Rafael Nadal’s Injury: Updates on His Wrist and Recovery

Rafael Nadal continues recovery from wrist injury on holiday with girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello  (8)

Reuters – Rafael Nadal is recovering well from a left wrist injury and is on track to compete at the Olympics in Rio, his doctor said on Tuesday.

“We are all working towards getting him ready for the Olympics,” Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, a doctor at the Spanish Tennis Federation, told AS newspaper.

“I see him strong. He is following the normal recovery schedule and meeting the timeframe we set. He is working very well and the sooner he can recover and start to compete the better it will be for him to get into a rhythm. But we have to be careful. He is strengthening the wrist and that is the most complicated aspect and where we have to be more careful,” he added.

Rafa is expected to return to play at the Toronto Masters at the end of July before traveling to Brazil.

Source: Reuters


  1. Rafa retweeted a @BancoSabadell tweet announcing a contest for entrants to win tennis racquets signed by the champ.
    The contest will end August 21. Details are on Rafa’s Twitter account tweets. I didn’t check the @BancoSabadell account. Good luck all. GET ALL THE RAFA FANS YOU KNOW TO ENTER. SOUNDS LIKE FUN


  2. I can’t believe what I just read. According to TennisWorldUSA and Yibada, Rafa is not sure he will play in Toronto. He is quoted as saying he is going day-by-day, and being ready is a priority. Rafa is adamant about participating in Rio so even if his wrist is off 1%, Toni said Rafa will not play Toronto. He is still healing, Rafa said.

    I was wishing that I was wrong regarding the amount of time needed for Rafa to heal. Tennis is Rafa’s joy so I know how it pains him not to be playing.


  3. Margo & Va4 … Don’t worry about your mistake on Rafa’s ONE time cursing warning… I remember it happening and Rafa running up to the chair umpire, but forgot which tournament it was as well… Really happy for Andy winning Wimbledon… I know that Rafa was happy as they are good friends…also it was good for England with the Brexit deal going on. Andy was Brilliant! You see how a new coach can help! Andy thanked Lendl ( not new but back on his team) .. So disappointed that Rafa won’t give it a try! I’m just not ready to let him go yet… I so miss the days when that kid from Majorca was running around the court kicking Roger’s butt …along with everyone else’s. Imagine all those accomplishments and only one curse word warning… Zero rackets broken …Unbelievable not one other elite tennis player can say that!! Rafa is a true Champion through and through..Miss him so much! Vamos Rafa, hope your on the mend !

    • Souix, I too was happy for Andy’s win but also wished that Rafa could have been at Wimbledon. I was on the same page as you thinking that Rafa would be happy for his friend.

      I have taken particular note of commentators’ take on the return of Lendl to help Andy. Seems they are a winning team. Lendl knows how to get through to Andy, and they like each other a lot.

      Rafa said that he wanted to keep the same team throughout his career. According to Rafa, each team member plays a specific part in keeping him balanced. I think it would take a miracle for Rafa to invite an outsider into his closed-knit group. If it were to happen it would have to be a Mallorcan. That’s my take on it anyway after reading “Rafa.”

      I am not giving up on Rafa either. I do expect him to win more as long as he stays healthy.

      As for breaking racquets, tantrums and just bad behavior, his mother said she would be too embarrassed to attend his matches if he behaved poorly. He credits his parents for his “good education.”

      Can’t wait to see him again. Miss him loads!


      • Margo … I really don’t see Rafa adding anyone new to his team, I think his uncle Toni Should insist but anyway I have all but given up on it. I sure hope that you are right on him winning more slams… He was nipping at Rogers heels for the GOAT …for sure tennis is just not the same without him….I was so looking forward to watching him win his 10th RG … I’m going to be positive like you and wait Patiently for his return! I don’t care if he wins or loses I just need my Rafa fix!

