Rafa Roundup: Poor scheduling from Wimbledon – Nadal and Federer will have to play on Tuesday and Wednesday

Photo:  Jon Buckle/AELTC
Photo: Jon Buckle/AELTC


The Ad Court offered similar targets with 12 second serves directed down the middle to Nadal’s backhand return, eight jamming at the body and only four mixed out wide to the forehand. Kukushkin only won 35 per cent (18/52) of his second serve points for the match as Nadal’s improved backhand return dominated this micro-battle. Nadal put back in play 76 per cent (61/80) of all points starting with a backhand return which was slightly higher than the 72 per cent (39/54) from the forehand side. This is where the genius of Nadal lies – adding layers of pressure, which silently build throughout the match.

Wimbledon risked the wrath of its seven-times champion Roger Federer and two-times winner and world No1 Rafael Nadal on Saturday night by making a scheduling decision that could affect their chances of adding to their grand slam tally. Having made an early decision because of rain to postpone third-round matches involving Stan Wawrinka and John Isner, organisers decided late on Saturday night to hold back the bottom half of the draw to be fair to all players.

Nadal’s public relations manager, Benito Perez Barbadillo, said that Nadal never requested a particular start time so he could watch his team play but that he “clearly prefers that his matches don’t interfere” with Spain’s games. … “We have a lot of players from a lot of countries. Is everyone going to be able to see every match they want to? No. But we’re human beings, and we’ll try to help if we can.”

“No me siento señalado. Creo que (Novak) Djokovic está igual de señalado que yo”, afirmó Nadal, que insistió en que “los árbitros tienen que dictar lo que es justo, porque, si no, lo que haces es menospreciarlos, decirles que no hacen bien su trabajo”. “Si voy lento, que me penalicen, y si no voy lento que no me penalicen”, zanjó el mallorquín.

“It’s going to be really exciting. The crowds here are great. You know the fanatics are going to be going absolutely berserk. That will be a lot of fun. “You know, I think my serve is going to be a massive, massive part of that match. I think I have been serving really well, so I think that’s going to be the main thing.”

“I am confident I can do it again.” Those are the words of Rafael Nadal, the two-time champion having moved into the second week for the first time since being runner-up here in 2011.

Photo: @LeeMcKenzieF1
Photo: @LeeMcKenzieF1

Tendulkar was seen engaged in conversation between the points with Strauss as Beckham was sitting with another England soccer legend Sir Bobby Charlton. At this time of the month every year, Tendulkar normally spends some time in London. He always makes it a point to drop in at the SW19 to watch the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal live in action.



  1. This is so unfair for the bottom half of the men’s draw. Wimbledon should be obligated
    to provide an equal playing field with equal time off for the entire men’s draw not just
    one half. I really feel sorry for Wranwinka, Isotomin, Lopez and Isner. in addition to
    Rafa, Roger, Nick, and Tommy. They won’t get a day’s rest or any time to practice or prepare for next match!

    This is truly unacceptable! Although I respect Wimbledon’s traditions, the equal treatment of all these hard-working tennis professionals should be their first priority instead.

    I remember how grueling that AO 2012 Final’s 6-hour match was so grueling for Rafa and
    Nole, they could hardly move when it was over. Can you imagine waking up the very next day to play another match. Truly unforgiveable!!!

  2. It would be a totally different situation if it was Andy Murray!!!! They might as well just give him the trophy! It is disgusting! Vamos Rafa!!

  3. Well rain was forecast and what shortsightedness not to have Plan B in place in such circumstances. So unfair to players to be put under this type of pressure. Respect for players way down the list and adherence to outdated policies. Flexibility should be a given in this day and age. Just hope that Rafael gets a win in three.

  4. I agree that it seems stupid not to play Sunday. But, if they do play consecutive days, I bet Roger whines about it, while Rafa shrugs and gets on with it.

  5. Is this the way Wimbledon wants to secure a good chance for Andy Murray, by making schedules so the other players are tired. I do not believe that Andy Murray wants to win that way. Such a big event and they did not plan for rain in a country that rains constantly.

  6. As always… Why do these things have to happen just him? 🙁 Stay healthy Rafa, we are all behind you! Vamosss!

  7. That is preposterous!!! I think Wimbledon clearly tries to favor Murray.. Tough for Rafa. i hope he gets a little lucky and a) take it in 3 quick sets from Kyrgios on Tuesday and b) Raonic doesn’t get through QF…. Fingers crossed two consecutive matches don’t take their toll on him physically.

  8. Absolutely ridiculous!! Rafa will have to play Tuesday and Wednesday and those play on Monday have time off to rest! Real stupid arrangement by Wimbledon!

  9. This is the STUPIDEST decision. If that ridiculous primitive decision to NOT play the middle Sunday were changed, none of this would happen. Wake up and come into this century. There should be roofs on Courts 1 and 2, there should be lights for night matches, shot spots on ALL courts for challenges, but ABOVE all play the middle SUNDAY in extraordinary siruations. You did it in the 90’s when the weather was a factor. You people are a joke. Is this Sunday ban for religious reasons like the runner who wouldn’t compete on Sunday in “Chariots of Fire?” That was the 1924 Olympics! I think the players should PROTEST big time

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