Rafael Nadal’s surgery complete, five-month recovery anticipated

Rafael Nadal’s hip surgery “went well” and he faces a five-month recovery timeline.

Rafa underwent arthroscopic surgery to treat his psoas muscle, his representative has said. The surgery on Rafa was performed in Barcelona by Canadian doctor Marc Phillippon of Steadman Clinic who is based in Colorado and works on a lot of athletes. Three total doctors were present for the surgery, Jon Wertheim reported.

“The fact that a doctor was flown across an ocean tells you something about the severity of this, there was a scope,” Wertheim said Saturday on Tennis Channel.

“I was told that some tissue was removed. It was a success. Nadal has already started recovering, not how he wanted to be celebrating the middle weekend of Roland Garros, not how he wanted to be celebrating his 37th birthday.”

He added: “He’ll get stitched up and then head home…I was told the usual recovery time for this is about five months.”

Source: Forbes


  1. Te deseo lo mejor Rafa, bendiciones para ti y tu familia, un abrazo y pronta recuperación!

  2. Rafa
    Wishing you a very healthy Happy Birthday and a speedy recovery.
    Tqm cuidate

  3. Happy birthday, Rafa! Think happy thoughts and turn your attention to other things and before you know it, same time next year – all of this shall be a distant memory! And you’ll be raring to go again!

  4. I think Rafa should use this time off to have his foot seen to and if possible and viable, an operation done on his foot which has caused problems since he broke it in 2004. Don’t know the extent, severity or the position of the break but it could be a simple-ish procedure, I hope. This possible operation would not only benefit his come back but his entire way of life. Take it from someone who has severe lower back problems, chronic pain ain’t nice.

    Happy birthday and get well soon, champ.

    I miss you and I think that sentiment goes for everyone here.

    • I think the foot surgery would not let him play tennis again ,just be pain free .

      • It’s like I said though. There’s a lot of variables. It could be an operation that extends his career plus gets rid of the pain. Who can say? Those injections that “freeze” his foot can’t be nice.

  5. Happy 37th Birthday Rafa.
    Now rest up, take it easy and a full recovery.
    Come back next year to reclaim your 15th RG and 23rd slam.
    Vamos Rafa. No 1 to us all.

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