Rafael Nadal beats Matthew Ebden at Hurlingham Club in exhibition match

Rafael Nadal started his Wimbledon warm-up by defeating Matthew Ebden 7-6(3), 7-5 in an exhibition match at Hurlingham.

Our champ looked in fine physical form after pulling out of the Queens tournament following Roland Garros to take a rest at home in Majorca.

The world No. 1 was due to face Australian Open semi-finalist Hyeon Chung but the South Korean pulled out.

On Friday, Rafa is scheduled to face Frenchman Lucas Pouille.

In case you missed the match, you can watch it here.


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  2. Wimbledon is a Grand Slam and not a best-of-three exhibition match. Rafa has got to step it up if he wants to win. Hoping he gets enough practice on grass to give him a fighting chance at the trophy.

    RAFA ROCKS 2018

    • Congrats to your compatriot Wozniacki for winning the Eastbourne title.


  3. As a reference point, Matt Ebden lost to Roger by the same score lines (6:7, 5:7) in the quarter-final of Halle.

    I thought Rafa played a good match. He moved well, hit well from both sides, held serve in ease (maybe except one game?). Yes, his return could be better. But this is his first match on grass, so I’m encouraged.

    Go Rafa! Best of luck at Wimbledon!

  4. Matthew Ebden has played I think 13 matches on Grass. This is Rafa’s first and an exhibition. after about 6 days practice in Majorca. I thought He did very well.

  5. Amberoxx, it’s good that Rafa is finding his feet on grass and is easing himself towards Wimbledon with today’s win. I agree that Rafa must adjust his court position if he is to stand a good chance of going deep into the Wimbledon fortnight. If he wants to remain a creature of habit in that respect, then he might well be exiting again on or before the 4th round stage again. He must not allow players to catch him off guard in the early rounds as there will be plenty out there who will go after him with all guns blazing. I’m sure we will never forget the exploits of Rosol, Darcis and Brown, not to mention Kyrgios. I know Rafa won’t! Best of luck going forward champ!

  6. Rafa wins 76 75..only worrisome aspect being return of serve position..if he can pressurise big servers in the tournament by making gud returns, he has a realistic shot, of course he hasn’t hold his own serve..want Rafa to bring back his 2010 us open serve

  7. Rafa won the match but frankly if he keeps playing as if grass was clay, he will not get far in Wimbledon. What a disappointment this match was.

    Wamos Rafa, remember you are the best.

    • I didn’t watch the match. Any worrying match stats fir Rafa? Did his serve get broken at any time?

    • Yeah the problem is the return games. Rafa must get plenty of breaks as he himself will be broken here and there too. If he can only win sets against big servers through tie breakers, he won’t go deep.

  8. It’s vs Matt ebden instead of hyeon chung, Rafa takes first set 76.. the position of return of serve is worrying..and he is not pouncing on the second serve.rest all ok for now

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