Rafael Nadal receives treatment for foot injury

Rafael Nadal said on Saturday that he was recovering at home after receiving treatment in Barcelona for the foot problem that forced him to cut short his 2021 campaign. He posted on Instagram:

“Hello everyone, I have not communicated with you through the networks for some time. Tell you that I was in Barcelona with my team and the medical team, to receive a treatment on my foot that will give me a few days of rest and a few weeks off the court. Back home and in the process of recovery. Thank you all for your support!”


    • That will be good if he comes back with a vengeance… he is a champion he is a Legend but I have a hard time finding that he is The GOAT. I can’t get the images out of my mind with Novak smashing rackets having uncontrolled meltdowns & a nasty temper which makes one wonder how he treats his family.. There should be a lot more elements to being the greatest of all time then just racking up the most GS. Rod Laver,Rodger Federer,Rafael Nadal those names flash like a neon light GOAT! Also what about Margaret court and Serena Williams are they going to separate the men from the women if not then those two have the most grand slams! For me there is no question who the GOAT is & y’all know who that is!

  1. Just soo very happy ans relieved. Just didn’t want to have a look ……. then my daughter told me and also over the moon.

    Rafa just get back hail ans hearty!!!

    All the best.

    Love you!!

  2. L2+Left Play Station celebration for Medvedev.

    BTW, even though the GOAT debate is a very complex debate with lot of variables, perspectives, angles, prejudice and biases, let’s be fair with Djokovic who now has established some edge on both Federer and Nadal in some aspects.

  3. I just had to post the following paragraph from Mathew Furrerman’s article in the NYTimes, September 12, 2021:

    “Instead, whatever spirits pull the strings of this uniquely exasperating sport intervened in the form of a lanky 25-year-old Russian, a neighbor of Djokovic’s in their adopted home of Monaco who is sure now to create any number of awkward encounters at Monte Carlo’s cafes and grocery stores and at the local tennis club where both of them train.”

    Check the equipment before you use it at the tennis club, Daniil. We don’t want any “unforeseen” accidents like loose barbells or you diving into an empty pool. 😬

  4. same thing happened in AO 2014 final with nadal against wawrinka, but rafa got back problem and was struggling but the dent that remained quite sometime after that match on rafa was huge….let’s see what happens with novak, no matter how good form u r in, leading is hard

  5. Wow wow! Though I knew Medvedev had the ability, didn’t think Djoko would pass up on this opportunity of a lifetime. This was undoubtedly the best I’ve seen Medvedev play, mentally too, staying focused from start to finish.

    Eagerly waiting for Rafa’s comeback in 2022. I just want to see him win Australian Open and Wimbledon one more time. The GOAT race continuessss …..

  6. Congratulations To all Rafa fans For Rafa To be in contention next year…I am super happy to write this comment as I know this danill win will boost up chances of Rafa To Go ahead

    • ND didn’t pass on making history Medvedev simply outplayed him.Noavk played his heart out & it just wasn’t good enough. Its unbelievable Daniil played the most spectacular tennis I have ever seen. Now Rafa can come back & win a few more RG & who knows what else! All & all it was a very entertaining USO a bit sad without Rafa but a very good outcome!

      • Awww come on Zig…. You think Novak played his heart out? I don’t …
        I just think Novak had the worst day of tennis he’s experienced in a long time… Nothing went his way. Medvedev played extremely well… His serve was fantastic while Novak’s game went long, went wide…went in the net…
        He didn’t have his game in this years OPEN finals…

        The trophy went to the better player (that day) and I am very happy for Daniil… He’s very deserving of his 1st GS title… and I thank him for keeping the GS titles at 20!!!

        Looking forward, with all my hopes and prayers, Rafa will lift number #21 at Roland Garros next year….

  7. Was Djokovic crying at some point? That was a beautiful sight! Maybe he thought it would make Daniil feel sorry for him or something, and allow him back into the match like so many others have done after his antics…

    Not a chance this time!

    Well done to Medvedev who played fearlessly. Totally deserved.

    • Yes ..it was on the last sit down when the fans were trying to pump him up. He was crying laughing & shaking… he was a hot mess.Think it was 4- 5 & he knew he wasn’t going to win. I almost felt bad for him !

