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94 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Carolyn

    The date and time is wrong where it says find your area on the website. It says April 8th so we dont know when Rafa plays in Brantford Ontario Canada. Thanks


  2. Sarah

    This is a long shot but I’m wondering if you have advice on watching Rafa practice. My husband and I are in Monte Carlo, 2 kids in tow, but we were silly and only booked tickets for the first two days. On Wednesday we have to drive back to Milan airport and fly out. Is it possible to watch Nadal’s Tuesday practice? It’s sad to be here in the same town as Rafa and not be able to see him!
    Thank you, I’ve always enjoyed the site and it’s helped me become a huge Rafa fan!
    Sarah Torcasio


  3. Joyce

    Does anyone know which hotel Rafa is staying in Shanghai right now ? I am a huge fan and would love to see him in person and try my luck in getting a photo with him or an autograph! 😄thank you !


    1. hearn fiona

      Many congratulations to Rafael and all the team for the Laver Cup 😃😆👑it was absolutely super. I have written that to him too😆 May it continue. Fiona in Paris


  4. Irene Neocleous

    Hello there, I would like to get information about how can I go and see Rafa playing on court life? I mean tickets, court etc. I am asking because in my country we are not able to watch live tournaments and I have to travel when rafa will attend another tournament and I have to do it right. Thank you and I will wait for your response


  5. How come you are so far behind. We are at the Roger’s Coupe in Montreal and yet nothing from you on time for the match on Wednesday, August 9th at 12:30 p.m. ET. What are the other time zones? What is going on? Come on catch up! Not happy!


  6. Dan

    Hello Rafa!
    I must admit, I’m a bit worried especially after Wimbledon! Not too worried, but we need to get to 19 grand slams now!!! I’m gonna be a bit frank, as always, Rafa, because I still believe I’m your biggest fan ever, actually bigger fan than your beautiful Spanish girlfriend.ha.ha.

    OK my friend, couple of things worry me:
    1. Don’t you think it’s time to use a different racquet when you play on any surface but clay? Especially on grass. I believe your game plan never changes and that’s a topic for a different day! Then it must be something else. Remember, Rafa, Federer’s game has changed a lot after using a new different racquet. That tells me something. It’s just a thought worth considering, why not, Rafa?

    2. I honestly don’t understand the reason you sometimes decide to stand few yards behind the baseline to return serve, I don’t! It has never really worked, actually if anything it backfired. Not just against Mueller but also against Thiem in Rome. And you barely edged Sock at the same tournament. May be it’s time to consider using a different racquet against great servers.

    All my best to you, Rafa.
    You fan forever!!


  7. hearn fiona

    Montreal Canada is next on the list, I wrote that the photos if him enjoying the sun and sea in his yacht this week are fine 😃why not stay longer in Majorca and gain forces for the US Open, of course it is up to them to decide. Fiona in Paris


    1. hearn fiona

      It has continued, 😃👑 Pekin champion , he has given us pleasure. I wrote that to him too in Spanish. Hope to see him in Paris Bercy soon. ☺ Fiona in Paris


      1. hearn fiona

        Yes Rafa, the presentation trophy World no. 1 ceremony was lovely, 😃👑 in London. The photos I have taken to print. Shame the matches did not continue 😕 for you. We understand as in Paris Bercy that the knee was the problem. 😢 The lovely ceremony made up for it. 😀 Fiona in Paris


  8. Gold Wolf

    Finally, some sane tennis fans. All the Chokotrolls on other sites drive me crazy. Compliment Novak say he is top ten all time and they go crazy and say he is GOAT lol!!!!


  9. Dan

    Vamos Rafa! Vamos! Vamos!
    Phew! What a relief! La Decima!!! Now, I can die in peace!
    I’m gonna call you from now on The Spanish Bulldozer!!
    Kudos to Carlos Moya!
    3 more Grand-slams and you will be “statistically” the best ever , because as things stand now you are the best. Go get those 3 more grand-slams so everybody else will shut up!!
    Vamos! Vamos! Vamos!


  10. La Decima, fantastic Rafa. You played likke a hunting animal and you boom boom boom catched your prey. I don’t know how to say congratulations in spanish. Will say it in danish: TILLYKKE


  11. Bravo campeon vales un monton con el que juegas no le dejas ni respirar hoy decia que tenia un moustro en frente
    En mi casa te seguimos desde que enpezastes heres extraordinari sigue asi que lo vales


  12. Beatriz padron

    I like to play Tennis, and my favorite player is Rafa Nadal. I think that Rafa is a warrior, always is playing better, year by year and each day better and i am learning from him


  13. Letilly

    Bonjour je dois accoucher dans quelques jours D un petit garçon qui va porter avec beaucoup de fierté votre prenom je suis fan depuis votre 1 er Roland garros en espérant que mon Rafael ne pointe pas le bout de son nez quand vous serez entrain de jouer bien à vous Marie


  14. Bravo, bravo, bravo Rafael Nadal, realmente sensacional la final de la MMO. Eres grande no sólo jugando sino la humildad que posees como persona. Te admiro como profesional que eres y como persona también, me siento orgullosa de que seas español. Felicitaciones y a por más victorias!!!


  15. jun ng

    Dear Rafa,congratulations you win Monte-Carlo master and 10 times to get this title in this tournament..It is good to start the clay court season.I wishing you have a great win in every match.Your big fan from Hong Kong .
    Jun Ng


  16. Dan

    Dear Rafa,
    I meant to write to you after the Australian Open. Congratulations on adding Carlos Moya to your training team. Excellent move and about time! I realize you came close but let’s be frank here, if Joker and Andy were still playing neither you nor Federer would have played in the finals. Which brings me to my main point. I have noticed improvement in your serve and also have noticed you had a different grip, which helped strengthen your serve. Good job! I know for sure you want to win another Grand Slam but easier said than done. You are still playing your OLD game (Top spin + Power) which in these days doesn’t really have the same old impact on elite players. Everybody adjusted to that these days.

    I am your biggest fan ever and would love to see you win the French Open for the 10th time Rafa, but I don’t see it, because your timing is wrong. You need to take the ball much earlier. It’s all about timing. Once you start doing that, you will be a force to reckon with, again.
    All the best my friend!


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