Rafael Nadal seeded second at Wimbledon

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal has been seeded second at Wimbledon which puts him in the opposite half of the draw to Roger Federer.

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Switzerland’s Roger Federer, world No.2 and eight-time Wimbledon champion, was named first seed for the grass court tournament, which starts July 2, as Wimbledon gives extra weight to a player’s successes on grass in the previous two years.

Marin Cilic is to be third seed, followed by Alexander Zverev and Juan Martin del Potro.

The top 10 seeds at Wimbledon are as follows:

1. Roger Federer (Switzerland, world No. 2)
2. Rafael Nadal (Spain, world No. 1)
3. Marin Cilic (Croatia, world No. 5)
4. Alexander Zverev (Germany, world No. 3)
5 Juan Martin del Potro (Argentina, world No. 4)
6. Grigor Dimitrov (Bulgaria, world No. 6)
7. Dominic Thiem (Austria, world No. 7)
8. Kevin Anderson (South Africa, world No. 8)
9. John Isner (US, world No. 10)
10. David Goffin (Belgium, world No. 9)

Source: Wimbledon


  1. I personally will be very surprised if Rafa does not win it…
    Most likely it will be another Rafa / Roger Final if Roger can keep up..
    I’m sure losing Halle to Coric didn’t help

  2. This year is your too Rafa vamosssssssssssssssss only if you stay healthy you can bit any body.good luck champ.love your fans for ever.🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍🎾🎾🎾❤️❤️❤️

  3. Dear Rafa……It’s time to erase the ‘nightmare disasters’ of the last 7 years, and change the next 7 years to ‘exciting’ news……What is it about Wimbledon?….After all you have won it twice, and been in the finals there at least five times…….I can’t figure it out…it’s not that you have ever played badly……I watched replays of your game against Kyrgios…and Muller…..You played your heart out……Surely it must be that these players are paid ‘massive amounts’ to turn up ….take you out…….then go out themselves very next round………Wimbledon after all reserves its best for Roger Federer even if he’s ranked world no 2 he still gets seeded no 1…….yes I know your seeding rules……they are questionable…….what’s the point in Rafa or Roger winning Grand slams only to lose their no 1 ranking…….to each other……..time to change the rules……why should there be such a thing as defending…….after all winning a Gs is the ultimate isn’t it……..you should not be penalized for it now should you……Come on Rafa you can do this……..make your way through the rounds……to the final would be absolutely fabulous for you your team your family and your millions of fans who adore you……because you are ‘simply the best’..

  4. All the best of luck in Wimbledon to you sweetie 🙂 <3 <3

    Vamos 🙂 🙂 🙂 👍👍👍

  5. I know you will win Rafa you are the most determined and hard working player i have ever had the excitement of watching . Best of luck to you always ..

  6. If that is the reasoning behind ignoring the world rankings, i.e. recent form on grass, then surely Cilic should be seeded second. I feel Wimbledon are determined to make sure RF gets as many W trophies as Rafa has R Garros titles. Why else manipulate seedings and draws as they do, in RF’s favour?

    Wimbledon always does what it pleases, pure arrogance, just like their ridiculous all white clothing rule – how boring does that make the players look?

  7. I don’t have a problem with Rafa being seeded second since Wimbledon does have a formula it applies. I worry about the draw more, but only look at the first two rounds. I really hope that Rafa can go deeper this year, but want to be realistic. Rafa had another wonderful clay season. I truly did not think he could match last year’s record, and yet he did! He only has to defend 180 points. I would be so happy if he can keep his number one ranking a while longer.

  8. I hope Rafa gets more fair treatment this year at Wimbledon. They always give all preferential treatment to Roger and not to Rafa. That is just so wrong!

    Rafa Vamos all the way to finals!

    • The ITF and ATP rules states that NO Grand Slams or tournaments can give preferential treatment to anyone, that includes Federer as well. So if they get caught, there will be hell to pay. I really hope that Rafa can win Wimbledon this year. It’s been too long since he won there.
      Rafa is the best player. VAMOS RAFA No 1 to me.

  9. Vamos Rafa! Tu eres un Campeón ! Puedes ganar en Wimbledon ! Tu humildad y persistencia es lo que nos encanta!

  10. Rafa el ranking no importa tu eres n.1 siempre…lo importante es k estas competitivo jugando a un nivel alto y bueno…me da mucha alegrìa verte asì suerte en Wimblendon

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