Twitter celebrates Rafael Nadal’s 37th birthday

Rafael Nadal turns 37 years old today.

The twitterverse was buzzing with tributes to Rafa, and we’ve collected some of the best to share with you.

What’s your birthday wish for Rafa?


  1. Look after your family and friends Nadal.
    Enjoy yourself in Greece and surely all will get better !!!

  2. Feliz cumpleanos Rafa!!! Can’t wait to see you back on the tennis court! Wishing you a very speedy and pain-free recovery!

  3. If I could give Rafa anything for his birthday it would be to turn back the clock 15 years… Not 20 because he was proving himself to everyone then. At 15 we all could see he was beyond belief and we could all just enjoy his path again… this time knowing what we know and savouring every single second. Get well, Rafa! We cannot wait to see you on the court again. And HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 I really miss watching u play hope wish u would be alright and all the best ! I’m a big fan!!

  5. Feliz Cumpleaños Rafa!
    Te deseo un dia maravilloso junto con tu familia!!!!🎂🥰

  6. Happy Birthday, Rafa🎂our wish to you is good health and much happiness. Enjoy a big slice of cake🍰and celebrate with your family💝How we miss you❣️

  7. This is what I wish for you dear Rafa:
    A speedy recovery, that your overall health will be at its best, that I can see you win a match at RG and throw yourself in the clay with a big smile on your face and the crowd cheering loudly, and singing 🎂 as your birthday is around the time of RG.
    Watching matches at RG, but I am with little excitement as it is not the same obviously without you there.
    Happy birthday, hospital not the best place to spend it in, but you have support and love all around you!!!

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