VIDEO: Rafael Nadal wins French Open for 14th time – Match Highlights, Winning Moment, Celebration & Reaction

Rafael Nadal made French Open history once again by securing his FOURTEENTH French Open Victory.

Match highlights:

Post-match interview:

Match point and celebration:

Hot Shot:


  1. Rafa deserved this no. 14 win at RG. He puts himself through such vigorous practising despite his foot problem, he never gives up. Many Congratulations Champion..OUR GOAT…14 Roland Garros and 22 Grandslams equals his age…36 and his favourite team last week RM have won 14 European this was meant to be for this Matador..Vamos Rafa

  2. So amazing is our Rafa. There has never been nor will there ever be anyone like him – as GOOD with a racket in his hand. He IS the GOAT! Regarding his foot, he needs to do what he feels most comfortable with. Even if it means breaking his own heart and ours and not playing but fixing his pain. We are blessed to have had him this long. Vamos and GOD BLESS RAFA!

  3. Rafa accomplished the amazing in spite of having a schedule that would have him slated to !ose to Djokovic in the quarters in an evening match u def the lights . Lights out for Nole 🥁 Rafa should get to #1 and win the US Open if everything stays the same ,meaning he can play with the problem foot . I would prefer he skip Wimbledon but then again he must believe he has a shot of winning it . This is not his ideal surface and we know serve and volley will be mandated . I would love to watch that . Vamos Rafa 2022 and beyond .

    • Per ESPN Rafa explained at this press conference what has been going on with his foot to allow him to play Roland Garris. He has been receiving injections into the nerve in his foot to numb it. Rafa has played with his foot being “asleep.”

      Rafa says that he will not do that again. Next Rafa plans to have an ablation procedure. As I understand it (and don’t take my word for it) this is a non-surgical procedure to go in an remove the nerve that transmits the pain. If the procedure is successful he will play Wimbledon.

      Per ESPN if he can not do something about the pain he will consider a surgical procedure that would put him out for a period of time.

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