Rafael Nadal receives treatment for foot injury

Rafael Nadal said on Saturday that he was recovering at home after receiving treatment in Barcelona for the foot problem that forced him to cut short his 2021 campaign. He posted on Instagram:

“Hello everyone, I have not communicated with you through the networks for some time. Tell you that I was in Barcelona with my team and the medical team, to receive a treatment on my foot that will give me a few days of rest and a few weeks off the court. Back home and in the process of recovery. Thank you all for your support!”


  1. Go Casper! You and Carlos are my favourite players to watch right now, in Rafa’s absence.

    It was heartening to hear one of the commentators, at the ATP Finals say he’s sure that, after this prolonged rest, Rafa will come back fitter and stronger. I certainly hope so.

  2. I am looking forward to nadal return next month. Hopefully he will be physically en mentally fit and he would not face injuries again before the australian open

    • I am with everyone on the happy prospect of seeing Rafa play next month and at the AO. The posting by JAS on 1 November really picked up my spirits.

      The news about Roger Federer is not so good. I read today that he has had a third operation on his knee and will miss the AO and likely Wimbledon as well. The last I had heard Roger had said that the “worst was over” but that did not really prove out to be correct.

      So it appears that Roger’s medical situation with his knee is not as favorable as the problem with Rafa’s foot. I am so looking forward to Rafa’s return but I think we need to be patient with the results when he does play. Perhaps he won’t be 100% until the clay swing. I am with marijnt in simply wishing for Rafa that
      he be physically and mentally fit when he returns.

  3. Congratulations to Carlos Alcaraz who just won the Next Gen tournament. Wow! Rafa told us to watch out for him and he’s certainly living up to expectations. I wonder just who can beat him for pace.

    • I saw that announcement Lorna. Rafa has a winner in Alcaraz. Let’s see how much better he does. Rafa praises everyone, well…almost everyone. Let’s see what Carlos can do [we spoiled Rafa fans].
      Can’t wait to see Rafa AM SOOOO EXCITED!!

  4. Some positive news – this is reported from a Babolat event in Paris that Rafa attended today.
    “My plan is to play Abu Dhabi in December and then in a tournament before Australia and then the Australian Open. That’s my goal,” the Spaniard said at a sponsor event in Paris. “We’re working hard to make it happen.”

    “I don’t know exactly when I’ll be back,” he said on Monday.

    “But I can say that my goal is to try to come back to Abu Dhabi in December, and then, of course, for the start of the new season in January.”

    “The injury in my foot still needs to get a little better, but I’m already training almost an hour and a half a day so that’s positive. Some days are better than others, but I’m starting to have a lot more positive days than negative ones. So I’m on the right track,” he said.

    “I’m training, I’m feeling better. I’m back on the court,” he said.

      • Good news for sure! I’m happy to hear Thiem will be returning as well. Out of the next-gens, Thiem was my personal pick for the next tennis star. He has all the IT factors.. personality, unbelievable shot repertoire & he is a lot like Rafa ..fights for every point. I also like Daniil Medvedev although he doesn’t look like an elite tennis star ( don’t get mad at me….he is just so thin) he is going to be #1 one day! Just watched the 2019 US Open (have all of Rafa’s matches recorded) and it is one of my favorites …Tiger woods was there cheering for Rafa & it was thrilling! Wish I could have been there in New York for that one!.

      • Ziggy, Thiem is just a sweetie. I hope he has healed and comes back roaring. Let’s see if he has regained his desire for tennis.

      • Yes Margo Thiem has all the credentials to be a super star. It’s concerning though on how much time he has taken off.Didn’t you say he was dealing with some personal issues? I’ve been living in the past watching all of Rafa classics! I sure do miss the good old days…Remembering how I would post here in between the commercials & how we would all stay up to the wee hours of the morning posting on what was happening…those were magical times! 😔 We can only hope that Rafa can come back & win a few more RG but if he doesn’t , we do have all those thrilling memories!

      • Ziggy, it’s a mixed bag with Thiem. He reportedly said he has missed so much in life and that tennis takes so much more than winning matches; traveling, injuries, no private time. He lived his life chasing a Slam and now that he has caught one, what’s next. I think he just hasn’t found a balance, a balance that will satiate both his need for intellectual stimulation and his joy of tennis.

    • Thanks so much Jas for the update… I am so glad that Rafa answered questions in a positive tone about the upcoming season… Abu Dhabi is one of his favorite events and truth is, its not that far off…. This is encouraging news as he seems to be pacing himself. As each day goes by, I am hoping Rafa feels stronger and stronger as his foot heals and gets better and better….. (fingers crossed)..

  5. Even if I was not so tired, I could not help people as for many years, they did not want to train me or training sessions was not appropriate for me. A lot of people know for decades what was going on. What did they do for my children and me ?
    Maybe they have done something so subtile that we have not noticed any improvements in our lifes.

