Shanghai Masters 2017: Post final presser

Transcript of the presser Rafael Nadal gave after his loss to Roger Federer in Shanghai.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You said at the start of the week that Roger in these conditions would be a significant challenge. How do you assess tonight’s final?
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, of course, have been a very difficult match for me. He played very fast and he played well. I don’t know how many unforced errors he make, but I don’t remember. He played so well, I think.

Yeah, I could do maybe some things better, but that’s it. No, no, just he played too good. That’s my point of view. So congrats to him.

Q. Regardless of tonight’s result, you have been playing in this part of the season better than you have played in most of your career. Is there something that you have done to adjust the preparation? Is it just that you managed to keep yourself healthy? Is there something that you have learned to basically perform better in this part of the season this year?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, I played well. That’s all, no? Beijing have been a tournament that takes time for me to play well. I never liked a lot the balls there. Was difficult to find a good rhythm. I played great in Beijing this year.

And here too. I played a fantastic tournament, having very good wins. Very pleased the way I played the whole Asian tour for me, whole China tour. Beijing, Shanghai have been a very positive two weeks for me. A lot of points, a lot of victories against great opponents. I come back with very good personal satisfaction the way that I played.  Continue reading “Shanghai Masters 2017: Post final presser”


Rafael Nadal: “Sometimes I get frustrated too”

A transcript of the presser Rafael Nadal gave after his win over Marin Cilic.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How satisfying is it to get through a match like that? Can you take us through that?
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, good, no? Very happy. Of course I played I think a very high level of tennis. Was a great match again. I don’t know what he said, if he already talked or what he gonna say later, I don’t know, but in my opinion, he played well, too. Was a great, good quality of tennis this afternoon.

I am very satisfied with everything, no? Is true that I had that mistakes with my serve in the second. That’s the only thing. For the rest, I am happy.

Q. So compared with the former two matches against Jared and Fabio, yesterday’s Grigor and today’s Marin seemed to be tough opponents for you. How do you compare the transitions between matches?
RAFAEL NADAL: I think they are tough opponents for everybody. Not for me, no? They are very good players so is tough. If I was not playing at the level I am playing, probably I will not win against the level that they played. So very happy for that.

Having two fantastic weeks, winning in Beijing and now being in the final here in Shanghai again, winning matches against very tough opponents, that’s great news, no? Very happy for everything. Remain one more match, and I hope to be ready for it.

Q. The ITF has recently introduced some changes to the Davis Cup, not in the World Group but in the zonal competition. You have always been a proponent of changes to the Davis Cup format, because you think the current format is not good for you players. Have you had any chance of looking what the proposal is and what do you think?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, sorry. I don’t know exactly what’s — I heard a little bit, but I don’t know the information to talk about it, no?

All the changes, if the changes are in the right direction, gonna help. Of course better later than never, no? Yeah, is true. I was speaking about that already 10 years ago, because was very easy to predict what happened the last couple of years with the Davis Cup. So I am happy they are able to find a solution to help the players to play more often.

Q. What about the opponents you could face in the final?
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, we’ll see now. We will see what’s going on now in that semifinals. Any opponent in the final will be very, very tough.

They are playing well, playing on a surface that probably both of them likes the kind of surface here. So gonna be a tough one, no?

I need to play at my highest level. I hope to be ready to play that high level. I am playing well for already a while, so that helps. Hope to be ready for the match tomorrow.

Q. You hit your knee pretty hard with the racquet at some point through the match. Any pain or anything like that?
RAFAEL NADAL: Is true. Sometimes I get frustrated too. That’s all, no?

But that’s it. Nothing to talk about that, no.  Continue reading “Rafael Nadal: “Sometimes I get frustrated too””

Shanghai Masters 2017: Quarterfinal presser

Transcript of the presser Rafael Nadal gave after his quarterfinal victory over Grigor Dimitrov.

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. That was really a tough match. We all know the weather is much cooler than yesterday, so how did you feel on court? Did it actually affect the match?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, thank you very much. Yeah, very happy with that victory, no? Was a very tough match. I think both of us, we played at a very high level of tennis. The conditions, of course, have been different today than the two previous matches.

First match for me outdoors, so is a different story, but at the same time, I enjoyed, no? Have been I think a great battle between two players who are playing all the time very focused, very intense points all the time.

I think both of us served very well during the whole match, so yeah, decides in just a few balls, and anything can happen.

Q. You’re obviously in a very, very good run of form and in very good form. Where would this run and your form at the moment, where would you kind of put it in comparison to previous runs in your career? How good is this current run?
RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t know, no? Happy the way I’m playing, as I say every day. Yeah, a lot of matches in a row winning in a difficult surface for me, of course. So, yeah, very happy for everything. Let’s see how it’s going on tomorrow.  Continue reading “Shanghai Masters 2017: Quarterfinal presser”

Shanghai 2017: Quarterfinal videos – match highlights, hot shot, interview

Highlights of Rafael Nadal against Grigor Dimitrov from the quarterfinals of the Shanghai Masters.

