Rafa Roundup: There is no way Rafael Nadal said this about equal prize money!

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This was the ideal result we were looking for. Defeating Del Potro in this manner proves that things have come together and the devised plan is working. Between today’s result and the win over Diego, I’m pleased. The last six sets he has played here are the finest he has played so far.

By now, you get the picture. As Rafael Nadal prepares to return serve, he’s so far back beyond the baseline that he’s almost out of the camera shot. At times, perhaps even into a different area code.

But Nadal summons the strength to return hard and high, pushing his opponents back. By the time they connect with their second shot, Nadal has moved forward onto the baseline ready to attack.

It’s a tactic Nadal has used more and more over the past year, mostly on clay and here at Roland Garros.

We know Thiem can take the rallies to Rafa on clay. But can he push him around in Chatrier, in the Roland Garros final, over best-of-five sets? Thiem says that all of those factors will make this match a very different animal from the ones he won over Rafa in other places, and will make Nadal the obvious favorite.

He’s right. This is a match we want to see, and one that could be very competitive and entertaining. But it’s also one that can only be predicted one way. The most important stat has nothing to do with Thiem; it has to do with Rafa’s record in French Open finals. He’s 10-0. Winner: Nadal

“Being in a final here is something I should rejoice about and be happy about. It may sound easy and logical, but I don’t want it to be. It’s not a routine. I don’t want anyone to think that it’s a routine,” Nadal said. “It’s a day that I should rejoice about, enjoy. And from tomorrow on, I will do what I have to do to get ready for Sunday.”

On a completely different topic, Nadal entered the equal prize-money debate with an opinion that is bound to prove controversial. Speaking to a weekly Italian women’s magazine called IO Donna, Nadal said: “It’s a comparison we shouldn’t even make. Female models earn more than male models and nobody says anything. Why? Because they have a larger following. In tennis too, who gathers a larger audience earns more.”

“My body is about 40 years old, but I’m not really focusing on that,” Nadal explained. “I’m just playing tennis. I’m not really interested by all these things, and I don’t think that – you can’t really know the reality of how old your body is.”

“I’m 32, and I’m how I am. I’m happy. I accept my age,” added Nadal. “I try to adapt to all the changes that the body is going through over the years. There are things that are lost and there are other things that are gained, and I’m trying to improve all the time. That’s it. I’m happy for Cristiano that he’s 23, his body is 23.”

“It is almost impossible to beat Rafa. He’s too strong. He’s improving his backhand a lot. That’s why he’s the No 1 and beating all the guys,” said Del Potro.

“He looks fresh. He is healthy. And the strength that he has and the mentality – everything is perfect, works perfect for him playing on clay.”



  1. what an awesome display of concentration, and physicality to Nadal game !!! decimosegundo or duodécimo. thirteenth. decimotercero. fourteenth. decimocuarto. fifteenth…..? it IS SO POSSIBLE> Nadal needs to stay healthy…. Federer needs to show up at French Open before retiring. 1 more final between the 2 GOAT players.. would be EPIC!!! if it can go ever to a fifth set in a Final !!!

  2. I will never get tired of seeing Rafa winning. There are those commentators who say the French crowd at RG love and respect Rafa, but they would like to see a new champion. I say, bring it on Rafa and secure your 11th trophy. Thiem can wait a little longer as he will have his time of glory. Rafa is as hungry as he ever was for victory and he’s commented on numerous occasions that he has missed ten grand slam tournaments through injury, so he’s focused as usual on each and every opportunity he has to secure a major within the next few years. Good luck today champ! Can’t wait!

  3. Good luck Rafa in the final , I have watched you play for quite a few years now. You are the one I love to watch play , you are indeed the King of clay . But not only in your tennis , but who you are as a person , you are a role model to youngsters and an inspiration to them , im so lucky to have been able to watch you play in my lifetime, ssh I’m 69 now 😂
    Love and best wishes …vamos Rafa xxxxx

  4. Rafa all the very best for the final,

    Love and prayers,


  5. This is the formula to beat Rafa on clay: Hit every ball as hard as you can aiming for the lines. If you can do that and actually hit the lines for 5 sets you have a chance to win, not a good chance, but a chance.

  6. Rafa all the best for tomorrow. Remember to focus per point and play hard to his weakness if he has any. So looking forward to seeing you win and it will be #11 WOW GO RAFA GO

  7. Dear Rafa..your millions of fan want you to win. This is absolutely crazy..pay no attention to this. All of us are behind beside and in front of you tomorrow. Vamos Rafa my King of tennis xx💚💕🇮🇪🎾🎾💚

    • Well said Lillian , I notice our Irish flag . Rafa has huge suppport in Ireland and millions around the world.
      ATP totally unprofessional to post such stuff . They are supposed to represent the players but an anti Rafa element there.
      Looking forward to a great game and a Rafa win. Am in Paris and going to the final . Rafa forever the best and wonderful role model 😍🎾⭐️🇨🇮

      • Elizabeth how exciting for you…I know you will enjoy every second there…have not been to Roland Garros but hope to get there next yr. Delighted to have found another Irish fan on here..have been his fan since his 1st time on TV.
        Jargon happens quite often in relation to Rafa..this is jealousy. My King of tennis will have his 11th Championship this day. 🇮🇪

  8. I’m freaking out !! I want him to win so badly !!!!!!!!!!! Vamos Rafa ! We loooove you !!!

  9. I am so looking forward to Rafa and Thiem battling for the championship . I just hope Rafa is victourious at the end of what i believe will be a thrilling nail biter . I am hoping Rafa starts strong and takes the reins by pounding high deep returns to Thiem,’s one handed backhand just like Monte Carlo . I forsee a Rafa win as to lose would be too much pain to inflict on us . Vamos Rafa 🤞!

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