PHOTOS: Rafa out of Indian Wells

Our champion Rafael Nadal has been knocked out of the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells in the third round. Rafa lost to Alexandr Dolgopolov of Ukraine 6-3, 3-6, 7-6(5) in two hours and 19 minutes.

“Since I started the competition here I didn’t find the right feelings,” said Rafa. “It’s true that I played against two opponents that probably didn’t help me to get the rhythm in the tournament. But that’s it. I was there. I saved tough situation the first day. Today I was close to save another one. But at the end, when you are on the limit, this thing happen. You can lose. I lost today. Congratulate him. He played I think better than me. That’s it. Life continues. Gonna keep working hard to try to be ready for Miami.”

The Sony Open Tennis in Miami should be Rafa’s next tournament. The premier mandatory event will begin on March 18. Always with Rafa! VAMOS!

Source: ATP World Tour


  1. I thought he didn’t do that badly last night. Just a few points here and there. The first two break-backs in set one was costly and the very last couple of points in tie-break. Otherwise he was doing OK I thought.

    I think it’s good indication that his back is indeed not a serious problem, and that it just takes a little bit time to get to his top mode.

  2. The signs are ominous like a gathering storm! Rafa should not have participated in this competition if he knew he wasn’t 100% fit. I mean, you don’t put your No 1 status in the world at risk only to end up being beaten and embarrassed by No 50 ranked players and the likes. Since he’s always plagued by injuries, it has inherently become important for him to manage his health very well by wisely selecting his engagements. Evidently, since he wouldn’t have gained any point at Indian Wells, then he should’t have participated in the first place. Toni and the rest of his management team need to always weigh his ‘winning probability with respect to his health and ATP points’ before allowing Rafa to compete going forward. Tough decisions will need to be taken going forward – even if it means skipping FO to rest and prepare well for Wimby, so be it!!! Because winning Wimby should be more important to Rafa than the FO, points wise and health-wise. A word is enough for the wise and I know Rafa and his team are very smart. Vamos Rafa!

  3. Maybe this break will do him good, seems like he is not in the right place mentally speaking, he wasn’t us pumped yesterday as he usually is. Hope he will gain some confidence soon because champion like him should never doubt himself. Vamos Rafa and better luck in Miami 😀

  4. So sorry to see you leave this tournament Rafa. Hope you have a good rest and come back healthy and refreshed. Take care and see you soon. All the best.

  5. You fought like the champ you are till the end, but I am worried, you seem to be having trouble lately beating opponents that should be easy for you to beat, good luck in Miami

  6. Rafael is always so honest and accepted that AD played better than him. Rafael is not nearly at his best and I hope that he rectifies the problem. I guess that his back injury is restricting him. He fought back like the champion he is and like so many expected him to win the tie breaker. Not to be but all his genuine supporters are still 100% behind him.

  7. Very hard loss… for him and for us too. Today it was a very bad day. I love so much his fighter spirit, but sometimes it is not enough. Good rest, our dear champ!!!

  8. Very sad….. But sure he is coming back like he always does. Love you Rafa because you never give up… Vamooooos

  9. No problem at all Rafa not winning, you are the champion, good luck for the next tournament but take part ONLY IF YOU ARE 100% FIT!

  10. Sorry about losing the game Rafa, but you had it coming! You are not playing your best tennis at the moment! Don’t know if it is your back or are there another problem, but please come back next time and show us that you are simply the best! Strongs!

  11. So sorry Rafa. Please do your utmost best for the next tournament. Take care of your back if it still bothering and/or haunting you from Australian Open. We are always with you in victory and in loss.

  12. So disappointed that Rafa is out.. You are a true fighter no matter what the outcome is. Hope you recover well…Good luck Rafa!!!!

  13. Don’t beat yourself up too hard. It was a good game. You’ll come back at the next one. I love watching you play. God Bless You Kathy

  14. Absolutely gutted he’s out… Hope his team are giving him the best diet..the best treatment and not too much medication, as that can’t be good for him either…. I wonder if that might have contributed to his ‘lackluster performance, he looked a bit gaunt…someone have a word !!

  15. So sad, after he fought back, we are so spoiled, just figured he’d win the tiebreak since he usually does. But as usual, he apologizes to us and promises to do better next tournament.

    As I just twittered, never disappointed in him, only for him. He withstood the onslaught, winning more points but not the usual crucial ones in the tiebreak. Even Rafa is human!! Vamos for Miami!!

  16. Rafa has not played his best otherwis he would have won that match even that Dolgo has played pretty well. Anyway I thought that he went to win at the end but ….
    It doesn’t matter, Miami is waiting for him and of course baiting and raising the Trophy!!!!!!!!!

  17. Win or lose, we will always be with u Rafa. But please, do ur level best from the 1st point…We love u so much Rafa. For us, you are always be the champion in our heart. Wish you all the best for ur next tournament, and for the whole year.

  18. +So sorry Rafa. My main concern is about your back. If your back was not hurting or bothering you, I can accept your loss without too much devastation, just some. But if it was because of your back, I honestly don’t think I could bear that. I hope and pray your loss had nothing to do with your back. I love you Rafa. Marylynn. God Bless you and may He keep you healthy.

  19. So sad that Rafa was out. He fought hard to come back from 2-5 in the third set, got 2 mini-breaks in the tiebreak, but could not make it. Our Rafa was not in good form today, the shot was not long, serve was not good, may be the back injury troubles him… Just hope he will recover soon, rest well and compete in Miami and then stay injury-free during the clay season…
    Vamos Rafa!!!

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