so sweet of you rafa ❤ 👏 l think carlos will do well for spain in the years to come as you did vamos

      • One could say that Rafa is nowhere near a ‘did’ when it comes to making Spain proud. He’s still got a lot to offer. He’s not past tense as a player, nowhere near it.

        Your very kind sentiment is sweet though. I think I’m just nit picking.

        I just love Rafa so much as a player and a gentleman, referring to him in the past tense, no. He’s a complete and utter force of nature. He’s not playing now but watch this space.

        His first tournament back will be one of the best tournament victories in his career ever, should he win it. I believe that a piss pot 250 victory would eclipse a Grand Slam victory. I truly mean that. When you consider how long Rafa’s been away from the tour.

        People are probably scratching their heads going, what?! A 250 eclipsing a grand slam?!

        With an entire year off, I honestly believe that his first tournament back will be and should be a 250 and winning that after nearly a year off. Absolutely fantabulous and no mistake. I think Rafa needs to ease his way back in to ultra-competitive tournaments, especially Majors and Masters.

        It will be like, I’m back! Bring on the excitement. Really looking forward to the return of the greatest player to ever pick up a racket.

        Sorry for the TMI but I’m nursing a semi right now at the thought of Rafa’s return.

        Sorry, again. It’s true though.

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