      • Yes, just seeing him on court gets my excitement rising in anticipation of watching him play. I’m not as down as I was after learning of this injury.
        We are so very lucky to have experienced this golden age of the Fedal tennis rivalry. There won’t be anything like this for a very long time. Had Rafa not been so injury prone he would have surpassed everyone.
        He is down but not out and we haven’t seen the end of him yet. He will return to us.

        RAFA ROCKS

  4. Well Margo I really appreciate and rely on your opinion, I can see that you research and scour every resorse before you write your comments…I can’t understand how a few people take your posts as negative and tell you that you are not a Rafa supporter! I’m glad that you are intelligent enough not to fed into their Ignorance! Most people on this site are fans but few go to the extent that you do and we should all be thankful for you! Rio Is turning out to be a real fiasco… The Zika virus… the crime … it’s a shame that Rio was chosen as the place to have the Olympics , jeopardizing the health and well-being of our elite athletes and fans who travel and pay so much money to enjoy it. The world is in a sad place right now…so much hate and chaos… I’m watching tennis but without the passion that I have when Rafa is playing! Again thank you Margo for all your dedication to Rafa…. I will continue to read your articulate posts and rely on them for the latest information on our beloved Rafa!

    • Thanks Souix but I hope you saw my correction. Sorry to disappoint you. It was IW and not the FO, which va4favre commented on. I wondered how I could have missed IW so in my search I discovered my error.

      Once the IOC named Rio, I was truly taken aback. At the time I was worried about Zika, and an apparently unstable country at the time. Now there are reports of robberies and violence. Even if I were not a Rafa fan I would still worry about the athletes. Let’s hope Rio can fulfill it’s commitment to the Games and that all will be safe.

      Regarding Rio, initially Rafa said he was staying at the Olympic village because he loved meeting and talking to other great athletes from around the world. Now I am finding articles saying he is going to stay at a friend’s house. I don’t know what to think. Which location is the safest.

      • Hi Margo, I too appreciate your comments. I hope you saw that I misspoke and meant to say that constructive criticism of Rafa is welcomed. On Rio, there were early articles saying that he would stay with friends. I then saw a quote from Rafa saying that he was staying at the village. Right now, I just wish he will be in Rio. He stayed in the village the last time so it is up to him. I doubt many tennis players will stay there.

      • Thanks va4favre. I can understand fans who feel like expressing only their adoration for Rafa but I also respect the fan with an inquiring mind. I think both are compatible.
        No worries about your Ooops moment. If it weren’t for your IW comment my FO comment would not have been caught so quickly. While reading the IW article I realized it was the identical article that I thought was concerning the FO. So thanks for saving me longer embarrassment. My error was not rechecking before commenting here.

        About Rio, I tried to find the article or interview where Rafa said he would stay at the village. I distinctly remember his words. You are right about others. I believe Federer will not be at the village and Andy will definitely be with his team off site.

        I know how much Rafa wants to be at the Olympics so let’s hope he is healthy and ready to kick butt.

        I hope they all will be safe.


  5. Can’t wait for your return Rafa! Two months ago I thought my own wrist TFCC condition was so bad that I considered learning to play with my left hand. But look at me now, wrist all good, and I can hit that ball without any pain! I only needed to rest it for a bit.

    Come back soon with your unique brand of fire Rafa, and show these young guns and the Old Guard that you ain’t done yet!

    Vamos, BABY!

    • Glad you are better. I understand that your injury was not the same as Rafa’s, what was the total recuperation period?


      • Hi Margo sorry for late reply. What I had was a TFCC tear which is a tear inside some cartilage in the wrist. Apparently there are no blood vessels in that area so it takes its sweet time getting healed. Sometimes years, depending on the severity. Luckily for me it took ‘only 4 months.’ Now I can swing a racquet without pain. At its worst, I couldn’t even lift a book from a table without extreme pain- it was that bad. Shaking hands was a nightmare!

        Eventually I just got a wrist immobilizer, and with time, it got better.

      • Mac, thank you for responding.

