VIDEO: Rafael Nadal becomes Wimbjuggledon champion

#Wimbjuggledon: It’s like Wimbledon. Only less serious. And the one rule is the ball can’t hit the grass. 

Can you do better than Rafa? Yes?? Film your own attempt and share it with us! 🙂

Video: Babolat


  1. What an “organization”!! Is this on pourpose so ” someone” coul’d have more time to rest? That’s not fair,isnt’it?Anyway……VAMOS RAFA!!

  2. Wimbledon is wrong again,, the so-called organizers or game planners are wrong, again,, why have the second Sunday off if in the following week only some players have to play in consecutive days ,, Rafa & Roger are two of the players that will double up Tues & Wed while some of the other players will enjoy their day off inbetween matches ,, to rest up ,, it is a distinct disadvantage,, 0h, an by the way Murry is going to get his day off ,,,

  3. Thats amazing…. Rafa is so freaking talented…..Our champ can do anything…. Within reason of course, from Rafa it is always normal stuff that is more fun.!!!! Vamos Rafa

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