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  1. I believe that Rafael Nadal is a cheat and it’s not possible for someone to win 12 grand slams — particularly at Roland Garros! It’s such a demanding surface. I think he is a drug taker. Dominic played such a good match for the 2 sets and somehow it meant nothing! He takes too long between points, tugs on his shorts always before serving and has strange voodoo kind of rituals! Why doesn’t anyone question this, but questions Lance Armstrong? Why did Lance have 7 Tour de France major titles taken from him but not Rafael? Why does Novak get treated differently? Don’t both players take too long between points? I don’t think Rafael got 12 grand slams at Roland fair and square. He always looks angry and thinks every point is his and “how dare you!” make that shot! He smiles for the cameras but on court he’s a very angry contemptuous person who spits in the ground and bites trophies also. Maybe most of the world would agree he won 12 but with me I don’t he won them because of all I said.

    PS: Roger Federer has partly avoided Roland over injury, but I think other reasons are is he knows deep down Rafael is impossible to beat — maybe it’s drugs?

    • If you know Rafa’s history and the libel lawsuit he recently won you wouldn’t be writing such ugly and unsubstantiated accusations.

      • I said a lot of things there quite a few months back. And yes I THINK MAYBE he’s a drug taker, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I KNOW HE IS ONE! I could be wrong, but I’m allowed to question just like anyone else is, for the record.

        You call 2 years ago (when he won that lawsuit) recent? So don’t accuse me of something when you’re the one being dishonest.

        What are drugs anyway? I believed that time when Maria Sharapova was caught because she didn’t know and we could debate all day about the power of such drugs or the defense of them taking them for say back pain. It’s a pretty strict business.

        Tennis players get tested for drugs all the time anyway. I mean how many lawsuits do you want? Everytime someone gets tested it’s “I THINK MAYBE you’re a drug cheat,” because why would they do it? But no one questions them. I could go on and on and say why is Russia banned from the Olympics and yet China is still allowed to compete as a country?

        Out of all the things I said, you mention ONE THING and it’s something I QUESTIONED. I hope this comment clears it up or the owner of this site can take my comments down. Can Rafael Nadal fans take criticism or make wild assumptions allegations?

      • PS: For the record, I apologize if what I said was confusing to people. I hope I have cleared up any misunderstandings. We want a fair sport for everyone, that’s all.

      • ATTO YOU ARE A MOTHER… F’ng HATER…. YOU CALL RAFA A DRUG TAKER…. you are a fool!!… What do you play tennis and he have wronged you!!. Screw your piddly life for hating on such a passionate man that has gracefullesly shown to us how hard work and determination, and fighting for every point has shown us tennis perfection, and dedication on every point he has played

  2. Mi dispiace ma devi dimagrire guardati intorno non esiste nessun tennista con i tuoi muscoli la forza nel tennis non è in quel muscoli da macchinario auguri è un tuo fan che scrive

  3. I pray to the mahavallan (God) to give all the strength and energy to Rafael Nadal to win this ao 2017 final

  4. Decepcionada cierto Rafa para Cincinnati pero quizas haga dejo ganar a Feliciano come regalo de boda! Por los menos era un otro espanol y estoy contenta para él. También para Roger al final, cinco anos mayor que usted , ha completo 34 anos el 8 de agosto y le gusta jugar. Usted debe hacer el mismo. Buena suerta para el US Open y después espero verla en Mallorca. Quiero ir al Tenis Club de Manacor para hacer un donativo para su Fondacion. Fiona en Paris

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