      • Ziggy, ND said he was crying because he “NEVER felt love from a NY crowd.”

        This was the very first time he felt loved in NY. I can only guess he was overwhelmed by the fan support.

        And I thought he didn’t have a heart.

  8. Congratulations Daniil…. Today is a day you’ll always remember and so will I….

    Rafa…. the door is still open to go ahead next year ….
    Take it slow… heal…stay positive… and know we love you and miss you…

  9. Congratulations Daniil! Straight sets! Better luck next time Nole.

    Actually I didn’t watch so as not to jinx it because I did think Daniil could do it. I will watch a replay.

    Someone on this site wrote that Rafa’s plan would have him missing AO. Is this the incentive his foot needs to heal sooner?

  10. Davai!!! A straight set win by Daniil was my least anticipated result. I was hoping for one more upset in a tournament that gave so many and it happened. Congrats Daniil!

  11. Yes’ Marileena I did call it 🙏🏽 The quirky, fearless casino player has beaten the boring metronome. That’s what it takes to beat Djokovic.
    Quite frankly, I don’t care what Djokovic goes on to win in his career, I just didn’t want him to get this one!
    WELL DONE DANIIL!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 You played to win. Richly deserved!!!

    • 👏🤗 Hiii Mimi…
      While trying out my new rotisserie I just realized today is the final…grabbed my phone off its charger and COULDN’D BELIEVE it. Have been staying away but hoping Rafa is healing well.

      Of course I had to come here to read fans’ take on this MONUMENTAL upset…..Daniel finally got his SLAM.
      As usual, die-hard Rafa fan Mimi is subdued…c’mon Mimi, let it out…LOL It’s fun when you get excited. I sure am. My dinner is going to be extra good today.

      • Hi Lorna, that means a lot…thank you. I’ve been bummed out about Rafa’s situation. Wish I could be as optimistic as he…but I’m getting there.
        I see you called the winner? GOOD FOR YOU [and Rafa fans].

      • Hi Margo,

        I told my husband we will go out to dinner…I will not cook tonight heehee.😝
        Enjoy your dinner!

      • I was wondering about you Margo …figured you would sit this one out being Rafa wasn’t there. Lorna called it but honestly I figured that Novak was on a mission and somehow he would win. Happy Dance…Rafa Roger & Novak still even in GS!

      • The moment djokovic said ‘ I will the final as it the last match of my career ‘ I knew he is gonno fail big time. He put too much pressure on himself. Against a free flowing and brilliant hard court player like Medvedev , you cannot go with such mindset. A straight set demolition it was . Starts with a bang, ends on a whimper.

  12. Almost a deja vu reminiscent of AO 2019 final – but this time it’s Djokovic who was at the receiving end. Congrats Medvedev. Not only that you have captured your first grand slam title, but you now also have a great chance to become No. 1 in the coming days and finish the year holding on to it.

    So, it’s still 20-20-20 for the Big Three. I sincerely hope that Rafa would recover in time for AO 2022. Let the GOAT debate continue.

  13. Come on Medvedev! I said that you would win, so prove me right. Djokovic is nervous and you’re on fire, so go and get it. You deserve your maiden grand slam right here!!!

    • Medvedev is nearly there leading by two sets to love. So far, Djokovic has smashed only one racket. I had expected him to smash three in the entire match.

      • And here is the first blood. Medvedev breaks in the first game of the third set. Is this the last nail? Is the match going to finish in straight sets?

      • Writing on the wall for Djokovic as he is two breaks down in the third set after having lost both the sets.

        Medvedev finally coming of the age. I expect the second racket abuse from Djokovic any moment.

  14. HOPE, FAITH, DETERMINATION, RESILIANCE, FIGHT, CHARISMA, HUMILITY….! That’s our champ! See you back on court soon next year, Rafa. Take good care of yourself.

  15. Hello Rafa, wish you a very successful, and complete recovery, speedy too but successful is the most important.
    Miss you and hope to see you at your competitive best.

    Love you always!!!

    Good luck!

  16. Good afternoon Rafa, I´d mostly like to wish you a very soon recover, from The Canaries, get an sportly and friendly H u g, C. Jvier

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