Rafael Nadal to be honoured in Manacor with statue or street named after him?!

According to Majorca Daily Bulletin, 21-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal very soon might be honoured in his home island of Mallorca with a street or statue named after him.

Photo: icpress.ch

The president of the PP of Manacor, Maria Antònia Sansó, has asked the City Council to recognise Rafael Nadal with a statue or the name of an avenue.

In statements, Sansó said that the tennis player has been a favourite son of Manacor since 2010.

However, she pointed out that Nadal has shown that he is a “great athlete”.

“The way he won on Sunday is worthy of praise, demonstrating strength and struggle,” stressed the mp, who has insisted that this petition comes from the citizens of Manacor.

via Majorca Daily Bulletin


  1. Lovely gesture although long overdue – he won long ago olympic gold for his country… That is difficult as you can only compete every fourth year…… Well done Rafa…..

  2. Tell the Spanish government to hold on building any statue or change any street names until you win the 3rd Wimbledon.

  3. The most respected and outstanding tennis personnel I had seen in last decade and more years. Humble, statesman who represented his country and the anspectators who loves him with greatest respect
    Disciplined family man who loves his parents and his loved ones who supported him unconditionally. He is a role model to the Spain and entire sporting world with his unbelievable charity’s for the needy children and care giving for the same. I like his Humble gratitude to the country he plays every tournament and respected towards that country as a real ambassador to his country. God bless champion with more trophies under your name

  4. Rafa deserves both – a statue and a street name. He deserves even more for his decision of not leaving Manacor for a more popular place. He is a man of his land, and he is proud of it. He belongs to the island as much as the island belongs to him…

    • Well said Miss Gabriela! Rafa Nadal deserves the highest honor that a government, institutions can give him. He is a great champion and a role model for all of us, especially the children. His humbleness, determination, perseverance and love for his place of birth and Country is excellent and incomparable.

  5. never smashes a racket!
    how hard not to do that! such a humble human!
    Rafa deserves the GOAT long overdue 💖

    • Yes. Never seen smashing his racket nor arguing in the court like some well known players, past and present.
      Win or lose, always a gentleman a sign that he comes from a decent background.
      Always a champion. Thrills the world with incomparable standard of high tennis.
      Stay well blessed, Rafael.

  6. Some years ago there was a move to rename the Airport Rafael Nadal Airport and there is mention of this again now. The citizens of Mallorca are lobbying to recognise Rafa’s achievements.
    The Mayor of Manacor is not a nice person and critical of where Rafa built the Academy as it is outside the Municipal area. The Academy gives great employment to the people of Manacor.
    I think that renaming the airport would be very appropriate and then place a sculpture at the airport in his honour.
    He deserved every honour and recognition, Spain’s greatest sportsman and ambassador. 🇪🇸⭐️👏

  7. Well deserve Rafa you are amazing human being and amazing player to all the love from your fans 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💪❤️💪❤️👍❤️👍🏆💯💯

  8. Rafa is the GOAT. He should get a beautiful statue and a street why not both!
    Congratulations on 21 RAFA

    • Well done 👍 Rafa, You thoroughly deserve your 21st Grand Slam, You’ve earn’t it!!!!!!!!!👍😜💋💋😘😍❤️ You’re the Best!!!!!!!!!! & my HERO ❤️ YOU so much!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care, Can’t wait to see You back on the court. Roland Garros here We Go!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🥰 Tina Byrne of Lithgow N.S.W. Australia 🇦🇺 👋🏽

  9. Well deserved. Rafa has proven himself to be a worthy citizen of Manacor both on and off court.
    Credit to his family for instilling in him the concepts of gratitude and contribution. Bravado is not
    In his lexicon.🙏❤️

  10. Manacor, Mallorca. Hope to visit the island soon and Rafa’s tennis 🎾 academy and museum in Manacor. Yes, I agree, statue and street name eventually. No hurry. It is Rafa’s destino!

  11. Good. As it should be.
    Rafa worked his butt off to come back from a two set down to win his 21st GS title, and second AO 13 years later.
    Rafa is the GOAT. NUFF said

    • Rafa already has a comet named after him. I’d name a school, a town or even an island after him. He deserves it.

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