        After Rafa’s injury announcement, and with the little information given (swollen sheath) I tried to gauge how long recovery would take. Of all the articles I found, they were in agreement about immobilization, and decreasing the activity that caused the injury. Healing times varied, however only one article mentioned the lack of blood flow in that area. That, to me, raised a red flag. I know blood contains platelets that assist healing. As you said, in an area where there is a lack of blood flow healing takes longer. It is the primary reason I’ve been so anxious about him returning too early.
        Massage in that area is recommended so as to get more blood flowing. I believe Rafa has used PRP therapy on his knees and can only guess that PRP therapy is what his team meant regarding therapy.

        As you know Rafa plans to play Toronto, a mere two months after his injury. I hope he is completely healed and does well. I am so looking forward to see him on the big stage again.

        I hope his is a happy ending like yours.
        Thank you again for taking the time to respond. It’s much appreciated.

        RAFA ROCKS

  6. Oops, I goofed on my comment. I meant we CAN be critical of Rafa when it is deserved. We all just want him to be even better.

    • Yes va4favre. Any type of celebrity has his trolls. Considering the fame Rafa has attained it would be silly for anyone to think he is exempt from trolldom. (New word? LOL.) Let’s just say I expect better here, at his fan site.

      I missed the IW incident but had to crack up laughing because the reporter for the FO incident wrote the same thing. Rafa: “It’s the first time I am given a language warning.”

      Talking about reporters, Rafa lives on an island. The island’s inhabitants will protect “one of their own.” I am certain that everyone visiting the island is well screened. No news gets out unapproved. So the only thing reporters have to write about is a language warning. I wish they had been paying more attention to Rafa the athlete body. His injury came as a shock to most. Andy, I think, was the only one not shocked.



      I erred in writing that Rafa was given a language warning at the FO. It was Indian Wells 2016, NOT THE FO.

      Mea culpa.

  7. Elizabeth Howard …Margo is very well read on Rafa and is an ardent fan of his. I depend on her updates and comments as they are always spot on and when I research her information i find her to be very accurate. To ask her to leave this site and go on to Rogers is wrong…she belongs here because she loves Rafa and only has his best interest in mind. I totally think Rafa made a huge mistake not to hire McEnroe Agassi or Moya … Milos Has hired McEnroe and Moya And look at him… he used to just have this killer serve and now his whole game has improved… He has a very good chance to win Wimbledon… With Rafa out I would like to see Andy win it! Miss Rafa so much …tennis is so boring without him …va4favre…. Read Margo’s comments She really know Everything about Rafa! Also enjoy comments as well!

    • Souix, thank you for your kind words. You don’t know how much they are appreciated. I wish I did know everything about Rafa, it would save me so much time from doing searches. LOL

      I must admit that I was not bothered about being labeled a Roger fan because I know who my champion is. I merely considered it another sign of disrespect from one fan to another.

      I have to tell you that finding information on Rafa, past or present, is quite challenging. Oftentimes I have to search the foreign press. Many times using a name associated with Rafa will bring up something, or using a word or phrase that may lead me to a quote or article on my very elusive Rafa. All this is indicative of how tightly information about Rafa is controlled. The press is also complicit. I am also aware of the press taking things out of context. There are Rafa interviews that I’ve seen where the print version is not in the spirit of what Rafa actually said. The press will take one word out of an entire interview and make a headline that is diametrically opposed to what Rafa actually said. Pisses me off!

      Even here, no mention was made of Rafa being given a bad language warning at this past FO. I have no idea what he said. But Rafa is human. Knowing he said a bad word didn’t make me think poorly of him. I was just afraid of what abuse Toni would shower upon him for that one lapse of loss of self control. To be true to myself I cannot take a myopic view on anything.

      Glad to see you here and have missed your comments. I know how much you miss Rafa so I understand your absence.

      Hopefully, very hopefully, Rafa has healed and will return to the tour. I am truly sick over this current injury but am terrified that he will return too soon.

      The thought of him being unable to play for an extended time would break Rafa’s heart as it would mine. Let’s hope I am just too worried.


      • I hope that we do not turn into trolls like some of the Djokovic fans. We can be fans of Rafa without being critical of him. Rafa would be the first to say that he is only human!

