Watch Rafael Nadal and Jack Sock interview each other

As part of a Babolat promotion, Rafael Nadal and Jack Sock sit down for an interview with each other in Paris. Get answers to all your questions.


VIDEO: Rafael Nadal pranks fans for Movistar

Rafael Nadal recently teamed up with Movistar to trick a few folks into thinking they were playing tennis with a virtual reality version Rafa, when in reality it was the King of Clay the whole time.

VIDEO: Sergio Ramos and Rafael Nadal watching Twin Peaks

The influential 1990 TV drama “Twin Peaks,” made by David Lynch and Mark Frost, is back. Real Madrid football star Sergio Ramos and Rafael Nadal definitely don’t want to miss it. Both stars make some silly excuses to cancel their meeting so they can be alone and enjoy in the TV show.

VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Supports Fia 3500 Lives Campaign

Rafael Nadal, Pharrell Williams, Antoine Griezmann, Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg, Felipe Massa and many other celebrities are urging people to take more precautions when they drive, from not texting and driving to always remembering to wear a seat-belt.

Rafa’s advice: Be focussed!

My only recommendation is that when entering your car, be focused: focused on what you are doing, focused on the road and not having other distractions. I think it’s vital for the security of yourself and others.

Through its signature “Sign up, stay safe, save lives”, the campaign #3500LIVES campaign underlines the role that each and everyone can play to make road safer for all users.

Translated in 30 languages, this campaign is as of today live in 30 cities worldwide and will be rolled out in more than 70 countries by the end of 2017. It is estimated that on the launch the campaign will be seen 1 billion times. Continue reading “VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Supports Fia 3500 Lives Campaign”

Rafael Nadal’s Sexy Underwear Shoot For Tommy Hilfiger

Check out these very HOT pics of Rafael Nadal in his latest Tommy Hilfiger ads!

Rafael Nadal happy despite loss to Roger Federer

Photo by Sindo Novoa

(EFE) Rafael Nadal told Banco Sabadell customers Tuesday in the northwestern city of La Coruña that living in Spain did not make sense from a tax standpoint, but he was happy in his homeland: “In terms of managing assets, perhaps it would be better to go to another country with more beneficial conditions, but Spain is where I’m happy, with my family and friends. In another country, I would have double the money but be only half as happy. Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

Rafa, the world No. 6, said he enjoyed “a five-hour match,” like the semifinals and finals at the Australian Open, more than matches that were over “in an hour” and the outcome was known after two sets.

“I’d like (to close out matches faster), but I don’t know. The long and exciting matches are the ones that you’re happy to have played. A five-hour match is much more satisfying than a one-hour one,” Rafa, who has won 14 Grand Slam singles titles, said.

Rafa said he was happy about his performance at the Australian Open, the year’s first Grand Slam event, but was still recovering from the effects of spending an entire month Down Under.

“What I’m the happiest about is that I’m competing on the court and I enjoyed myself in all the matches and played at a high level,” Rafa said.

Rafa acknowledged that there were “times” in 2015 when he was not enjoying himself, felt “more anxiety” and could not “control the nerves and the tension.”

“It’s hard to explain. Whether having won or lost, I would get back to my room and think: You’ve won practically everything, why get nervous. You mulled it over and the next day, the same thing. Competition changes you,” Rafa said.

Rafa said his loss to Swiss star Roger Federer in the Australian Open on Jan. 29 did not affect him negatively.

“I ended up happy because I know I took a really big step,” Rafa said.

Source: EFE

Rafael Nadal unveils the new Kia Stinger

Kia global brand ambassador Rafael Nadal has unveiled the new Kia Stinger today in Melbourne during the official handover ceremony for the Australian Open 2017.