Rafael Nadal Gets Best Spanish Athlete Award

Rafael Nadal is a legend, and Spanish daily Marca recognized him with an apt award during a celebration of its establishment: ‘Legend: 75 Years of Marca’. According to a survey of MARCA readers, Rafa is the best Spanish sporting personality in history. He received a special award during a gala commemorating 75 years of Marca in Madrid.

Marca readers picked Rafa from among other well-known Spanish athletes, such as Manuel Santana, Mireia Belmonte, Miguel Indurain, Marc Márquez, and Paul Gasol. His incredible comeback and reclaiming of the World No.1 spot, along with his 13 Grand Slam titles, a career Golden Slam, four Davis Cup victories, and the rest of his long and impressive repertoire of achievements set him apart from the other candidates.

Congratulations, Rafa! Another well-deserved honor!

(Photos: Marca, EFE, Getty Images)


  1. I am very happy for Rafa!
    Has anybody seen (has anybody made) the full list of awards given Rafa by institutions of all kinds during his tennis career?
    Could ‘Rafael Nadal Fans’ site create the list, if nobody hasn’t created it?

  2. Rafa received a well deserved award, not many spanish altheletes has attracted global attention and put spain right in the limelight as Rafa did, i wish him many more success.

  3. classic hair cut…he is 27 yrs old and looks very distinguish. we are with you all the way, for you are our champ…vamos Rafa!!!

  4. There are many great athletes in Spain, but he is the best as he is the most known on earth, due to his passion for tennis, his strength and his lovely attitude! Vamossssss!

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