Roger Federer admits he got emotional after watching Rafael Nadal’s Australian Open win

Photo by Robert Hradil/Getty Images for Laver Cup

Speaking with his sponsor Credit Suisse in an interview on Wednesday, Roger Federer shared his thoughts on Rafael Nadal’s amazing achievement of winning 21 Grand Slam singles titles.

The match took too long, and I’ve got too many children so I couldn’t watch every point, but I tuned in for the very end and it was nice to see the emotions. It gets you all emotional to see such an incredible hardfought victory…

He has told me for many months now that he wasn’t feeling so well with his body and now he’s all of a sudden holding up the Australian Open trophy.

And dreams come true, and I think that was a great example with Rafa. He is a great role model. I think tennis writes incredible stories.

I’m the first guy to be happy for anybody who breaks any record, because I know how hard it is to do.

Source: New York Times tennis correspondent Christofer Clarey


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  2. I have no words to admire Roger for his superb and elegant message to Rafa on winning AO title. A great sports man and a great human being.

  3. Rafa is the greatest. You get some very good players , then you get some super stars like Fed , Jocko, Sampras etc but there is ONLY ONE LEGEND and that’s RAFAEL NADAL

  4. Expected nothing less from a true champion himself. A decent human being who understand everything about this sport. He knows the history and traditions of tennis and what it takes to get to the top. Both he and Nadal are good advertisements for tennis.

  5. I think this just epitomises the greatness of both these superb tennis players, I don’t think we’ll ever see the like again..

  6. I agree with what Roger has said about rafa as they are still two of the greatest players and they are admired by others

    • And they admire each other. Rafa has always admired Roger but Rafa is even bigger now in Roger’s eyes because he said it’s so hard to break records: Rafa just broke his. This shows Roger’s true sportsmanship, IMO. I don’t know Roger much but his words and heartfelt congrats to Rafa brought me to that conclusion.

  7. To receive Roger’s heartfelt happiness for Rafa’s accomplishment is like the epitome of a class act , completely devoid of jealousy and competitiveness . Such a display of character and true friendship . I am in awe of this act in the age of self interest . Denis and Novak should learn a thing or two by Roger’s act of acknowledgement .

  8. Roger’s congratulatory message to Rafa is very touching. It moved me so I can only imagine how happy it made Rafa. Roger has always said that records were made to be broken because it’s so hard.

    I remember when Roger was in Amsterdam and wanted Rafa to visit him because he was lonely. Rafa was so funny when he said he wasn’t going to be Roger’s girlfriend or something like that. Rafa could do very well at stand up comedy. With his facial expressions and quick wit he would be a great hit.

    Rafa said he has plenty of energy to keep going. Is anyone else thinking what’s on my mind? That Rafa could do a calendar-year Grand Slam? It’s early in the season so I am going to sit back, watch, and hope for the best for our 21Grand Slam’s winner.

  9. I agree both Roger and Rafa are CLASS ACTS both on and off the court. We all know it’s getting to the end but let’s be grateful for everything they have given us and hope maybe we can see a match between them one more time. If not I am just so happy and grateful for what they have given us.

  10. I love these excerpts from a SI article:

    This one refers to the end of the second set:

    “But then Nadal remembered he was Nadal. He clawed back in the third and fourth sets. He went up a break in the fifth to the delight of the crowd.”

    The author m goes on to review Rafa’s AO loses, then back to Sunday:

    “Back in 2022, after winning the first two points at 5–4, Nadal lost the next four points, one with a shaky and uncharacteristic double fault. But he was able to break Medvedev back and grab a second chance at history. He took advantage, serving out the match and winning with the most unlikely scoreline of his career: 2–6, 6–7, 6–4, 6–4, 7–5. Apart from the history, this will stand as one of Nadal’s great triumphs.”

    That double fault had me freaking out. I WAS YELLING “CLOSE IT OUT RAFA!!!”

    • Margo I’m enjoying all the articles about the Miracle in Melbourne:) At times I think I might wake up and realize it was all a dream, and that Rafa lost in straight sets:):):) But no, our champ really and truly did it!

      And it’s great watching the replays now with no anxiety. Rafa is truly an amazing human being and such an inspiration.

      • Mac, yes indeed.

        I spent all day Sunday reading a gazillion articles about Rafa’s 21. It’s Thursday and I am sure I have more to go.

        A celebrity golf buddy [not Tiger] of Rafa’s gave an interview about what a golf competitor Rafa is…and now his 21st Slam. I think it was in Golf Digest. Not sure.

  11. They are both special human beings. I think Novak fans are embarrassing for him and don’t do him any favours at all

  12. A special relationship between two champions. Roger’s words are sincere and considerate of all that they have shared together. Agony and ecstasy. They are the reason we have travelled, stood in line
    for tix, and clutched those autographs and selfies. They must get a good laugh at us. That desire to
    compete again is in their DNA, as Rafa says. Considering the AO, who else will ever reach this elegant echelon?

  13. Roger is a class act, as is Rafa!! You can tell that there is a genuine bond between these two men, that they respect, admire and like each other. It’s no wonder that the fans adore these two men. I also hope we get to see both of them compete for a few more years and have some more face-offs against each other!

  14. Lovely message from Roger…. Expected no less….

    I am sure Rafa’s journey back to the AO with his hard work ethic, with passion and determination .went a long way for him….
    Even when the most frightening of thoughts came to him about his future in tennis…. he didn’t give in….

    I am sure Rafa’s grit is admired by his friend Roger and perhaps has inspired and added some fuel in Roger that it’s not over yet…. If he can do it…. I can do it or at least try….

    Hoping Roger gives it a go…day by day….step by step in hopes of returning….

    The grass is calling his name End June….

    • Saw a video today where a woman runs up to Rafa at the airport and asks for an autograph for a friend (in Spanish). Rafa asks her what is her friend’s name and she says ‘Marileena’. Was it you by any chace? 😛

  15. Well said Roger!
    What a great human.
    Federer and Rafa both have paved the way for ‘professionalism’ in the sport of tennis.
    Both show respect for the other and have helped many with their blessed careers.
    I hope to see them both healthy and able to play each other, in one more match for our own entertainment.
    Rock on guys, show the others how’s its really done with style and class!

  16. Both are great. Those who have negative comments are either jealous or fans of Novak or does not understand tennis. Peace.

  17. Roger is really amazing in his message to Rafa. I hope we will see him again in the future.
    Both are great champions and even greater human beings

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