PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal practices despite having a seven-millimeter abdominal tear

Spanish newspaper Marca has reported that Rafael Nadal has a seven-millimeter abdominal tear but still wants to play his Wimbledon semifinal tomorrow against Nick Kyrgios. The good news for all fans is that our champ was able to practice with Marc Lopez earlier today for 33 minutes with an 11 minute break. His wife Maria Francisca Perello, father Sebastian, and sister Maria Isabel also were seen there.


  1. This really sucks, now we will all be on pins and
    needles wondering if Rafa will make it through.
    I am praying 100% for you Rafa..VAMOS!

  2. I am nervous about you playing Mr. Idiot you should swallow your pride and don’t play your health is more important.

    • This has nothing to do with pride! This is how a real sportmans brains works, without this you wil never be a sportman at the top.

    • Speak for yourself woman….they guy wants to play and make a few extra millions ….hell yeah….I’m sure the man knows his limitations…

      • Please keep your comment away, you know nothing about sport, the pain and motivation.

  3. Even if Papa stays stop playing… Rafa will continue to conquer the hurdles and obstacles to push towards another victory trophy.
    Only Rafa can say how much his body can handle.
    Praying for the best and most positive outcome.. WIN WIN WIN!
    Take care, VAMOS xox

  4. Be careful Rafa❤️ Always with you and all the best for tomorrow. If you want to play, go for it❤️

  5. I don’t know what to think about this. I just hope that Rafa will listen to the advice of medical professionals, who know best. The BBC have just shown him and he didn’t look very happy, but it’s hard to tell how someone feels physically from the look on their face.

  6. I guess now it’s a case of us it worth chasing the win, and possible grand slam at this stage?
    What if he loses the SF or F at Wimbledon and does further damage and then is also unable to compete at the US Open?
    Or is it already unlikely that he could play at the US Open because of the muscle tear?

  7. Give me a staple and that 7mm tear becomes a 0mm nothing:)

    If this injury won’t affect Rafa’s quality of life moving forward, I say we pump him full of morphine and put him out tomorrow.

    Health comes first. I hope Rafa makes the decision that is best for him. This year is already a success as far as I’m concerned. The calendar slam can happen next year- Rafa will need the distraction from Mery and the baby:):)

  8. Lorna’s comment that Rafa looked unhappy with his serve tells the tale. He shouldn’t play. But what do his doctors say? Can’t believe he would go against their advice.

    If Rafa plays look for unconventional ways to keep points short.

  9. Words aren’t enough to express how Rafa fought mightily until the end. How he overcame his pain during the game and didn’t allow it to be a hindrance for him to press on towards the goal. What a “HERO”. Such heroic act deserves to WIN and he did. CONGRATULATIONS, Rafa! Your such a good example for “DON’T GIVE UP!”. You are indeed a “MIGHTY WARRIOR OF GOD”
    Justice is served. God has vindicated you for defeating the man who has stolen your crown in Indian Wells. You are supposed to be the Champion there. I saw the color of your Outfit on the Sky. Praise God for helping you win the battle with God’s perfect number 7-7-7. ALL GLORY TO GOD.AMEN

  10. I just saw Rafa serving in practice. It doesn’t look good as he can’t push up on serve and looks very unhappy. Sadly, unless something miraculous happens to improve his condition, I don’t think he’ll be stepping to the court on Friday.

    • I agree Lorna. If Rafa can’t serve full tilt he should not play tomorrow. I have just seen him hitting a couple of slow serves in practice and it does not look good and he did look unhappy. Rafa cannot beat Kyrgios if he cannot hold serve because it will be very hard to break back. Kyrgios’ serve is his biggest weapon, especially on grass. I think Rafa should withdraw and take the time to recover fully for the US Open. Very sad for Rafa because, without the abdominal tear, he stood a real chance of winning Wimbledon for the third time (though I would have to reluctantly admit that Djokovic would still be the favourite going into the Final).

  11. As I understood it, an abdominal muscle tear would mean curtains to any further participation. Brave? Determined? Foolish? Suicidal? Any of these, but it’s Rafa and he’s the only one who can judge from his practice if he’s fit enough to play. Rooting for you as always champ.

  12. play tomorrow rafa you can do it this is a hugh chance for you to win wimbeldon. you are in semifinal of grandslam you can win calendar slam if you want dont throw that away

  13. What are the chances of widening the tear if he plays tomorrow…Hopefully by practicing with Mark it will give Rafa a better idea how well he will be in order to knock Kyrgios out of the tournament and go on to the final.

    Best wishes Rafa. It’s up to you to decide as you may be able to pull it off…”Anything can happen,” as you say. Can we get another miracle?

    • Your health comes first . As much as we your fans would like to see you play and win grand slam number 23 ,be careful about your health.
      All the best our champ RAFA.

    • Rafa is

      Rafa drags our soul at his heel.
      You are God’s greatest gift to sports World,
      Be happy, joyful and peaceful.

      • Rafa you’re such an inspiration, I’m 70 years old you’re my favorite player out there, every time I find myself crawling back up from a set I think of you Rafa, you have helped me bring my game up and I want to thank you for that, good luck Rafa if you decide to play,
        you have my support and I will be cheering for you throughout the match good luck Rafa such an inspiration.
        It’s your decision if you decide to play, or not play, I will be looking forward to your next match.

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