Laver Cup 2022: Get ready for Fedal comeback in London

Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images for Laver Cup

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have confirmed they will be teaming up later this year for the fifth edition of the Laver Cup, to be held at The O2 in London from September 23-25, 2022.

Both players will represent Team Europe as they take on Team World in a bid to retain the Laver Cup for a fifth successive time under the watchful eye of captain Bjorn Borg.


I’m really looking forward to getting back into competition later this year and Laver Cup is very much part of my plan. It’s no secret that I love the event and I’m super excited to be returning to The O2 and to London, one of the greatest cities in the world.

Rafa is an incredible person and an inspiration to me and countless others around the world. He messaged me on social media after the Laver Cup in Boston last year suggesting we play doubles in London and I am definitely up for a Laver Cup ‘Fedal’ comeback!


The Laver Cup is such a unique event and I’ve loved competing in it.

I suggested to Roger we should play doubles together in London and he seems keen, so now we just need to persuade our captain Bjorn!

Roger has been a huge part of my career, a big rival and also a true friend. To be part of Team Europe together is great and if we’re able to possibly share the court one more time as a doubles pairing then this would be a truly special experience for us both at this stage in our careers.

Rafa has been part of the Laver Cup twice, in Prague and then again Geneva in 2019.

He paired up with Federer for their first and only doubles match together at the inaugural Laver Cup in Prague back in 2017, delighting fans who revelled in the unique experience of the long-time rivals becoming teammates as they beat Americans Sam Querrey and Jack Sock in three sets.

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  1. I am happy that Rafa has signed up for Laver Cup. Rafa enjoys playing and it means so much to Roger. Roger’s note to Rafa on his AO win was heartfelt and gracious. I hope injuries will not prevent a doubles Fedal rematch!

  2. I was hoping to watch them last year in Boston, but both didn’t play due to injury…looks like I have to add another tennis tour this year. How excited!😝

      • Impressive, Margo!👏 Thank you for the ‘offer’.🙏😉

        My husband knew I am such a fan, so he found this excellent tennis tour company for me back in 2015. I have been a happy client since…

      • I am sorry, Margo…😂

        But seriously it would be nice if I can share a room with you, so I don’t have to pay a single supplement every time.

    • Mimi, I will be trying to book one of the L.C. tours as well. There are two companies listed on as trusted partners. Is yours one of those? This might be the last opportunity to see Fedal so it’s a bucket list item.

      • Hi Pauline,

        I always go with Steve Furgal’s International Tours unless it’s not available with them, then I have to be brave and go on my own.😅

      • Hi Mimi, Thanks for the info. The seats in the Steve Furgal package I would be booking are in row “n” which seems to be quite high up in the arena away from the action. I will wait to see what the other company offers as ideally I would like to be as near to the players as possible. I may considering going without a tour if I can get better seats directly from the L.C. website. I am comfortable travelling alone.

        Happy Lunar New Year if you are celebrating Year of the Tiger!🐅

      • You’re welcome, Pauline.

        I see. Good luck to you.🍀

        I prefer package with hospitality, so I chose Legends Club and was able to upgrade to row B instead of E.

        Yes. Thank you so much!❤️

    • All I can say Mimi is enjoy and have a fabulous time.

      I hope you have better luck with seating, Pauline. Have a great time.

      • Thank you, Margo.🙏😘

        Can’t wait to welcome Rafa back in action whenever he is ready, and looking forward to cheer for him in person in May. For now enjoy a well deserved break with your loved ones, Rafa.❤️

      • Thank for your good wishes Margo.

        Mimi, I will let you know where I end up sitting and hopefully we can say hello in person.
        Praying that no new variant arises before then and all will go well.🙏

  3. Yes we are very excited to si Rafa and Roger play and play for Europe the Lover Cup good luck champ 👍👏❤️🥰💪💯👍🔥👏❤️🥰💪💯

  4. Having Rafa and Fed both healthy to play Laver Cup in September will be fantastic!

    I am still processing the enormity of what Rafa achieved at the AO. But that doesn’t keep me from giving Rafa scheduling advice going forward.

    I am among those who think that Acapulco is just too soon. Eighteen or nineteen days rest would have been fine in the past and I know Rafa enjoys the tournament but he needs to be vary careful. Indian Wells fits better and I’m not so sure about Miami. Its so close to the start of the clay swing that he often skips it.

    I read that some on this site think that he need not enter all four of the clay tournaments he usually plays before the French Open. Keep in mind that there are other clay tournaments that he has never played. I could see skipping Madrid but I think he decide that he needs Madrid and the others to be in top shape.

    Even with my advice I am sure that Rafa and his team will make the best decisions.

    • David, don’t worry. I’m not going to say Rafa and his team will make the best decisions. That goes without saying and that’s why I can’t stand it when someone pipes in with that comment just to be a know-it-all.

      Anyways….. I too feel he shouldn’t rush into playing too much. Yes, maybe some smaller clay tournaments. But I also feel Rafa may not need as much clay play [as opposed to hard court] before the French because he was born to play clay.

      In one of his pressers he said he was feeling fine during his match vs Meddy. He was probably still running on adrenaline and elated about winning his 21st, but once he arrived back home he would get a better evaluation about his physical condition. I think you know how that goes.

      He said he gave up chocolate. I would bet that Carlos has been trying to get him to either cut down or eliminate chocolate from his diet. He’s finally done it.

      Yes, undoubtedly, Rafa’s team gives him all the information he needs, pros and cons, to decide when and where to play but Carlos informed us that final decisions are made by Rafa, and only Rafa. Let’s see what he does.

      I, personally, want him to concentrate on the remaining Slams. Of course he will have to play other tournaments but hopefully he can create some more magic for 2022. Maybe he can break his own record.


  5. Go Team Fedal. Great to know that Rafa will be joining forces with Roger at the Laver Cup and I’m happy that it’ll be in my backyard at the O2.
    I hope there will be some changes to the tournament in order to make it less predictable and one-sided like it was the last time.

  6. Helen, Rafa won’t need to worry because the Laver Cup isn’t until 23rd September, which is after the US Open commencing 29th August.

  7. FEDAL doubles – Laver Cup – what more can we ask for 😊😊. I’ve always nurtured the desire to see Rafa & Roger play doubles at the slams after they retire from singles. What a great way to end their careers – play together and pick up a few slam doubles titles – well, actually they could do a clean sweep of all 4 GS doubles in a yr – icing on the cake for us Rafans & Roger fans out there. 😊😊

    • I really doubt they have ambitions to bother playing doubles at Grand Slams. They are so long on tour and they just want to finish their careers by winning some singles titles.

      If they decide to play doubles fans at Slams would go crazy and want to watch them each round on Central Court cause it would be more popular than all other matches both in singles or doubles.

      • I saw them play doubles at the 1st Laver Cup in Prague and I felt so honoured – it was an awesome sight. Won’t have so far to go this year – Covid allowing….

  8. I am happy that he is going to play laver cup. For Rafa its also about enjoying the sport in this age of his career. What I am hoping is he will play only two clay court tournaments in preparation for the french open and that he will play miami

  9. So much I would love Nadal to represent team Europe at the Laver Cup this year, but Rafa should focus on getting more GS’s and tournaments that would get him at back at no. 1. Should have time to recover between matches.

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