Rafa Roundup: From Tennis to Philanthropy

Rafaeč Nadal hols son of Pau Gasol
Rafa and Max Gasol | Photo via Catherine McDonnell Gasol @catmcdonnell7


  • Toni Nadal expects nephew Rafael Nadal to return at Australian Open after almost a year out with hip injury | Eurosport

Asked about his nephew’s return, Toni told Spanish radio station Onda Cero: “I believe that it will come at the Australian Open.

“Obviously my nephew intends to be cautious, which is what he has to do. Every day he is getting a little better. It is true that it has been a very long injury, but hey, it is what it is.

“It is a high-level sport; in the end it is almost obligatory to play with pain, unfortunately, because you push your body to the limit.

“Pushing it to the limit is what makes you have all these problems.”

  • ITF will encourage Rafael Nadal to compete at 2024 Paris Games | ESPN

Uncertainty surrounds the recovering Rafael Nadal’s 2024 campaign but the International Tennis Federation (ITF) will do everything it can to encourage him to compete in the Paris Olympic Games, the global tennis body’s chief David Haggerty told Reuters.

“We know what a champion he is and a medallist a number of times so it certainly could be a storybook ending, so to speak, for him. It would be great. Whether he does or not, will be up to him,” Haggerty told Reuters in a video call on Monday.

“But we’ll do everything we can to encourage him to play, because I think it would be great. Knowing that it’s in Paris, at Roland Garros, where he’s had such tremendous success would be a great venue for him to be able to compete at.”

  • Djokovic: “I hope Nadal and I will have a drink on some beach, some day, to talk about life” | Tennis Majors

Djokovic was more prolific on his arch-rival Rafael Nadal. “He is a very special rival in my career,” Djokovic repeated. “My track record against him is not good at Roland-Garros. We are not too friendly, yes, but we do respect each other. But we hope – at least I hope, I can talk about me – that we will be able to take time to have a drink, on some beach, some day, to talk about life after our careers, with less stress and less expectations due to the competition.”

VIDEO: A new stamp collection released by Rafa Nadal Foundation, part of earnings to fund projects in Spain and India.

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  1. OK. This is me doing serious. A very rare thing.

    I believe that having a wee bundle of joy will improve Rafa’s all round perspective in life. Not just in the game.

    A wee baby worked wonders for Andy Murray.

    I think the same will apply to Rafa.

    If the wee one is in a crying mood, please don’t bring him to tournaments. OK. I tried to be Uber serious. Didn’t work.

    Not gonna lie. I don’t like hearing wee bairns cry all the way through a match.

    Please tell me wee Rafa is a quiet bairn?

    I was extremely quiet for 15 months until my brother arrived. When the attention was moved to him and not me. Eeesht! I was not quiet. Kind of a thing I’ve kept going for 45 years. If I want to bitch and whine, I will, and do.

  2. When the drink on the beach arrives…. Dopeovic tea….Strychnine!

    Oh god, I’m just perpetuating the daft Serbian press.

    I want to make this perfectly clear. It’s a joke. Not a good joke but a joke none the less.

  3. Baby Rafa has really grown and I know that Rafa is enjoying the little guy. Come back soon champ. You are missed.

  4. Rafa looks so proud and happy-assuming that is baby Rafa❤️ having a glass of wine on a lovely beach is for lifelong friends who may have shared rivalry but always respect, someone who just “gets you”. ND?………….naw

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