Rafa Roundup: Stephen Curry and Rafael Nadal star in Subway’s commercial


  • Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal ‘have transcended their sport more’ than Novak Djokovic – Toni Nadal on tennis GOAT debate | Eurosport

“I think Federer and Nadal have transcended their sport more than Djokovic. And Federer has transcended his sport more than anyone else,” said Toni in an interview with Clay.

“When it comes to categorising who is the best, we would have to establish clear standards that are always a bit open to opinion, because who is the best, the one who holds the (Grand Slam) world record or the one who wins the Olympics? I don’t know.

“I think the one who has managed to play at a better level and do more difficult things is Federer, the one who has won more is Djokovic and if we were to count all the things Rafael hasn’t played because of injury, he would probably have won more than the others.”

  • Nadal won’t retire if he ‘recovers well’: Uncle Toni | Yahoo Sport

Toni Nadal, however, believes that won’t be the case if his nephew is well and fit to play.

“Rafael is already 37 years old, the years weigh heavily. What I know, because I talked to him, is that Rafael wants to come back, he wants to recover well. And if he recovers well I think he will want to continue,” he told online portal Clay.

“Then we’ll see because he has to get the results, which won’t be easy, because when you lose the ranking it’s more difficult because you have to compete with the best faster. Then you have to be more days well and you have to play hard matches more times. Let’s see.”

The 22-time grand slam winner is at his Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy in Mallorca working on his comeback. He’s training physically, according to Toni Nadal, “but still cannot train tennis.”

“The doctor advised him not to do so, to wait for a full recovery. In a month’s time he will be able to start training on the tennis court,” he said.

  • Mirra Andreeva: “Roger Federer was my favorite player, but after Rafael Nadal won French Open in 2022 I was really impressed” | sportskeeda.com

“I always admire Federer and he was always my favorite player. But after Nadal, he won French Open in 2022. I was really impressed because after an injury, he came back, he won the Australian Open, he won French Open,” she said.

“After that, I can say that now mental-wise I just try sometimes to copy him. I just try to remember what would he do in these moments, what would he do on the score. Sometimes, yes, I can say that I copy him,” she added.

  • GOAT Racquet Race: Analyzing the frames of the Big 3 | tennis.com

The Aero franchise was essentially created with Nadal’s game in mind. With its thick, firm, variable beam, flattened throat and wide open string pattern, it’s tailor-made for putting heavy pace and spin on the ball. Each generation of the frame has seen give and take in its playability, but it remains an exceedingly popular racquet. Of the three, it probably appeals to the widest audience.

VIDEO: Rafael Nadal PROfers Subway’s new Grand Slam Ham sub because it’s piled high with fresh sliced ham. It has nothing to do with the name of the sub. Nope, nothing at all.

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  1. Bye bye Roof Guy!

    Alcaraz is scary good. It’s a matter of time before our very own Rafa may get a taste of the medicine that Djokovic was forced to swallow today:) 🙂

    Get well soon champ!

  2. Woohoo.. A Grand Slam final result to savour after long! Congrats to Carlitos, who is no doubt someone special.
    Did you guys check Rafa’s post on Instagram? Even Rafa is super happy to see him take out the Djoker. Vamos!

  3. Congratulations to Carlos for doing what I had hoped. Was too distressed to watch and now regretting my decision not to.

    I think Rafa fans are super happy. I know I am. YIPPEE!

    • Hi Margo, I checked scores and started watching after the second set.😉 Yes, congrats to Carlos 🎊👏

      Me too🙌 I had some fresh strawberries to celebrate, tasted better than the ones I had last year at Wimbledon.🤭

    • Happy Dance! Carlito is a force to be reckoned with! Didn’t think I was going to watch it because Rafa wasn’t in it but felt the need to send Positive Energy to Carlito!. Of course Novak couldn’t go all the way through without smashing at least one of his rackets… Carlito is taking after Rafa in that department… I don’t think he’s ever broken a racket and seems to have good court-side manners ! Missing Rafa but hoping to see him back next year! If he can win RG one more time then it will seal the deal… I don’t think anyone can break 15 titles in one GS!

  4. Congrats Carlito… well done… Thank you for winning this one and keeping our Rafa close! I appreciate it more than you know… Enjoy the victory!

    • In the absence of our dearest Rafa I could not have wished for a better outcome. Alcaraz is a very special player. Such an impressive win against Rafa’s closest rival on the biggest of stages. A fantastic achievement for Spanish Tennis.
      No-one will ever replace Rafa for me but Carlos is the player I have been following in Rafa’s absence and will follow when Rafa eventually retires. Such a talent and, like Rafa, a natural warrior on court. I am sure Rafa will be very pleased for him and, as a fellow Spaniard, very proud of him too. Vamos!

  5. I missed seeing Rafa at Wimbledon for sure. Would have preferred to see Rafa v. Joker last year but Carlita beating Djokovic just now is still a pleasure. I didn’t see much of the final but Djokovic smacking his racket against the post will be a lasting memory.

  6. Rafa when you coming back? at leastell us ur on the practice courts,

    pl come back and start winning soon champ……………tennis without you is tough to digest…

    • He’s not practicing yet…. As reported, Rafa has just began some physical training…. Patience Kevin patience…. This will be a slow process without a time card attached….

  7. Rafa is really active…I read he’s opening up a chain of hotels and that he opened up another restaurant! Our RAFA is quite the entrepreneur! Will always adore Rafa no matter what he does ❤️❤️

  8. Looking good, Rafa!

    Enjoy your downtime while recharging your batteries to energize you for the 2024 comeback.

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