PHOTOS: No rest for Rafael Nadal as he spends day off practicing at Wimbledon

World No. 1 and two-time Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal has secured his place in the last 16 at Wimbledon and he has been preparing for Tuesday’s fourth-round match against Australian teenager Nick Kyrgios. Here are some photos from Rafa’s latest practice session.

Photos: Steve Bardens/Getty Images, REUTERS/Toby Melville, EFE/EPA/VALDRIN XHEMAJ


  1. Entrenamiento, trabajando y trabajando Él que algo quiere, mucho le cuesta, las victorias y triunfos compensan la ardua labor de ejercitarse permanentemente, Eres Rafa un luchador nato y que el ánimo de El Tío Tony siga por siempre siendo de gran ayuda para todos y cada uno de tus logros. A por El Tercer Gran Título, además muy y bien merecido. C. Javier

  2. On any other surface, yes, Rafa normally has Murray’s number. But after Andy won Wimbledon last year, it will be much different, perhaps tougher beat than against Djokovic. Murray has much more confidence on the grass at Wimbledon now and will be a much tougher opponent for Rafa if he reaches the final. Don’t forget about RF who is absolutely playing flawless tennis on his most favorite surface. He is due a win against Nadal. However, having said that, I desire Rafa get his 15 major & 3rd Wimbledon title. Vamos, Rafa!!!

    • You make some very good points, Greg, but I still think that Rafa matches up much better against Murray than against Djokovic – on all surfaces. As for Federer, Rafa OWNS him. Enough said.

  3. Thanks Mitch for the positive comments, I have been dead worrying about the draw and with the big hitters on Tue and Wed. Loves the photos of Rafa! Vamos Rafa.

  4. By Tuesday, Center Court will be even more brown and less green than it is already. That can only help Rafa’s game, and hurt that of his opponents.

    Playing two big hitters like Kyrgios & Raonic back-to-back on Tuesday & Wednesday should not be a problem for Rafa because the points & games will be relatively short. He seems to match up very well against Raonic, having won all 5 of their matches, and 10 of the 11 sets they’ve played. He has never played Kyrgios.

    I really like Rafa’s draw going forward, especially if he advances to the final and plays Murray instead of Djokovic. When healthy, Rafa never loses to Murray, or at least it seems that way.


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