Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal is on his way to Acapulco

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“I would say that now, at this point, Rafa is, if not the most complete, definitely at the top of the list of the most complete players,” Higueras said. “Basically, if you look at him, he will do something a little bit better every time – either something you haven’t seen him do before, or if you have seen him do it before, he is actually doing it better now.”

“The first time I saw Rafa was in Mallorca when he was 14 years old, and the level of intensity on every single point was unbelievable. He’s such a competitior. He is so thirsty [to keep on improving]. It makes me so happy to see him now, he’s becoming a better player every time I see him play. It is truly unbelievable.”

“When I think of Rafa, I think of [Bjorn] Borg. I think they are the two most mentally similar guys on the ATP Tour I have seen in my career. I thought Borg was a little stronger mentally, but I have [now] changed my mind on that, to be honest.”

“Oh my God, that match. I like started in the morning and I left and came back and left and came back. It was the whole time on. It was a forever match. I don’t get to see that many matches whether it’s time, training or schedule. This one I got to see,” Muguruza said in Dubai on Sunday.

“Yeah, really impressed. I think he really showed his essence in that match. I feel like we’ve all known him not only because he’s great, but because of his resilience and strength and everything. I think that was a perfect example that he’s the best at coming back and fighting and staying there. Man, it was amazing.”

“I was shocked. I’m still shocked. It’s like unbelievable,” said the 24-year-old Badosa.

“Not even unbelievable that he won from two sets down, because only Rafa can do that. But against who he did it, you know? He’s doing it against the world No.2. I have no words really. He’s been an inspiration for me. He’s my idol. Seeing him do this, look, I’m getting emotional,” she added, pointing to the goose bumps on her leg.

When nothing is going right for you, don’t give up. Your worst enemy is the clock rushing fast at you. Slow down. Hang around in the match. Things change. Momentum shifts. Emotions change. A perilous position suddenly becomes fortuitous. Rafael Nadal hung around in this match long enough for the tide to turn. Masterful.

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  1. Rafa, stay healthy is all any of us want for you. It is wonderful having you back to play, and we hope this will continue. Buena Suerte in Acapulco.

  2. In order rafa vamos to conquer RG again,he ned mo games but creful s well to avoid ny injury during Atp tour until RG…gd luck rafa!!!!

  3. I hope that Rafa is wise in his decision to play Acapulco. He needs to be careful that he doesn’t aggravate his foot again. Best of luck Rafa. 🍀

    • He should play less on hard courts esp the smaller events. I know why he is playing at acupulco but it’s extremely slow and frankly a terrible surface for his foot. Play Indian Wells or Miami (latter is faster but more humid). Clay is better for his foot and knees but he should skip Monte Carlo or Madrid. Don’t know which one though. Barcelona is good preparation for him but 4 clay events is too much. Or he could play Monte Carlo and skip Barcelona (lowest points).

  4. I’m not sure playing a category 1 slow hard court is good for his body in all honesty. But as long as he is focused on playing first strike tennis and shortening points, he should be fine. In all honesty gaining some ATP points will help him seeding wise for the clay season too. That bring said indian wells is more important and it’s faster too though still medium slow.

      • Clay is better for his foot and knees. Easier on his body especially at this stage of his career. He should be really selective about hard court events. The problem with Miami is it’s too close to Monte Carlo. He should focus on his serving and finishing points quickly otherwise he will deplete his tank, but he is even more aware of that now. So I hope he takes care.

  5. So pleased to see Rafa is playing Alcapulco as he loves this tournament and really enjoys the city . He also has a very good chance of winning this tournament as it’s outdoors and on the clay . It’s a great warmup for Indian Wells and Miami . I say play and win them all before the European clay court season . Pf course , Rafa may wish to rest his body and forgo playing and wait for Roland Garros . I am so excited for Rafa 2022 and especially if Nole doesn’t play .

    • Rafa has beaten Nole before and will beat him again. So it doesn’t matter if Nole plays or not, Rafa’s health is the determining factor for him to win tournaments.

    • Acapulco used to be clay, but no longer. Many Rafans wanted him to skip this one. I am really torn since I love to see Rafa play. He could use some points to get back to fourth too.

  6. Rafa good luck in Acapulco vamosssssss champ this is time to shine again vamosssssss ❤️👍🥰🎾🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Is Rafa going to play Acapulco then?

    Roland-Garros Restaurant – a good reason to visit Rafa’s academy again😉

    • Hi Mimi, I don’t know if you can confirm that Rafa will play Acapulco since your request above.

      The only confirmations that Rafa will actually play are all from before Rafa won the AO.

      Seems that David Ferrer and Verdasco are in Acapulco with Rafa and Medvedev was seen practicing with Rafa.

      By all accounts it looks as if he will play but not even the ATP website has confirmed. I also tried to get the draw date. Nada!

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