    • Mimi, I watched the match. Did you? What a battle! What a thriller! For me the best and most dramatic women’s match of the season so far. I was rooting for Vika, but sadly she just couldn’t quite get over the line, having held two match points. Well done to Paula for coming through in the final set tie break.

      • Oops…!!! I believe Azarenka never held any match points in the match. Or, did I miss something?

        Vika was a better player throughout the match, but played terribly bad on key points and succumbed to the pressure in both the tiebreaks.

      • Hi Lorna,

        Yes, I did. I was rooting for Vika as well, but I am happy for Paula because she’s from Spain.☺️
        Did you mean Vika was two points away?

        Congratulations to Paula and Cameron!🏆🥳

      • Sorry, I meant Vika was two points away from winning the match. My post was at 3.25am, so brain fog! 😀😀


    Claire Fleur
    Rafa said he’s eager to play RG 2022 Collision symbol✌
    6:27 AM · Oct 17, 2021·Twitter for Android

  7. Nadal Welcomes Rooftop Rally Sensations To Academy

    During the peak of the global pandemic last year, two Italian youngsters became internet sensations as they took to their rooftops in Finale Ligure, Italy, filming themselves playing tennis when courts and clubs were closed.

    The resilience and perseverance of Vittoria, 14, and Carola, 12, caught the attention of Roger Federer, who joined the pair for a hit on the roof and promised to send them to the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar for summer camp.

    A year down the line, the former World No. 1 has stayed true to his word, with the girls travelling to Spain and attending the Academy this week. From hitting on the courts to meeting the 13-time Roland Garros champion, they both enjoyed an amazing experience in Manacor

    “I feel very comfortable,” Vittoria said. “The training sessions are really tiring, but both the coaches and the people at the Academy are very nice. It is really nice to be here.”m

    “I would like to stay here all my life because I feel comfortable and I would not want to go back to Italy.” Carola added. “I don’t want to stay here just a week, but all year round. Stay here at school, study and play tennis.” [ATP Tour]

    • I remember when Roger Federer surprised the girls on the Rooftop as he joined in and played tennis with them from one rooftop to another…. It was a heartwarming story and the look on their faces when they saw Roger was priceless….

      Now they experience another grand gesture. Rafa’s Academy… This is just wonderful and inspiring for these young ladies. Nice going Rog and his sponsor “Barilla”..

  8. I wonder if there are rules, laws concerning the protection of private life and who I can trust. Who is tellig my private life and things from the past, why ?
    How do celebriies do to protect their privae life ?
    I am the feeling that everything I am doing is known immediately and then it leads to a proposal, a reaction.
    People want me to do things that I don’t want to.
    Like in the hotels in which I stayed latety, it seems that they don’t want me to rest even on weekends and prevent me from being informed. Who organise this ?

    • 1) Stay off the internet! It’s by far the biggest privacy leak. Facebook is particularly egregious.

      2) There are companies that will sell your name and information to others.

      3) Learn to say NO. Hotels cannot make you do anything you don’t want to.

      4) Make sure your computer has adequate protection against malware and spyware.

      5) Information is everywhere. The trick is to sort truth from fiction.

  9. There is nothing like seeing Rafa back on court… I trust his treatment for his foot is working and his return to a light practice was approved by his medical team…. This is encouraging….

    So glad…. Today just got better….

    • “A new”! One of my favorite Rafa-isms. 🙂 In English it’s always “news” even if it’s just one item of news. But “a new” makes more sense, really.

    • He’s started practicing. Several videos posted on social media today. To see and hear Rafa playing is wonderful!

      • Hallelujah!!! I was thrilled to see those practice vids posted! Just to see that Rafa has not forgotten how to hit his lovely forehand…

  10. Such a shame Rafa isn’t playing Indian Wells… he really enjoys it because Larry Elder lets him stay at his mansion and they play golf. Also it’s one that I live near & have been able to see Rafa. can’t believe the low attendance it’s really sad to see the players playing with all those seats empty. Andy Murray had a decent crowd but the rest of the matches are almost empty. Love Andy’s British humor…he had tied his wedding band on the shoe laces of his stinky tennis shoes & they went missing…He was afraid to tell his wife about the ring but they turned up & all is good! Hope & pray 🙏🏼 that Rafa is on the mend…tennis is not the same without him!

    • Yes, I’ve lost most of my interest in tennis now that Rafa’s out. I still check results but I don’t remember the last time I actually watched a current match.

      It’s early days still for IW. Big names are the big draws at any tournament. Remember the way Rafa’s presence at Citi Open this year sold the place out for the duration? Let’s see how well the current top guys do. But it’s sad to see all of the Big Three mia, most especially Rafa, of course. There was a short instagram post of Rafa putting his tennis gear into his car trunk posted today. Not sure what it means. Maybe a closed practice?