      • Margo, That was very interesting about Rafa receiving a warning at FO. I still remember the incident at IW where he received a warning and Rafa wailed that it was his first time. I wonder if he knew about his wrist injury and it made him more short tempered?

      • I certainly considered it but I made neither an excuse nor a condemnation for Rafa’s choice of language. My concern, as stated, was how Toni would react.

      • YIKES. It was IW and not FO. Sorry for the incorrect comment. So it looks like Rafa was right and you were right. My apologies.

  8. I do not think Margo is a Nadal supporter as she constantly harps on negatively about something. Rafa speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, a little Italian and French. He makes himself very clear in his interviews. Go away and support Roger and stop your negativity re Rafae Nadal.

    • Yes I agree Shut up Margo, he is a wonderful young man and the wrist injury was awful, Wimbledon wasn,t the same without him being there as is any other tournament that he is not there I hope all goes very well for the Olympics cannot wait to see him carrying the Flag for
      spain Vamos Rafa

  9. Playing through pain is one thing; risking career-ending injury is another. As we see with Delpo,
    It can be a nagging problem after surgery and rehab.

  10. No elite player will return to competition before he is ready-there is too much at stake. No doubt
    Rafael is considering his options, since Djokovic has shown his vulnerability. Who, at this level,
    only appears, and does not play to win? Roger played lights out against Cilic, who is a respected player. As Agassi wrote to Rafa, winning one French Open title was a huge task; Rafa, with nine French wins, is other worldly. Forget the constant reminders of their “aging”;
    the crew behind them will never match their records! Federer and Nadal’s combination of physical ability and mental focus is unmatched. There are no better ambassadors for tennis-👑🏆👊👏👍 ❤️🎾

    • No elite player, other than Rafa.

      Read his autobiography. He feels if he perseveres and conquers his pain he will win. I feel he would have continued playing at the FO had he been able to move his wrist, pain and all.
      At the tender age of 13? 14? (can’t remember) when he broke a finger in the first round of a tournament he finished the tournament as its winner. No bandage because he said it would hinder his playing. He would go on through his career with this same mindset.


  11. Très bonne nouvelle et quel bonheur de revoir rafa sur les cours ! !! Vamos rafa on t aime ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Très très bonne nouvelle et quel bonheur de revoir rafa sur les cours !! Vamos rafa ❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Great news. Can’t wait to see you compete once again Rafa but your wrist must be completely healed n very strong. These guys are serving very strongly … Aces by the dozen! The combination of Carlos Moyà n John McInroe have improved Roanic’s game considerably to a level where he may now be a favourite to win Wimbledon, in my opinion? However, in your absence Rafa, I am hoping Federer wins the Cup! I continue to pray for you my boy. Relax n enjoy life while you can. Can’t wait for your return. Vamos Rafael. God bless you. Love from your Aussie Abuela. 🏆🏆😊😀😇

    • me too I hope Roger wins this wimbledon. I don’t believe that Rafa will win another GS again so hope Roger win his 18. at least Novak can’t surpass roger’s record. That’s a shame a great talent like Rafa self-destructives his legacy by refusing to hire a coach.

      • @Sosa I believe Rafa has more Grand Slams in him. How many? Unknown. But he’s got to be healthy and healed. I am not ready to write him off as a Grand Slam contender.
        Let’s see how he does in Toronto.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Agree with you Sosa Laforge. Well l believe Rafa is very loyal and faithful to his family. So l guess he doesn’t want to be disloyal and disrespectful especially to his uncle Toni who helped him throughout his career. Rafa would rather sacrifice his career then to get an outsider on board. Think the other reason is PRIDE. They are close knit so want to do things their way and not so adaptable changes. It’s ashame as the saying goes “Pride goes before a fall” so l guess this is what is happening to Rafa’s career. Nevertheless we his loyal ardent fans just have to accept Rafa’s decision on not hiring a 2nd coach.
        l read many comments that they prefer Roger to win. I disagree, l would rather it be Murray or somebody else except Roger so Roger doesn’t break any more records. Let the others have a chance to win for a change.

