VIDEO: Rafael Nadal reacts to Roger Federer’s retirement

Rafael Nadal has told Eurosport he was both sad but proud and happy to be involved in Roger Federer’s final match.

“We have always had a very easy and positive relationship since the beginning.

“I don’t know, but since the beginning, I think the feelings have been positive. They have even grown in a better way over the years.

“In some way, when you have a rivalry like we have had, we have played exhibitions for our foundations, we have shared important moments in the history of this sport.

“On court and off court we were together, on the council for a long time. So we were able to build this relationship in a very positive way. He has been a very positive example for everyone, and for me personally, without a doubt.

“It is a very sad moment, but that is how it is. That is life, and the only thing I wish him is the best. The best of the best with every single thing that he will do. He deserves it: healthy, family, success. Everything.”

On joining Federer for his final match:

“Well, it will be a difficult match to handle, honestly. Let us see how the thing evolves, but I just hope to help in a small way to help make his last match even more special. I think it is going to be unforgettable, and I am just proud and happy to be next to him on this very special moment.”

Source: Eurosport


  1. Friends for life for sure. This match will be watched by millions history indeed for both players. I am sure Rafa will no doubt give the glory to Fed although he forms an important part of this once in a lifetime match !!!!!

  2. Is Roger not playing at all by himself at the Laver Cup? Just this doubles match with Rafa? 🙁 In some way that’s okay with me if he’s not got a solo match to play – I love that his final match will be with our beloved Rafa.

  3. In another inrerview, Rafa also said: “I don’t need this news to know the end is closer. This is the normal cycle of life. People leave, others come, nothing new. History repeats always. Just this time it’s us and in this case one of if not the most important player in the history of this sport.”

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