Rafa Roundup: “Nadal’s principal objective is to regain good sensations in the foot”

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The condition started for Nadal in 2005 and he has been managing it most of his career, but his coach says it became worse after Nadal’s break in 2020.

“But this year the story has changed,” Moya told the El Transistor program. 

“Many training sessions could not be finished and we had to change the training and reduce the pressure on the foot, thinking of tournaments.”

“He has been in pain for months,” noted Moya. 

“In the final match [against Lloyd Harris at Washington, D.C.], he was practically on one leg. Rafa’s principal objective is to regain good sensations in the foot and mentally, because hobbling around all year has not helped him on court. He started with back pain in Australia and he has played just seven events this season. Had to forfeit Wimbledon, Tokyo, and now the US Open, ATP Finals. That’s why he has to concentrate on himself, not what’s happening on tour.”

For the second consecutive year, Rafael Nadal is not playing the US Open. The Spaniard missed the event due to COVID-19 uncertainty last season, and this time around, a nagging left foot injury is keeping him away. He might not be taking the courts at Flushing Meadows, but fans can catch Rafa on the course.

This upcoming weekend, the world No. 5 is the top seed at the Balearic Golf Championship for Mid-Amateurs in Mallorca.

Rafael Nadal’s coveted Sunreef catamaran Great White, which was recently awarded Best Power Cat in our annual round-up, will be exclusively showcased at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show from September 22-25.

Set in the picturesque Port Hercules, the world’s premier yachting event gathers the crème de la crème of yachts and yards. The tennis star’s prized multihull will be on display for all to see by the QC 11 stand at the Quai Chicane, but Sunreef will also hold pre-arranged viewings so you can actually step aboard Nadal’s floating abode.

The Canadian took part in a “word rally” segment in which she has to say the first word that comes to mind when someone or something is mentioned.

It started with the word pizza and she went with “Joe’s”. Next was Federer and she replied “Roger”.

After going through a couple of other items, Nadal popped up and Bouchard replied “beast”. Djokovic was the next tennis player’s name to come on the screen and she said “crybaby” with a few winks.


  1. I hope that in 2022 that Rafa if he is able to play will only play in the clay court tournaments good luck to the best player I have ever seen of course I am a little bit prejudice

  2. so i expected rafa to miss out AO 22 and said earlier, seeing him on crutches just confirmed that and its heartbreaking….get well soon rafa plz comeback early without u tennis is so boring

  3. Went to bed after 3 sets of Djokovic-Zverev match, inevitable result. Woke up to find a photo of Rata on crutches. Apparently he hasn’t had surgery, no idea what the treatment is. I just hope that it doesn’t hurt and that it works. Get well soon, Rafa, we miss you.

  4. Djokovic will win on sunday the biggest test for him was zverev but once again he was not consistent in the fifth set.

    The battle for who is the goat is settled but the battle for most grandslam titles is still undecided. Djokovic will have a difficult season next year in terms of motivation that will give nadal opportunities to finally if he is healthy win the important tournaments

  5. Based on game style, confidence and performance throughout the tournament so far, my money is still on Medvedev to win the title. Having seen the 56 stroke rally in the third set, I’m sure Medvedev has his feet up with a bag of popcorn, hoping that Zverev and Djokovic slog it out in five sets for as long as possible so that the winner is softened up for the final 🤞🏽🙏🏽
    I notice that Pospisil is in the Djokovic box supporting his Players’ Council mate.

  6. Hi Rafa fans, let’s all send positive thoughts and feelings to Zverev imagining that he’s won his semifinal match. I negative thoughts for anyone.

    Miss Rafa as all of you so too.

    • The Abuser v The Wolf? Sorry I can’t summon any positive feelings about either player in that match. Not gonna watch it. I will be rooting for either Medvedev or FAA in the final, for what that’s worth.

      While Rafa is a shining example and role model of all that’s good in sports tennis has had many champions who are, at best, cautionary tales for youngsters. At worst, well, the best I can say of some is that they probably never murdered anyone.

      Speaking of role models, I hope everyone is cheering for one or both of the young women’s finalists

      • ND was interviewed and asked what do you want your legacy to be . He answered that he didn’t have enough time but mostly he would like to be thought of as a good human being that is respectful (😤) Also to be known as a great role model to young players (🤣) Sounds as though Novak is in a bit of denial!

    • If Zverev can put his serve in at around 65% and win >75% points on his first serve while minimizing his double-faults, he will have a real chance.

      And if Zverev still doesn’t get him, Medvedev will 🙂

      • No, Najam, neither Zverev nor Medvedev can beat Djokovic ina5- setter. Only Nick Kyrgios can,but he’s mentally unstable.

        Novak Djokovic is a Frankenstein Monster created by both Nadal & Federer.

        As it is, Rafanadalfans should all brace allto hear the news of Djokovic.tomorrow being a 21 grand slam winner. Without any doubt anymore,, Novak Djokovic is the undisputed Tennis G.O.A.T.

      • Maria (Snake Island), don’t jump the gun and hold your horses – it ain’t over till it’s over 🙂

        I fully agree that Djokovic, being the toughest-ever guy psychologically, is a completely different animal (no pun intended) in best-of-five setters. However, the GOAT debate is more intriguing and interesting when all three are stuck at 20 each. Let it continue for a while 🙂

      • Let’s count the rackets Djokovic is likely to smash on Sunday – my expectation is 3 (one for each lost set). All the match officials on Sunday must not drop their guards against a ball hit ferociously and recklessly in frustration after losing a crucial point 🙂

  7. By the way for those that do not know….
    There is a 4 part documentary series chronicling Rafael Nadal’s Academy that will be debuting on Amazon Prime on September 17th…. The trailer for the series has just been released for all to see…

    The trailer opens with a young Nadal… with comments from Toni…. You get to see small clips of day to day workouts…with Rafa then…and Rafa now…
    There’s a lot of spanish spoken, I’m not sure if there will be subtitles or not during the full series….. Roger is part of the trailer along with Casper Rudd and Carlos Costa, Rafa’s agent….
    Without giving it away, Roger is very cute in what he says about hopefully one day sending his kids to Rafa’s Academy….

    Check it out…You guys might enjoy it….

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