Twitter Reacts To Rafael Nadal’s Sensational QF Wimbledon Win

Rafael Nadal is one step closer to achieving the calendar Grand Slam as he reaches his eighth Wimbledon semifinal after beating American Taylor Fritz in five sets on Wednesday. Tennis players and celebrities from all over the world have been reacting to the sensational win.


  1. Most amazing athlete! There are not enough words to describe him period.
    More important at this juncture is that he does not injure himself further. He may have to retire from Wimbledon and heal so that he hopefully can play at US Open. Sending healing thoughts….

  2. The genious and mentality of Rafa is just breathtaking! When faced with adversity on the court he makes adjustments, changes his tactics He never complains or gives up! It is in his meticulous nature. “Mind over matter” is such a powerful tool for Rafa. He employs it beautifully! Rafa is the true essence of tennis! He never ceases to amaze me or all of us!

  3. Congratulations Rafa on your incredible win against Fritz. Anxiously waiting for the scan results. Please let it be good news. Can’t stand the waiting.


    • Marca is reporting that he has a 7mm abdominal tear (just over 1/4 inch) but wants to play Friday,

  4. Hoping that Rafa’s scan does not show anything too bad, and he can continue to play on. But if he can’t, oh well that is life too.

    Stay healthy champ!

    • We all so wanted to see Rafa take on Djokovic in the Wimbledon Final but personally I really don’t want him to play on Friday unless he is able to play his best tennis, because that is what will be needed to beat an in-form Kyrgios on grass. I am no fan of Kyrgios. He is of course extremely talented but also obnoxious. I would hate for Rafa to give Kyrgios the satisfaction of beating him, if he is injured. That would not be a fair contest but it wouldn’t prevent Kyrgios from gloating over it and the record books will not show that Rafa was injured at the time.

      Even if Rafa were to beat Kyrgios, which I think is unlikely if he is not able to serve big, he will not be able to then go on to beat Djokovic on Sunday if he is not 100% fit. So why risk further injury by playing on Friday? Being the proud warrior that he is, Rafa will be very reluctant to withdraw of course but I think he should, so that he can be fully fit in time for the US Open.

      Best wishes to Rafa for a speedy and full recovery in time for the US Swing.

      • I totally agree Ginagigi, i am a massive Rafa fan, he is my hero. But common sense must prevail, please do not do it Rafa if u r not 100%, your fans love you and as Ginagigi says would not want you to play unless perfect fitness.

  5. Let’s hope for the best results from today and onwards keep safe and stay well

  6. No words to describe this stupendous win against all odds- considering his medical issue on abdomen! None but Rafa can do such wonders in equally humble way(No bragging – that I have experience at this level!)!!
    Vamps Rafa

  7. Very apt & lovely birthday present today, 7th July for Rafa’s pretty wife, Mery or Xisca.

  8. I couldn’t bare watching this QF’s match, cause I knew how good Fritz will be. Now our GOAT is one step closer to getting hopefully his 3rd Wimbledon and 23rd Grand Slam title.
    Oh please, let Rafa win the finals.
    VAMOS no 1 always and forever.

  9. Read lovely Mery’s shirt-“kiss me again”🥰how sweet is that! Watching replay-still unbelievable. All the best,

  10. I was so nervous during this match that I had to get right up 3 feet from the 65 inch screen . Rafa would not succumb to Fritz’s excellent play or his own abdominal injury and managed to play a tremendous 5th set tie breaker to win the match . This effort was one of sheer determination and desire to win no matter the circumstance . At any rate , the next one against Nick Kygrios should equal or surpass this match as its the battle of tennis titans so opposite that it makes for thrilling entertainment. Rafa should stay cool , calm and collected and look for the few opportunities that Nick is likely to give in his service game . Likely and I hope we have tiebreakers determining most sets . Vamos Rafa .

    • I really slept last night, bcos always got sick if Rafa lost any match honestly .yesterday’s encounter with younger Fritz still providing that Rafa is still Rafa not minding his complicated stomach upset.

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