PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal 2018 Wimbledon Nike Outfit

The 17-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal had a great clay court season and he will give his best to continue in the same style at this year’s Wimbledon.

Our champ will compete in all white outfit on grass courts at All England Club. Check it out below!


  1. I am really happy that Rafa will be playing Matthew Ebden today. Ebden has a 67% grass-court win and played as recently as 9 days ago at Halle losing in a very tight QF match vs Fed.


  2. Seven-time Wimbledon champion Serena Williams who is currently ranked 185 is the 25th seed for this year’s tournament.

    I do hope other tournaments follow suit and make this allowance for atheletes returning to their beloved sport of tennis after giving birth.


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  4. I am still laughing after reading the third point below on the HurlinghamClub website:

    “We are making some changes to the event this year which members should be aware of!

    These include:

    * Tickets ……
    * Juniors ….
    * Premium seats this year are available on the East Side — these are padded seats.”

    They sure have a sense of humor.

  5. I am not sure why Rafa and his team chose Aspall, but Chung and Pouille are good opponents. I believe Aspall may have live streaming on their website and FB. I am pretty sure that Rafa played The Boodles last year. I do like all white but not for more than one tournament a year. I liked the white bull on Rafa’s jacket, but the rest is just okay. Rafa looks great in everything, however, and the white highlights his tan.

    • Chung is a very good opponent, on hard surfaces; he won the 2017 next gen tournament; he has won over some strong players. I do hope he gives Rafa some competition on grass tomorrow.


  6. White is mandatory for Wimbledon but Rafa looks soooo great in sooo many colors and especially when he is tanned. You can say Rafa makes the colors, they don’t make him. Even white.


  7. Just an FYI, the “Boodles” matches will be broadcast live on Tennis Channel PLUS, and replayed on Tennis Channel at 7:00pm (EST) every day, and early morning hours of the next day.

    • Have you heard if Rafa’s matches at the Aspall Exhibition will be shown anywhere? Someone said maybe on TennisTV? Rafa played the Boodles last year. I wonder why not this year? I was surprised to see TC showing some of their matches at 7pm edt.

      • va4favre, Didn’t Rafa played Aspall last year? Earlier I did confuse it with The Boodles.
        What I did get right was that last year there was so little information on the tournament. All they would say “it’s private,” “it’s a proper Brit garden party,” “members only,” “the most elite bla bla bla.” Too funny. I don’t recall it being broadcast but things do change from year-to-year.

        I wish Rafa had chosen The Boodles this year because it will have a more competitive grass-court lineup of players. Instead he will be playing someone who hasn’t even played on grass for years.

        Someone [Bobodoll?] suggested FB, did you look into that suggestion?

      • Hurlingham is very private and exclusive, can’t buy tickets unless you’re a member, even their social media accounts are ‘private’… I’ve read that the matches will be streamed live on their Facebook page and their website. Hoping they’ll be available for replay?

      • It’s so private that there were soooo many empty seats for the doper’s match earlier today.

        I sure as heck it is filled to capacity for Rafa’s matches.

        Aspell is now on FB, earlier today they weren’t.

  8. Of note:

    Not since 1927 when full seeding was carried out and competitors were selected according to ability, irrespective of nationality, only two unseeded players have won the “Gentleman’s Singles” at Wimbledon; Boris Becker in 1985 and Goran Ivanisevic in 2001.
    No unseeded player has won the Ladies’ Singles.

  9. Wimbledon seeding to be confirmed:
    1. Federer
    2. Nadal
    3. Cilic
    4. Zverev
    5. del Potro
    6. Dimitrov
    7. Thiem
    8. Anderson
    9. Isner
    10. Goffin
    11. Querrey
    12. Djokovic
    13. Raonic
    14. Bautista Agut
    15. Schwartzman
    16. Kyrgios
    17. Coric
    18. Pouille
    19. Sock
    20. Fognini
    21. Carreño Busta
    22. Edmund
    23. Mannarino
    24. Gasqet
    25. Nishikori
    26. Chung
    27. Kohlschreiber
    28. Shapovalov
    29. Dzumhur
    30. Krajinovic
    31. Cecchinato
    31. Verdasco

  10. Wow..I love hus outfits for Wimbledon. He will so handsome in white with his glorius tan. Roll on Wimbeldon 🎾🎾🏸🏸☘🇮🇪🎾🎾

    • Rafa_1310…

      YIKES, attire aside, let’s hope not…Rafa lost to Darcis in his R1 match.

      Rafa for the Channel Slam

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