VIDEO: Rafael Nadal gets home after Roland Garros win

The clay season is officially over for Rafael Nadal with the perfect ending in Paris.

Our champ arrived in Mallorca on Monday afternoon. No surprise that he is very exhausted and needs some rest.

In the coming days, Rafa should decide whether to play in next week’s Fever-Tree Championships at Queen’s Club in London.


  1. Roger on Rafa re Wimbledon:

    “He’ll be in great shape for Wimbledon.”

    “Rafa’s won Wimbledon twice, so he’s no one-trick pony.”

    “He’s become better from year to year. He’s playing more aggressive and better on fast surfaces.”

    “He’s not only the King of Clay, he can play well everywhere.”
    [Dan Gibbs, May 13, 2018]

  2. According to his funny video, McEnroe has proclaimed Rafa as the:

    GCOAT – greatest COMPETITOR of all time,

    GSOAT – greatest SPANIARD of all time,

    GLOAT – greatest LEFTY of all time.

    Roger has proclaimed Serena Williams as the GOAT and that’s enough to make both Rafa and Fed fans explode with hyperbole.


  3. He needs to play! He needs to get the feel for grass if he wants to do well at Wimbledon! He’s a creature of habit. He’s not like Roger and can just pick up a Racquet and dominate. He needs practice. Go play queens Rafa! We want you to win Wimbledon!

  4. I am so sorry I don’t speak Spanish and I don’t know what he said. I have downladed Spanish classes and now I will learn a new language because of you. You have helped me heal by watching you during my recovery. Congrats on Roland Garros. I never doubted you would win. Thank you for everything. Your biggest fan.

  5. I am exhausted from Rafa’s clay season without lifting a racquet so I can only try to imagine how he is feeling. It is not only the physical energy Rafa must expend during a match, day after day, but also the mental highs and lows that could topple the mightiest. He had overcome everything to reach his 11th title at Roland-Garros.

    I hope he rests, truly rests in preparation for whatever lies ahead.


    • Rafa is a champ. King of clay. King of Mental Strength. King of Chokovic and King of Roger Federer lol…

  6. Of course, RG was what matters mostly. But to realize that Nadal was allowed to lose just one match during the entire clay court swing in order to defend all his points? A HUGE compliment to him and his staff for being able to live up to the extremely high expectations. And yes, I can imagine he is tired now. My prediction is: if he is not injured, he will skip Queen’s and join the Boodles which is a relaxed grass event, non-official matches, and it starts 26th of June which gives Nadal two full weeks of holidays.

    • That is what I am thinking too. I will be very surprised if Rafa plays Queens. I know we Rafans are never satisfied, but even I wondered if he could defend his 4500+ points, and he did. He and his team should be so proud of what they accomplished. It is truly incredible, but we almost take it for granted.

    • He can take holiday after Wimbledon. Must practice now! Unless he’s injured, if injured then rest big if not PRACTICE!

  7. Rafa huge congratulations to you for your 11 th win at RG.
    I am so happy for you.
    I have been a fan of yours since I first saw you playing about thirteen years ago.
    You are an amazing young man so humble so gracious both in victory and in defeat .
    So respectful of all your opponents no matter who they are.
    I love your style of play , you play with such passion and fight for every point.
    There is no other player to equal you Rafa.
    I used to play a lot of tennis in my younger days and loved it.
    I am always on the edge of my seat when I watch you play sometimes I get so involved in your matches that I am ready to collapse !! Seriously Rafa this is how much I love your style of tennis .All your fans feel the same !!
    You are the GOAT no doubt about it.
    Tennis is not the same if you are not playing ..
    I hope you have a good rest and recover from the clay court tournament .
    I know it has taken a lot out of you.
    The most important thing is that you are healthy and injury free.
    You have a great team around you and a wonderful family . They must be very proud of you.
    It was lovely to see your uncle Toni at RG.
    It would be lovely to see you at Wimbledon but only if you are fit enough .
    You have still a long season ahead I’m thinking of the US open it would be so amazing to see you win that too..
    May God bless you Rafa and keep you healthy and strong

    • Mary King -I don’t how you’ve done it, but you have expressed EXACTLY how I feel about Rafa! I agree with every single thing you say (except that I didn’t play a lot of tennis when younger, like you did).

      He is a great star as well as a great person, who makes so many people round the world so happy. Life will seem very grey, when Rafa decides to retire – not for many years yet, we hope.

  8. Rafa take a very well earned rest in your home of Manacor. I hope you give Queens’ Club a miss to earnestly prepare yourself for Wimbledon.
    Rest well Champion.

  9. Time to enjoy “other things” besides tennis. You have absolutely nothing else to prove. Vamos!

  10. Take a good rest and relax and hope that you will be ready to the next
    tournament! More success and more 🏆’s to win! 💞

  11. Enjoy your great victory with your familia. Get out in the water Rest.
    You were fantastic! I thought I’d have a heart attack when you stopped in the third set. 2 sets ahead ad have to retire? But you did it!!! ❤️😃😍

  12. Rafa I am sure you are very pleased to be home, and looking .forward to having some rest and relaxation for a few days before thinking about going to London.

    have a great rest with your family, friends and team,

    Love and prayers,


  13. Grande Nadal…todo un rey,felicidades esta copa era tuya desde el comienzo del torneo,por tu buen juego,perseverancia y nobleza,q Dios te siga cuidando saludos desde Perú.

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