Rafael Nadal receives treatment for foot injury

Rafael Nadal said on Saturday that he was recovering at home after receiving treatment in Barcelona for the foot problem that forced him to cut short his 2021 campaign. He posted on Instagram:

“Hello everyone, I have not communicated with you through the networks for some time. Tell you that I was in Barcelona with my team and the medical team, to receive a treatment on my foot that will give me a few days of rest and a few weeks off the court. Back home and in the process of recovery. Thank you all for your support!”


  1. Come on Medvedev! I said that you would win, so prove me right. Djokovic is nervous and you’re on fire, so go and get it. You deserve your maiden grand slam right here!!!

    • Medvedev is nearly there leading by two sets to love. So far, Djokovic has smashed only one racket. I had expected him to smash three in the entire match.

      • And here is the first blood. Medvedev breaks in the first game of the third set. Is this the last nail? Is the match going to finish in straight sets?

      • Writing on the wall for Djokovic as he is two breaks down in the third set after having lost both the sets.

        Medvedev finally coming of the age. I expect the second racket abuse from Djokovic any moment.

  2. HOPE, FAITH, DETERMINATION, RESILIANCE, FIGHT, CHARISMA, HUMILITY….! That’s our champ! See you back on court soon next year, Rafa. Take good care of yourself.

  3. Hello Rafa, wish you a very successful, and complete recovery, speedy too but successful is the most important.
    Miss you and hope to see you at your competitive best.

    Love you always!!!

    Good luck!

  4. Good afternoon Rafa, I´d mostly like to wish you a very soon recover, from The Canaries, get an sportly and friendly H u g, C. Jvier

  5. Rafa get health and 2022 you will be ready to play tennis again next year wi miss you 😘 💪💪💪❤️🎾👍

  6. Wishing you a full recovery, Rafa and take all the time you need to ensure you are 100% healthy. That is what counts and comes first! Rest up and be well!

  7. We need you back and so does men’s tennis . Not to make light of Novak’s accomplishments but I believe you can get back to winning Slams and especialky Roland Garros where you were a point away from winning . Get healthy and please return soon .

  8. Raphael, to see your foot area covered with bandage means you must have had surgery—especially with you clutching crutches! I see this as a your decision to follow a path in which doctors and your team believe that long term harm will not happen as a result of this procedure. I don’t think you would risk that outcome. Recover well and VAMOS RAFA!!

  9. You are so missed! Watched some games at the Open but there was something missing: you, just not the same without your energy, enthusiasm, top notch tennis moves and so much more….
    Please get well soon, all the best,

  10. Sending positive and healing vibrations your way.

    All your fans miss seeing you and your bright smiles!

  11. We know your fighting spirit-all the best for a complete recovery. You are greatly missed; we appreciate the update. Good luck to you, the team, and your family. Beyond the accomplishments and accolades, you have brought great respect to tennis. We reciprocate by sending you the same iron will to drive you through rehab. Nothing will inspire us more than you back on court!👏💪👍🤛🙏🎾🍀❤️

    • Janet, how right you are! I know that at some point in time Rafa will retire and we won’t see him on the courts, but until that is decided I pray for a recovery strong enough that will allow him to play again, I’m being selfish I know.
      On with Medvedev!

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