      Djoker seems to have lost all interest in the ATP tour. Roger was on crutches at the Laver Cup and Rafa’s out for the rest of the year. 🙁

  11. I copied and pasted the following tweet and I don’t know how accurate it is. Looks good to me.

    Andrew Prochnow
    Number of times each #GOAT candidate lost a #Slam final in straight sets:

    #Nadal: 1
    #Federer: 1
    #Djokovic: 4
    4:45 AM · Oct 5, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

  12. Congratulations to Casper Ruud! 🏆🎉 👏 With the San Diego Open title, he becomes the first player winning five tour-level titles this year, impressive!👍


    LONDON – An Independent Safeguarding Report, commissioned by the ATP earlier in the season, has been completed. It represents a key element of the ATP’s overall safeguarding review to ensure all adults and minors involved in professional tennis are safe and protected from abuse.

    Compiled by a team of experts led by Chris Smart, former Detective Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police (UK), the report outlines a number of wide-ranging recommendations to ensure safeguarding is embedded across all aspects of ATP organisational activity. Topics covered include prevention, reporting and investigation of abuse, disciplinary measures, policy statements, event safety, training, information sharing, collaboration with other bodies of tennis and the appointment of dedicated safeguarding leads.

    ATP will now evaluate the recommendations to identify immediate next steps and develop a longer-term safeguarding strategy relating to all matters of abuse, including domestic violence.

    Massimo Calvelli, ATP CEO, said: “As an organisation we recognise the need to be doing more to ensure everyone involved in professional tennis feels safe and protected. The recommendations of the Safeguarding Report will help us approach this in a robust way. We are committed to making meaningful steps forward and know this won’t be an overnight process.”
    SOURCE: ATP TOUR 10/4/2021

  14. Alexander Zverev is UNDER INVESTIGATION

    “…an internal investigation into allegations concerning Alexander Zverev at the ATP Masters 1000 event in Shanghai in 2019 is currently underway. The ATP fully condemns any form of violence or abuse and will investigate such allegations related to conduct at an ATP member tournament.”
    Source: ATP TOUR

    • It’s about time! We’ll see what, if any, conclusions and actions come of this. Or will it be a whitewash?

      • I’m surprised the USOPEN wasn’t mentioned. Was it because the incident happened at a hotel and not the USOPEN grounds? Were the allegations unfounded? Or was it because no formal complaint was made? Lack of coöperation from the complaining party? Waiting to know.

  15. Margo, the accolades just keep coming for Rafa – a well deserved award.

    On Tuesday, Rafa reached the amazing milestone of a record 6000 consecutive days in the top 10. That feat speaks for itself, so well done champ. Stay there as long as possible.

    • Lorna, agree with you wholeheartedly. I will further venture that when he retires we will still be reading about him in the press; politics?, manager of a sports team/conglomerate? It’s anybody’s guess but he’ll be gone but not really gone.

  16. Congratulations Rafa…

    Yesterday Rafa was the recipient of, yet, another honor. Of the four different categories of the medal of police merit he received the white badge, Mérito Policial con Distintivo Blanco. The four categories are gold; bronze, red; white.

  17. This was the first year that the result was lopsided. The previous three came right down to the wire. I believe the change they need is to drop the Europe vs the world categories. Let the Captains draft the players they want for each side. While McEnroe doesn’t want to leave without a win it would be great to see Roddick or Agassi lead one of the teams. I would love to watch the women in their own Laver Cup style event but I like the camaraderie among the men as it is. No need to change that dynamic.

    • Mark, your idea of a shake up, in order to address the imbalance, is really good. I’m sure it would work with careful thought about the selection process. Also, drop Borg as captain – one of the tennis greats, but too passive as leader.

      Interestingly, after Team World won the doubles on the first day, Zverev’s comment (picked up on the mic) to McEnroe was very conceited and annoying. Whilst shaking hands he told McEnroe that his team won’t win another match. Personal comments about Zverev by Opelka and McEnroe then followed….

      Even though the tournament is meant to be fun, all sportspeople are competitive and it’s definitely no fun if you’re on the losing side all the time. Kyrgios, who loves team sport, has announced that it will be his last Laver Cup tournament. In fact, the team as a whole looked deflated and disinterested in the final stages. Something’s got to change!
      I’ll stop bleating on about the LC now 😀

      • Lorna, You’re not bleating. You are a good tennis fan. Agree with you about Borg. Roger could take his spot next year. In some future year we can hope to see Rafa as Co-Captain. That would bring back the excitement!

  18. I hope Roger takes up Rafa’s request to play doubles with him at the Laver Cup next year, all being well on the fitness front. After the one sided result this year (almost a whitewash) the tournament certainly needs an extra something.

    There is the suggestion that the event should include the women and with big names on the WTA side, that might make it more interesting and less predictable in its outcome. I’m all for that.

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