Rafa Roundup: “We cannot compare Nadal with other tennis players”


Speaking on L’Equipe’s Air Open podcast, the Swiss star said: “Whatever happens we cannot compare Nadal with other tennis players, that’s for sure.

“Nadal has been out for four, five or six months almost every two years of his career, and whether the injuries were serious or not, he always managed to come back.

“And once again at this stage and level, with the difficult last year that he had, of course, it’s exceptional, just like all his career.

“Sometimes, I feel, tennis is all written in advance. Before Australian Open I was talking to my coach, Dani [Vallverdu] and we discussed that Nadal will win Australian Open, because everything is written.”

“The first memory I have from tennis is watching Rafael Nadal on TV, when he won the French Open for the first time,” Ruud said. “I remember thinking, I want to be playing on the big stage one day. That’s where the first motivation came.”

Nadal averaged right at 4.2 shots per rally to the final, but a bruising five-set epic against Daniil Medvedev yielded an average rally length of 5.6 shots in the final. Nadal’s match with the shortest average rally length was 3.1 shots per point against Denis Shapovalov in the quarter-finals. Average rally length data is only collected on the main show courts at the Australian Open, with 78 men’s matches and 84 women’s matches included in the data set.

Nadal has consistently averaged 4.4 shots per rally in Melbourne for the last three seasons and was below that at 3.9 shots in 2018 and 2019.

PHOTOS: Rafa practices in Acapulco

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  1. Rafa played great on the Australian Open and I believe he will win the Mexican Open , especially if he gets the win against Reilly Opelka . Let’s root Rafa on to victory in this very tough opening round matchup .Vamos 🥁

    • Thanks Lorna. Opelka won an indoor ATP 250 in Dallas last week. His serve was unbelievable.

      Rafa has handled him in the past but this will not be an easy first round match. Go Rafa!

      • I agree, David. R. Opelka is playing another final against C. Norrie right now. Maybe he will be tired.😅 Good luck to Rafa in Acapulco.🍀❤️

      • 😫 Opelka has a wing span like a pterodactyl & he has a monster serve to go with it. Lets hope he gets tuckered out from all the tennis he’s been playing! Whatever happens its just so great to see Rafa back on court where he belongs! Best of luck Rafa! 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤❤

  2. For me, Rafa is simply the best. More Grand Slams win ahead of him. I see him winning Roland Garros in May

  3. Apparently Delpo is having one last throw of the dice in an attempt to save his career. He’s in Switzerland at the Rennbahnklink Sports Clinic, following the likes of Frederer, Djokovic, Tsitsipas and Andujar who have all been treated there in the past.

    Delpo has left the door open for a return if he can get help. “Now tennis is on the sidelines until I try to improve my leg. If I can do it, I’ll see.” It’s going to be extremely tough, but no doubt he’ll take inspiration from Andy Murray.

  4. Rafa he is amazing coming back from 2 sets down and win the next 3 sets it was amazing win Rafa we are so. Proud of you vamosssssss all the love from your fans good luck in Acapulco 👍❤️💪🥰🎾👏👍😍😘🇺🇸💯

    • No words need to describe Rafa. His actions speak for him. That is why he is such a fine example of being a great human!!! Thank you Rafa!!!

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