Uncle Toni pays emotional tribute to Rafael Nadal

Toni Nadal has paid tribute to his nephew Rafa for his dedication and efforts during their time together. The duo have won 16 Grand Slams, 30 Masters Series titles, two Olympic gold medals, and the Davis Cup on four occasions.

Our champ will continue on the ATP Tour with coaches Carlos Moya and Francisco Roig, while uncle Toni will take up work in his nephew’s academy.


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Uncle Toni wrote in Spanish outlet El Pais:

The Masters Cup of this last week has been the finishing touch to my career as coach of my nephew Rafael. I conclude a happy period of 27 years that began the day when the son of my brother Sebastian entered my tennis court at only three years old. ‘Today I leave your side but my path does not end here. I will continue to be linked to tennis because my enthusiasm and love for this sport, fortunately, remain intact.

From the beginning of my nephew’s tennis career I tried to develop a strong and decisive character in him in order to face the difficulties of tennis in particular and of life in general, with which I have always considered that there is a common denominator.

Finally, and in a very special way, I must acknowledge and thank greatly, the person most responsible for my luck: my nephew Rafael.

The relationship with him has always been uncharacteristically easy within the world in which we move. Thanks to his education, respect and passion I have been able to unfold my way of understanding this profession.

Thanks to him I have lived experiences that have surpassed all my dreams as a coach. I have travelled by his side to incredible sites and I have met relevant and interesting people from many fields.

Today I feel greatly valued and loved because his figure has magnified mine much more than I deserve.

Source: metro.co.uk


Rafael Nadal wins case over doping claim

(AFP) – Rafael Nadal won a defamation case against former French health and sports minister Roselyne Bachelot on Thursday after she accused him of doping on television.

Bachelot was handed a €500 fine by a court in Paris and ordered to pay 12,000 euros in damages and legal fees to Rafa over the allegation she made to the D8 channel in March 2016.

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I would like to reiterate my respect to the legal procedure and Tribunals of France. We have been made aware of their decision by which Mrs. Bachelot has been found guilty of defamation.

When I filed the law suit against Mrs. Bachelot, I intended not only to defend my integrity and my image as an athlete but also the values I have defended all my career.

I also wish to avoid any public figure from making insulting or false allegations against an athlete using the media, without any evidence or foundation and to go unpunished.

The motivation as I have always remarked was not economical. As the tribunal considered there has been a wrong-doing and the sentence recognises the right to damages, the compensation will be paid back in full to an NGO or foundation in France.

The ex-minister from 2007-2010 alleged that Rafa had faked an injury in 2012, when he missed the final six months of the season due to knee problems, in order to hide a positive drug test.

Rafa has never failed a drugs test and denies ever using banned substances.

He had sought € 100,000 in damages and explained last year that he had decided to take legal action to set an example, having previously ignored allegations against him.

His lawyer, Patrick Maisonneuve, told the court in October that the doping accusation could have had “major consequences” for Rafa concerning his “existing or future sponsors”.

Source: AFP

Did someone pull fire alarm to disrupt Rafael Nadal’s sleep in London?

(Reuters) – Rafael Nadal and the world’s best men’s tennis players found themselves having to endure a 4 a.m. meeting in the freezing cold after fire alarms forced them to evacuate their central London hotel on Tuesday.

Photo via Tennis Magazine

American player Jack Sock explained how the players were all disturbed in the early hours when the alarms went off at their hotel on the banks of the River Thames.

I guess whatever happened in the hotel was on the second floor.

I guess from what the workers at the hotel said, the location of your room is how loud the alarm is. We are right there, kind of right in the centre of it. It literally sounded like the intercom I thought was in our room. Super loud, super annoying. It went on for a while.

At first I didn’t know if it was a test or whatever. Then I realised it was 4am, so I hoped it wasn’t just a test from the hotel. 

I went outside, saw Rafa, saw Dominic. Everyone was all bundled up, freezing cold, just wanting to get back inside. Yeah, it was pretty miserable, to be honest.

Source: Reuters

Congrats to Rafa on hitting 15 million Twitter followers!

