VIDEOS: Rafael Nadal Wins Historic 10th Monte-Carlo Title (Highlights, Hot Shots)

Rafael Nadal cruises to an historic tenth title in Monaco against Albert Ramos-Vinolas.


  1. So happy that Rafa is receiving all the well-deserved accolades for his achievements.

    One that I found truly endearing was when Diego Schwartzman, who lost to Rafa, asked him for his t-shirt after the match. Rafa complied.

    Diego, who considers Rafa his idol, shared it on Twitter. “I didn’t win the match, but this trophy is still beautiful. Thanks Rafa Nadal! A pleasure to play you again,” tweeted Diego who lost to Rafa twice before. Is this a first from a losing opponent? Diego is surely a good loser.

    I have to ask myself if Diego were to play Rafa on Court Rafa Nadal would he be able to concentrate on the match. [from an article by Gatto Luigi]


  2. Rafa all the highest CONGRATULATIoNs to you and your team and family.

    and your country of beautiful Spain,

    Love and prayers,


    • Don’t you ever give it a rest. I did and do believe in Rafa , if you never feel any of that you aren’t a real fan .Do you get pleasure in having go at people . Very sad.

      • Oh no margo is at it again! She just can’t leave you alone Maria. Absolutely nuts man

      • I think her hobby is pretending to be a rafa fan Maria. I don’t think she watches many of the matches which is why she has to read up on everything. This is also the reason why she gives you so much hate as she knows you watch all of rafa’s matches and she just can’t compete with that!

      • I support Rafa and always will win or lose ,just because sometimes i worry if Rafa’s had a bad previous match or doesn’t come out with as much confidence as he should, doesn’t mean i don’t believe in him or his ability . I will be the first to say my tennis knowledge is somewhat lacking and i don’t know everything about Rafa and all of his previous matches but this doesn’t make me less of a fan. Rafa Fans come in all nationalities, genders, ages, colours , shapes and sizes and knowledge and we love, and admire and BELIEVE in him all the same

  3. Rafa congrats in your win ,you play very good.vamosssssssssssssssssssss I’m so happy for you deserve to win .this year is yours for shure,stay healthy .yor fans for ever.🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍🇺🇸💐🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🎾

  4. Jura makes a point for the use of Hawkeye technology even on clay. But as to her conclusion,she was not on the court, and ďissing Rafa for the ref’s call is inappropriate and should be condemned .

  5. There are not nine times, without to have your tenth Victoy on Monte-Carlo´s court, once again from The Canaries get my congratulation, and very happy about your best fit conditions nowadays, With much pleasurure, an enormous&friendly H UG to you, C. Javier

  6. Absolute exaggerated BS Jira. It’s obvious you don’t know much about tennis! You have no place on this website!!!!

  7. Sooooooo happy!!!!!!! Well done Rafa!! You totally deserve it!! And to all you alleged Rafa fans…up yours!!. especially Jira, how can you say such a thing? Why are you even on this page.?
    Win or lose, there is knowone more humble and sportsman like than Rafa. XXXX

      • Maria – until some time next week! A great day. Give Holly Berry and golem big hugs

    • The best day ever Susie , all that stress and we had nothing to worry about . Yes will be here again next time Rafa plays .And likewise a big hug to Raffy 🐈

  8. I burst into tears when watching “Decima” video tributing to Rafa at the ceremony.
    It was too much…
    Hope that you can have a bigger celebration when you write a new history at Paris.
    Decima Grandslam.

    • It was really great on sky as they showed rafa’s reaction to all the years he won. Yes it was very moving Dmtna

  9. I was not so happy for your champion ( 2017 Monte Carlo ) this time. So disappointed on
    your sportsmanship. The chair umpire made a big mistake. You should give that point to Goffin.
    and the score should be 4-2. Goffin was the champion of 2017 Monte Carlo Rolex Master

    • To answer you opinion, les suppose they went to 4-2. They way I see it Rafa has plenty of time to get to 6-4 and see there is a winning for Rafa. Also if that did nor happen in that set has two more sets. So please stop with this nonsense.

      You really do not seams Rafa’s fan.

    • ‘ Goffin was the champion of 2017 Monte Carlo Rolex master’ . So u think one point changed the whole match, it’s tennis not football that one goal can make a difference and at the same time it happened in the first set and not like in closing moments of the final one. Your last line shows how much u understand tennis

    • Jira,
      Goffin said in interview that Rafa did nothing wrong. He also said Rafa was one of the fairest sportsman on the tour (or words to that effect ) so you evidently think you know more about this than Goffin ?
      Goffin has already moved on from this issue, so it’s about time you did the same.

  10. WOW to the 10th power!!! What an awesome moment for Rafa and his team.
    Here’s to the glory days and more to come of Rafa, King of Clay.

    What a wonderful tournament for him. I watched every match! He never waivered for one moment no matter who he faced and what challenges they might have presented.
    His confidence was at the highest level all week allowing him to freely go for his shots.
    That moment, his smile standing tall on the podium to the National Anthem of Spain was so
    amazing and held with such pride! Truly remarkable. What an historical moment!

    Now go celebrate with your super team and family and friends. You all worked so hard and truly deserve it. Love you, Rafa as always!!! Vamos!

  11. I can’t get enough of you Rafa. Stay healthy and you will strike fear in the heart of your opponent, again and again. Your “fear” factor should never have been underestimated.


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