Rafa Roundup: Who wants to attend Rafa Nadal Sports University?

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The academy has now joined hands with Alfonso X el Sabio University (UAX) to form the UAX Rafa Nadal Sports University aimed at fueling the growth of the sports industry across the globe. It will be presented towards the end of this month.

This is yet another example of Nadal and his team taking the initiative to improve the tennis industry and provide more opportunities for people to gain access to the sport.

Speaking to Eurosport, the German said, “Nadal was actually considered invincible until he injured himself in the semi-final against Alcaraz, who played for over three hours. Something must be wrong with his rib. I had that once too.

“It hurts a lot and it takes a long time until you can play properly again because you need it to breathe. And especially now for the clay court season, this is of course a big setback for him. Until the injury, he was considered the favourite for Roland Garros and now he has to get healthy again and play his first matches on clay. And it is not yet clear when he will start again. He won’t play Monte Carlo. He also cancelled Barcelona, so Madrid at the earliest. Paris – that’s in three weeks. So good luck that the Spaniard will be healthy.”

Take nothing away from Fritz, as he played beautifully but Nadal being injured just leaves us all wondering, what if. With Nadal sidelined, his record for the year stands at 20-1. Despite all his accolades, major championships, and victories, at age 35 Rafael Nadal may have been playing some of the best tennis of his career.

With Nadal injured and the French Open around the corner, will he be able to play to his best when he goes for his 14th Championship at Roland Garros? Unlike in Australia, Djokovic will be there competing and looking to defend his French Open title. With age, injuries have popped up for Rafa, but somehow, he continues to fight and when it’s all said and done, he may be the greatest of this era or any other.

Nadal has dominated the top-10 on clay over the course of his career, and he is now two top-10 wins shy of earning 100 top-10 wins on his beloved clay. If you’re scoring at home, Nadal is 55-14 against the top-5 and a remarkable 17-6 against reigning world No 1 players on clay.

There are a few records that Nadal has yet to achieve on clay. In 2020 Nadal became the third-oldest men’s singles champion in Roland-Garros history, but he has yet to tackle the record that was set by Andres Gimeno, who won the title at 34 years and 306 days in 1972. Nadal will turn 36 in Paris this year.

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  1. Maybe i agree with i think Chrissie, is this a blessing in disguise and Rafa will be more than ready for RG most important tournament??????? I may agree on this one!!!

  2. Credibility can only be given to Rafa’s medical team when it concerns his health. All the best for a
    complete recovery, Rafa. 👏👍💪🤛🎾🍀❤️

  3. If I had a child who had an inclination for sport, I’d send my child to a Rafa-run university with a curriculum borne out of his ethos and values in life.

    Judging by how Rafa has turned out as an adult, I have every faith that my child coming out the other end, to turn out as respectful, clear-minded and spiritual as Rafa is – his life really on display for all the world to see.

  4. Different people heal differently.

    I won’t listen nor accept ‘blanket’ statements by anyone.

  5. Boris Becker’s comments (quoted above) are alarming. Today marks four weeks since the injury to Rafa’s rib occurred in the IW semi-final. No hint of Rafa swinging a racket and his PR guys says there is no date yet for Rafa’s return.

    I hope Becker is wrong and Rafa is back soon.

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