Rafa Roundup: “If you met Nadal in the street, you would have no idea that he had won 21 Grand Slams”


Speaking to Eurosport ahead of the French Open, Chris Evert said “I think with his record this year, he’s lost one match so far.

“He had that streak of so many tournaments and so many wins, and he’s had a wonderful start to 2022. I think this injury is a hiccup. I think any time Rafa can rest and take time off, I think is a bonus, is a positive for him. What comes into effect is the years and years before. It’s not only what happened three or four weeks ago.

“He’s a myriad, or an abundance, of experience and confidence from years and years of pulling himself out of tough matches and being World number one. I don’t think the mental part will affect him,” she believes.

Watching from Oslo, Ruud couldn’t help but be stimulated by the effort from Nadal. The Spaniard, who missed five months of the 2021 season with a left foot injury, clinched a men’s record 21st Grand Slam singles title at age 35 by rallying from two sets down to edge Daniil Medvedev in five hours and 24 minutes.

“It’s inspiring. I think his whole career has been motivating for other fans, players, people who are watching him,” the frequent guest of the Rafa Nadal Academy shared from Buenos Aires, when we caught up later over Zoom. “If you met him in the street, you would have no idea that he had won 21 Grand Slams, because he’s very humble, and never gets ahead of himself. He always takes every match and every day seriously.”

VIDEO: Rafa pays a visit to the Academy players’ training sessions

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  1. The tennis world (and all of sport really) recognise the amazing person and amazing talent that is Rafael Nadal. It’s just simply undeniable. And I would like to thank the purveyors of this site for putting the videos up. The top 10 Monte Carlo clip has satiated my missing Rafa on court — for a moment any way. Keep on healing, Rafa! See you on court soon. We so love you.

  2. Rafa is fist and foremost a good person. His values are strong and honest. Fame has not changed him. Injuries have made him stronger.
    Chris and Casper recognise him for the person he is.
    I miss him from the Tour as he brings a buzz and flair to tennis that is special.
    Millions look forward to his return, we want a healthy Rafa back lighting up the tennis world. 🇪🇸⭐️🍀

  3. Chris Everet & Casper Ruud recognise a thorough gentleman who respects his fellow players and how humble he is. Pity same cannot be said about a percentage of todays’ players. All I wish is for Rafa to heal and to continue playing the sport which he was born to play. Vamos Rafa 🇪🇦🇪🇦☘☘

  4. Well said, Chris Evert and Casper Ruud.

    It re-enforces what we, the adoring fans know and feel about our hero.

    Really a blessing, this period of rest and strenghtening Rafa’s body, mind and spirit for the next big challenge come May/June.

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