Rafa Roundup: November 26, 2013


… Rafael Nadal continues to lead the rankings. He’s been No. 1 for the past 13 weeks. Nadal has a total of 115 weeks as the top-ranked tennis player in his three stints as No. 1. His overall total is sixth all-time and he has a long way to go to reach the Top 5. John McEnroe, who was No. 1 for 170 weeks, is fifth.

… The world No 1 and 2 tennis stars were in Argentina playing an exhibition match and made their way to the Bombonera stadium afterwards to take part in a very different sort of contest. World No 1 Nadal proved he has the edge in the football stakes too, after beating Djokovic 3-1.

… Nadal’s winning percentage for 2013, 91.4%, is less than a single percentage point lower than the winning percentage Djokovic posted in his storied dream year of 2011 (70-6, 92.1%). They won the same number of tournaments (10) in the years being compared. Djokovic won three of the four majors in 2011, while Nadal won “just” two this year—but he didn’t even play in the first major of the year.



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