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  1. Dear Mr. Nadal, whole-hearted congratulations for your winning at the Australian Open. Although I am a Japanese, my entire fmaily
    including the Spanish son-in-law is a fun. I appreciate your ethically consistent attidute for the vaccination problem concerning the
    COVID-19 and for the Novak’s problem in Australia. I do hope you would be further consistent for the ethical attitude for the profe-
    ssional tennis playing. From evey angle, what you have been trying is right, and we do hope you will be keeping this attitude for
    your future activitites, which should be an sincere example of integrity. Very best, KH


  3. Although Rafa lost to federa . Rafa back and playing strong as he had been and continuing ! Grass has always been Federa favourite . Rafa done brilliantly getting to the semifinals. Plenty more grand slams Rafa !!

  4. Rafa is a total package he is humble well mannered tennis player. I love tennis and used to play in the eighties and have been watching Rafa since 2002 and since then I will not enjoy a tennis tournament without Rafa. Rafa brings a huge positive energy and excitement in the tennis court. Am planning to go to France next year to watch Rafa playing in French opening.

  5. So happy to see Rafa beat Djokovic . Now he can play his game with ease . So happy that the tables turned . We are Rafa and federa fan at home x 😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍. Welcome back Rafa

  6. Rafa you played at yesterday.You were a big fight.You should be rest and take care of your body.See you at Barcelona. I’m waiting to see you,Rafa. I always support you.

  7. VAMOS RAFA! You are truly the greatest Tennis fighter against any opponent despite of carrying repeated Injuries.Hatsoff to you for your QF win against Khachnov

  8. Hi Rafa …. im your fan since you were teenagers . Ill be in Barca and by chance , ill compete in Barca Xmas Cup 2018 . Hope u got time to meet your fan there 😀😀😀

    Vamos Rafa !!!!!

  9. I’ve been a fan of Rafa’s for many years. When he first beat Roger in Wimbledon. He’s awesome + I always enjoy seeing his family watching. Tennis is nothing without Rafa.

    I would love to be in Rafa’s Fan Club. I changed my phone and lost all Rafa’s photos and info.

    Good luck for 2019 Rafa.

    Maggie Hartwell – born Scotland live in Australia 👍👍👍👍

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