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal has achieved a Twitter milestone: 15 million followers.

Like many famous stars, our champ has used Twitter to forge a closer relationship with his fans as well as make announcements about his career.

Roger Federer has 10.5 million Twitter followers — roughly 4.5 million less than Rafa.

Currently in third place is Serena Williams with 9.5 million followers. Novak Djokovic (8 million) and Maria Sharapova (7.6 million) are not far behind.

Rafa also enjoys a massive following on Facebook (where he’s been “liked” by nearly 15 million people) and Instagram (4 million).

Rafael Nadal: “My season is finished”

Rafael Nadal has announced he has withdrawn from the ATP Finals due to a knee injury.

I am off, my season is finished.

I had the commitment with the event, with the city, with myself. I tried hard. I did the thing that I had to do to try to be ready to play.

But I am really not ready to play, no? I really fighted a lot during the match, but knowing that probably was a big chance to be the last match of the season. That what’s going to be.

Well, is not a decision at all. Is about the pain. I cannot hold with enough power to keep playing. I tried, but seriously was miracle to be very close in the score during the match. It really doesn’t make sense.

I knew during the match. It was a decision I took during the match. Even winning, even losing, I was going to pull out.

After the year I’ve had, I don’t deserve to feel like that on court for two more days.

I had a great season, I’m not going to cry.

I’m going to work hard… to keep being at the top and fighting for the most important things.

Thank you and Merry Christmas, everyone.

Our champ finishes the season with a 67-11 win-loss record and 6 titles.

Sources: PA, Metro, ATP World Tour

Rafael Nadal says he didn’t ask the ATP to play on Monday

(PA Sports) – Rafael Nadal is adamant he will be fit to play in the season-ending Nitto ATP Finals in London after another injury scare.

If I didn’t believe I could be ready for Monday I wouldn’t be here.

I don’t have to make a decision. I’m going to play. That’s my feeling today.

I had problems in Paris a week ago. I go day by day, how I’m feeling.

I cannot predict what will happen, but my feeling now is I’m going to play and try my best.

Rafa faces David Goffin on Monday evening in the last of the first round of matches. Two groups of four players play in a round-robin format before semi-finals and a final.

He insisted he had made no schedule demands on the organisers which would give him additional time to recuperate from his injury.

I didn’t have any request. I didn’t ask anything.

Rafa is guaranteed to end the year as world number one, irrespective of his performance at the finals, which begin on Sunday and end on November 19. He has qualified for finals previously 12 times, withdrawing on five occasions, including 12 months ago.

He has never won the year-ending event.

It’s always in my mind, during 13 years that I’m qualified.

Being here is an important thing, but for me the most important thing is the only thing that happened to me this year. Winning tournaments, competing every week, being healthy until Paris.

I’m number one here, great. It’s a very important achievement, especially at my age. It’s something important for me, but that’s all. It’s going to be a nice moment when I receive Sunday the award, a year ago it was never in my mind to achieve that again. For me the most important thing is to finish the season well.

On the prospect of playing Federer in the final, Rafa said:

It would be great to finish the year playing against him again.

Source: PA Sports

Rafael Nadal injury update: Facts you need to know

Rafael Nadal could be fit to feature at the ATP World Tour Finals in London after scans showed no new damage to a long-standing knee injury, his doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro has revealed. The tendon injury is in no worse state than previously.

Cotorro will now put our champ on a rehabilitation programme which gives him the best chance of making London.

It is not a new injury or an injury that has worsened. It’s not a different situation than when we came from the Asian tour. All the images of the tests tell us that it is a bit the same, that the tendon is suffering.

It’s a tough year, a season with many games. The tendon is suffering, but the images do not show us anything different either.

The first thing was to stop and assess how the knee was, if something new had happened.

Now we know that there is nothing different, which is a situation that had been dragging on for some time.

The problem of tendons in different situations may bother more or less, but we will try to be good to play in London. If he is well, he will play, and if he is not well, he will give up playing. You have to see how it evolves these days.

Source: Press Association