Here’s the T-shirt Rafael Nadal Got for His Son: A Touching Gesture from C.E. Manacor

The Vice-President of C.E. Manacor, Joan González, presented Rafael Nadal with a football club T-shirt for his son, Rafa Junior, during a special moment on Tuesday.

Rafael Nadal Got t-shirt for His Son A from C.E. Manacor 2023
Photo via CE Manacor

This occasion took place as Rafa attended the Copa del Rey match between CD Manacor and Las Palmas. Our champ was not only a guest of honor but also had the privilege of performing the kickoff before the game at the Poliesportiu Municipal Na Capellera.

Additionally, a commemorative plate was bestowed upon Rafa to mark his presence at the match and pay tribute to his early years as a player for the team.

It’s obvious that Rafa Junior will need to be patient before the T-shirt fits, but once he wears it, there’s no doubt he’ll look as charming as ever.


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