Maria Francisca Perello welcomes Rafael Nadal at the airport, gives him a warm hug

Rafael Nadal enjoyed an emotional embrace with his wife Maria Francisca Perello after touching down in Mallorca following the historic Australian Open triumph.

She waited for him at Palma de Mallorca airport on Wednesday to greet him with a big hug after the long journey back, and this adorable moment was captured by the paps and posted on the website of the British tabloid Sun.

I signed up for Acapulco and Indian Wells, but I have to make a decision that is in accordance with what my body allows me to do.

Acapulco is the closer one [and] I would like to be there but I have to see what is the perspective.

Rafa Nadal


  1. Fedal are teaming up for Laver Cup 2022. WOWEEEE

    “Tennis superstars Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have confirmed they will be teaming up later this year for the fifth edition of the Laver Cup, to be held at The O2 in London from September 23-25, 2022.”

      • Clarification to my previous post: J.E. doesn’t know it, I don’t know it nor does anyone know it as we are not with him in his private life.

        Regardless it is irrelevant to how I feel about Rafa as a player or as a person. Whatever he is is perfectly fine by me.

      • Mark….Thank you for the clarification…

        I thought J.E. was way out of line for his post and it annoyed me….

      • Marileena,
        Yes J.E.’s comment annoyed me too. I should have capitalized the NOT in my original post which would have better conveyed my meaning. No more posting in the middle of the night for me.

      • What are you trying to say J.E? Surely the whole point of communicating with people is that they understand what you are saying? To suggest or vaguely imply something about someone that may be insulting or offensive or damaging to their reputation is the act of a coward and if the statement is also untrue it is libellous. Either have the courage of your convictions and spell out exactly what you mean and be prepared to stand by your words if challenged or keep your thoughts to yourself.

      • Ginagigi, I got it after Mark replied to JE and that’s why I said “both of you can take a hike.” I still stand by that. Already we have given them too much oxygen. How dare they!!!

      • Your implication is based on what facts? I believe you are dead wrong.

  2. There’s a joke going around that the entire ATP are ditching their tennis racquets for golf clubs after Rafa said he stays fit by playing golf.


    • Margo,
      You are not a mind reader. You have no idea what I was thinking. You misinterpreted my intent in my original post which I clarified. You seem entrenched in your belief but you are wrong.

      • No, I am not a mind reader but I do know how to read the written word.

        Not=not=NOT all mean the same thing whether it is capitalized, or lower case, or all caps.

        I was not NOT Not questioning your loyalty as a Rafa fan, if that’s what you meant by your “mind reader” response. I was upset about your tacit agreement with JE, “Not everyone knows it.” I’ll take your word that you were sleepy.

        Jerks like to come here and start trouble. Let’s not give them what they want. Rafa is our champion.

      • Margo, We could parse words ad Infinitum and not end up on the same wave length. No point carrying on with that. There was No tacit agreement with the other guy from my side. Quite the opposite. I regret that it was worded such that it could be interpreted that way.

        Life is too short to carry on having verbal tussles with people so I’m calling a truce with you and moving on.

        We are both very long term Rafa fans. Yes he is our Champion for a lifetime. Proud to support him in everything always.

  3. Aww so beautiful.

    Rafa can take a break if he needs to. I do think he’s still fresh (ish) and should be good go to for Acapulco. However if he decides to chill out on his Yacht with wifey and bask in the glory, that’s all fine with me… my champ can do no wrong at the moment; he’s made my year:)

    So happy to hear DelPo is returning to tennis. Wishing him great success except of course, against our Rafa!

  4. Geweldig hoe ze als koppel met alle roem omgaan, ze staan met beide voeten op de grond, dat siert hen. Love hou Rafael, ben wel al 63🙄😂

  5. Yes..bravo 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 opinion is: rest and strengthen for clay season you don’t have to play Acapulco, , Miami,..REST up for clay… prepare for French!!!!!

  6. I really hope Rafa plays the tuneup tournaments to the clay season and especially Aculpoco where he loves playing and usually excells . I do believe that Rafa has a good chance to win Roland Garros and the US Open this year especially if Novak refuses to vaccinate . In their term , enjoy your victory at Australia as this was a moumental accomplishment that propels you into the conversation as best tennis player in history .. The Michael Jordan of tennis !

  7. Bravo Rafa. You have a chance to win all four grand slams. We missed you during six months. You are so humble. Good luck for your future. We love you.

  8. Hi Rafa,. I watched all your games and you are back to be invincible the way you play. If you can maintain it nobody can beat you in the remaining major games. You need to take a good rest preparation in all the major to be in top shape and performance. I think you will be able to win the four major events this year with good preparation. You need to have the stamona good for more than five sets . As of this date you still need to improve stamina so that all your execution will be best. To improve stamina you need to exercise to a high elavated place say 1500 meters above sea level . I suppor you Rafa for you are humble and a True person . I wish you to become the GOAT. Goodluck !!!

  9. Bravo Rafa. I hope you save all your energy for the clay season where you are invincible! Good luck

  10. RNF, thank you for all your great posts, with lots of lovely photos, following Rafa’s AO journey. The information formed the basis of lots of interesting chats on this site. It’s so nice to see that Rafa’s Aussie story had a happy ending.

  11. Frankly I think that the photographers were intrusive to what should have been a very private moment. Rafa and Maria are very low key and value their privacy. Maria looked absolutely,
    Time to get away together and leave tennis and the would behind.
    I hope that he will be wise and choose his schedule carefully. I guess that with his team they will do what is right to meet him fresh for the clay season.

  12. I really admire her strength to be with Rafa all these years. Imagine not just seeing your husband for a month. Plus he travels all the time and now with pandemic, she can’t travel to some tournaments with him. She is used to it, but she sacrifices also so much and when Rafa retires I hope they will have all the time of the world for even more happy and long life.

  13. What a lovely reunion. Rafa must feel so happy to be back home with Maria after a hard fought and rewarding tennis campaign. Get a really good rest champ and I hope you skip Acapulco to give your body the proper time it needs to recover.

      • I want Rafa 100%+ when he decides to return. He has a chance at all 3 remaining Slams. Wishing him all the very best.

        FYI Guess who is getting vaccinated? I just read the announcement. He’s definitely freaking out because our Rafa got to 21 first.

      • Hi Margo,

        Yes yes yes, and I have tickets for two of them. I even purchased my air tickets last week.
        Good luck to Rafa and I!🍀😁


      • Mimi, “two of them?” Which ones, Laver Cup and Indian Wells?
        So happy for you. AWESOME
        You can cheer for Rafa for me because I can’t take crowds so I expect to hear your voice above all the others. 😉

      • Hi Margo,

        French Open and Wimbledon, also added Laver Cup earlier today.😝🤞

        Thank you so much, Margo.🙏❤️

        For sure I will. I will also try my BEST.😅

      • Mimiiii, RG AND WIMBY AND LAVER? WOWWEEEEE [I think that’s illegal. Should I tell her?] LOL

        RAFA ROCKS

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