Rafa Roundup: Don’t write off injured Rafael Nadal just yet!


  • Rafael Nadal’s uncle gives ‘exciting’ update on Spaniard’s recovery and Wimbledon return after surgery | hindustantimes.com

“That first experience helped us to return home with the confidence that, indeed, my nephew’s play could be adapted to the grass surface,” continued Toni. The 2003 tournament was memorable for many reasons, such as the absence of 7-time champion Pete Sampras, who would soon after announce his retirement officially, as well as being the first slam title for Roger Federer.

“I am enormously excited to see my nephew’s recovery and see his return next year to this magnificent setting to prove, as [singer and songwriter] Carlos Gardel said, that 20 years are nothing,” concluded Toni Nadal, echoing the thoughts and wishes of thousands of tennis fans across the world who would love to see Nadal back in the all-white outfits at Wimbledon once again.

  • Roger Federer hopes Rafael Nadal ‘can go out on his own terms’ | CNN

“I mean, all of us: [Andy] Murray, [Novak] Djokovic, Nadal and me, I think the four of us when I retired were all sitting there crying about me retiring – or because of the music, who knows,” Federer told CNN’s Christina Macfarlane, a reference to pop singer Ellie Goulding, who sang “Still Falling For You” and “Fire and Ice” at that emotional goodbye at the O2 Arena.

“Everybody had their own reasons why they were crying. I think you realize how fortunate we are to still be playing at this later stage of our careers because tennis players used to retire at 30. I mean, 26 for [Björn] Borg, 32 for [Pete] Sampras, 36 for [Andre] Agassi. This was like playing deep and now here we are all sitting there around 35-40.

“We all know how fortunate we are and so I think Rafa knew that, too. So seeing him going through this more difficult period now, obviously I’ve been there and I just hope that he can go out on his terms [and] he can still play a little bit.

“I still hope we’ll see not just the doubles like I did, but more than that. I still believe that’s going to happen.”

  • How Rafael Nadal went from tennis legend to hotels ace | The Telegraph

He seems aware that investing in one of the most valuable local industries is a smart game. “Mallorca lives off tourism,” he says. “Ever since I was born, the island’s economy has depended on it.” With the sector accounting for around 45 per cent of the Balearic economy, hotels can be a lucrative business. And the project isn’t just about Mallorca – Zel wants to open more than 20 properties around the world in the next five years. 

“I’m not a hotelier,” he quickly clarifies. Instead, this partnership with the Meliá hotel group – a marriage between two leading homegrown assets – means the matador of the tennis court needn’t worry about day-to-day management. “I’m here to learn,” he continues. “My contribution is to carry over what I like when I’m travelling.”

Fans will be eager for a triumphant swansong from Rafa. Beyond that, they might hope to bump into him at Zel – or at least book the suite he’s slept in. “My sporting career is coming to its end,” he says. “I’ve spent years preparing for my future – this is another step towards it.”

  • Juan Mónaco and his friend Rafael Nadal: “If he comes back and wins he won’t say goodbye to tennis” | claytennis.com

“I have been saying for five years that he will play one more year and then retire. And I know him a lot, and actually every time I think about it, yes, I think he’s going to retire. But he has a mental strength and a desire to compete that only he feeds, because all his inner circle says ‘well, I think this is the last year, this is the last year’. But no, he has this power of conviction that he can do anything, and he’s not going to stop. And I think that not having been able to play this last Roland Garros and having had surgery opens up a mental opportunity for him to play again. Because if he had competed badly and lost, he would never have played again.”

PHOTOS: Rafa and his wife Maria Francisca Perello watching tennis matches at the 2023 Mallorca Championships (June 27)

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    • If memory serves, Rafa is due for his first major post surgery evaluation at six weeks, which would be this week or next week. Let’s hope for the best!

  1. Yes, tennis is stale without the elegance and fire of Roger and Rafa. We appreciate their
    class and accomplishments even more in their absence. So many struggle to achieve even
    one slam-we have indeed been spoiled. We hope your recovery is a complete success, and
    your return is triumphant💪🏆❣️

  2. Rafa, just recover fully and come back soonest…………]
    we are not used to seeing you out for this long. Just come back soon, winning will be normal….just come back in full health be it Wimtby, USO, Master or AO 24 just give us basic positive updates even if its practice……

  3. So glad that all the talk has been about the 2024 tour season and not that ridiculous notion of the Davis Cup in 2023 nor exhibitions, which I think Rafa should avoid like the plague. Sure, fans want to see him in Laver cup and that maybe thing, the Las Vegas match against Alcaraz. Don’t do it, please. Concentrating on the tour and the Olympics seem like sensible 2024 goals.

    I still really miss you, champ. Tennis has gotten a bit stale, to be honest. with the exception of Alcaraz and Rune. That Rune, lol, he could turn the air blue on the foggiest gloomiest day ever. I find his petulance quite funny.

  4. Glad to see Rafa having a good time, thanks for the lovely photos.🙏
    Happy birthday to Rafa’s beautiful wife, Maria 🎂🎊🥰

  5. Funny that, I have the same read of Rafa as his friend, Juan Mónaco who posted the following two statements, very telling truths about my hero:-

    “If he comes back and wins he won’t say goodbye to tennis.”


    “…..And I think that not having been able to play this last Roland Garros and having had surgery opens up a mental opportunity for him to play again. Because if he had competed badly and lost, he would never have played again.”

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