Rafa looks back at his match against Dimitrov and the level of play needed to continue his run in his semifinal match against Marin Cilic. Continue reading “Shanghai 2017: Quarterfinal videos – match highlights, hot shot, interview”

Shanghai: 3rd round presser

Transcript of the presser Rafael Nadal gave after his win over Fabio Fognini.

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Before the US Open, you haven’t won a title on hard court for more than three years. Now 14 wins in a row with two big titles. What’s your analysis for this big turnaround?
RAFAEL NADAL: I answered this question a couple of times, and is true I didn’t win a title, but of course two reasons. First reason, because in 2015 I had a bad year. That’s the first reason. I didn’t play enough well. 2014 I get injured second part of the year. 2016 I get injured the second part of the year, so I didn’t play much tournaments on hard. And this year I didn’t win a tournament before the US Open, but I played the final in Australia, I played the final in Acapulco, I played the final in Miami.

So the level was enough good to win titles. Then you win, you lose, but that’s part of the game. There is a very clear difference between 2015 or ’14 and ’16. First thing, injuries. Second thing is I play better. That’s all.

Q. Beating Fognini like this, a player who caused you a lot of problems in the past, it’s a good indication of how you feel on the court?
RAFAEL NADAL: Of course I played a very good match. I don’t know how many mistakes, how many unforced errors, but very few. And I played very well in all aspects. Serving well, hitting well the ball in difficult positions, hitting good the ball when I was trying to have to control the point from the baseline, going to the net often and with good success. Slice backhand is working well.  Continue reading “Shanghai: 3rd round presser”

Shanghai: 3rd round videos – highlights, interview

Rafael Nadal looks ahead to playing Grigor Dimitrov on Friday for a place in the Shanghai Masters and assesses his form after beating Fabio Fognini.

Watch the best shots of the match from Rafa’s 6-3 6-1 victory over Fognini in the third round of Shanghai Masters.

Rafael Nadal Comments on Relationship with Roger Federer

A transcript of the presser Rafael Nadal gave after his 2nd round win over Jared Donaldson in Shanghai.

Kevin Lee/Getty Images

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Would you be able to explain the differences or how hard it is for players to win a title like you did on Sunday and come here and back it up? Is it a difficult challenge, and how do you overcome that?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, it is better to be here with a title than without, of course. But of course there is a couple of things that makes a little bit difficult the transition. That’s what I say the other day. Just balls different and the court always is different, no?

So the same time, yesterday was super-warm conditions, very humid. And in Beijing was not like this. But that’s something that we cannot control. But the other two things we can control, more or less. Something that we can work on.

Q. Correct me if I’m wrong, but have you started playing without your lovely Richard Mille watch on your wrist?
RAFAEL NADAL: Today in the match?

Q. Yes.

Q. No? Oh, okay.
RAFAEL NADAL: Not today. I practiced yesterday without.

Q. Without?
RAFAEL NADAL: I practiced yesterday, because I wanted to change that. Was in the store. (Smiling.)

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the match? Obviously very clean serving. You only lost four points on your serve. You know, maybe a few thoughts on Jared.
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, was a very quick match in all aspects. I think Jared started playing very well at the beginning, serving big, and then hitting very strong from the baseline, no?

Of course I started trying to play a little bit more safe, you know, without looking for big shots. Always the first match, as I say before, is difficult and the transition is not easy. So you’re always a little bit, at the beginning, you respect the new conditions.

But of course I was happy to have that break in the 3-2 in the sixth game. Helps me that he made some double faults, two double faults. Then I played some good points, I think.

After that I think I played a great match. Not many mistakes. Playing very aggressive with the backhand/forehand. My serve worked well. I don’t know the percentage, but probably was high. And when I was serving, the second serve was a big second serve too, no?

Happy with everything. For me it was difficult to imagine a better start. But just the beginning, no? Tomorrow another tough match.

I think Jared have a positive future, in my opinion. Of course today was a difficult match, as I said, because the things went so quick from beginning, but he’s a player that improved a lot during all the years, so if he continues with that improvement, probably we will be talking about a top player.

Q. You spoke about Nick on Sunday after you played him in the final. He’s obviously had another situation here yesterday. Are you surprised that it’s kind of blown up again for him so soon after Beijing?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, not big surprise, but I really don’t want to talk much about that. I have my opinion, but at the same time, you have to talk with — I was sleeping in my room. That’s the real thing.

So I just check. I just saw, when I was checking the (indiscernible), so I don’t know what happened. But you can ask the ATP, not me, because I don’t have the whole information.

Q. You have said that you don’t like to be Roger’s boyfriend, but we saw that you interact with Roger, like, hug and joking. So I want to ask, how is your relationship with Roger privately?
RAFAEL NADAL: Privately is not very interesting (smiling). No, we have a good relationship. We always had a good relationship. Of course a lot of respect for each other since the beginning.

We have been under pressure situations during all our careers playing against each other, so I think is very good news that at this point we still have that very good relationship, no?  Continue reading “Rafael Nadal Comments on Relationship with Roger Federer”