      • I agree with you on the “loyalty” aspect in the relationship between Rafa and his team.
        As for “PRIDE,” I am glad you brought that up. I feel pride explains a lot when it comes to Rafa and his team. On many occasions he has had to use a translator during interviews when so many others on the tour speak multiple languages. He sticks to his. His team refuses to consult with outside experts when they can’t figure out a medical problem.
        As for Wimbledon, I too hope that Andy wins because I think he has worked so hard and has made so much improvement. He also shares many of Rafa’s great qualities.
        I still have the picture in my head where he makes a muscle and points to his bicep on the tennis court. I thought that was just sooooo cool. I had to crack up. That was when I became a semi-fan.

  14. Can anyone give me an update on Rafa’s Olympic status? I read that if he cannot play Davis Cup, he needs to appeal to be allowed to play in Rio. Woznacki won her appeal so I assume Rafa would to?

    • Rafa’s and Caroline’s cases are dissimilar. You cannot say just because her appeal was granted his will be.
      Rafa is trying to wiggle out of making himself available for the Davis Cup ties. Yet he wants to play Toronto. These two events are very close. The Olympic Committee may be mulling over this.

      What surprises me is that all through Rafa’s career he has been regarded as nothing special by Toni yet now the team is asking for special treatment. Disappointing.

      If he is healed I would love to see him at Rio but not by default. Of course, I don’t know what is in the appeal so maybe the team has submitted a good argument for Rafa to play Rio.

      • What nonsense Margo to say “he trying to wiggly out of playing Davis cup”. He is not ready, a couple of weeks can see a big improvement to his wrist. He has a valid case to appeal to play in the Olympics. That facility is there for all players. If his appeal is granted he plays by right. I expect him to be granted the right to play on Rio and carry the Spanish flag into the stadium.
        You obviously do not understand the process. Not sure that I understand your agenda.

      • My agenda is to see Rafa completely healed prior to returning to the tour. Unlike you, I look at all sides of Rafa and I don’t take umbrage when another fan points out something about Rafa I may not want to admit. To claim that a Rafa fan is someone else’s fan is truly disingenuous.

        DelPotro, among other players, has filed an appeal to be permitted to play in RIO. The Committee decides the appeal and then issues its decision. Not complicated.

        Rafa speaks Castilian, Mallorcan, Catalan, and halting English. He memorizes victory speeches in other languages.

        I don’t know why you brought Roger into the conversation? You’ve got serious issues.

  15. Well done Rafa, I am pleased the wrist healing is going so well.Take the time for the healing to be really strong,

    love and prayers,


  16. I hope he can get back to 100%. If he comes back the top of the men’s game will be amazing. So many all time greats playing at once.

    • Dr. Cotorro just doesn’t get it. Rafa’s body will tell him when his wrist is healed, not some timetable his doctor made up. This statement seems to say that Rafa is working on strengthening his wrist as opposed to normal practice.
      As I keep saying, if Rafa returns too soon…..
      It hasn’t even been two months since he withdrew from RG. He should be resting. I am just too upset.


    • Why don’t you shut up!!! And go back to Rogers page which is where you so obviously belong!!!

      • Please stop being rude. I come here because Rafa fans are respectful of each other, even when they disagree.

        I enjoy reading different opinions: some I find interesting, some drive me crazy, some I find outlandish, some I find incorrect, some I agree with, some I disagree with. Next time you disagree with someone, please count to ten before responding.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Hi Linda… Yes, I know. My reply to you was in response to your reply to Sosa. Forgive me but it distresses me when people are disrespectful. “Shut up” is sooo really not nice to say to someone.

        If you’ve read other comments by Sosa you will see that he/she expresses a lot of pain and anger when Rafa is injured or not his best. That is his/her way of expressing feelings and opinions. And I believe he/she is a Rafa fan.

        RAFA ROCKS

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