Rafael Nadal adds Marc Lopez to coaching team

Photo: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

20-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal has added Marc Lopez to his coaching team ahead of the new season, Spanish newspaper Marca reported earlier today.

Marc, who won the gold medal alongside the Spaniard in 2016 Rio Olympics, will join Carlos Moya and Francis Roig in Rafa’s coaching staff.

Our champ is ready to make an entry at the Mubadala World Tennis Championships in Abu Dhabi next week, where he plays an exhibition match against Dominic Thiem.

What do you think of Marc becoming Rafa’s new coach?


  1. I am so excited to finally get Rafa back on the tour . Rafa looks very fit and game ready but needs alot of match play to reach championship levels once taken for granted as the competition has increased . I would love to see Rafa adopt a attacking tennis game playing more from inside the baseline to shorten the points . Rafa has the ability to do win the French and US Open this year but it will require him playing at his peak levels and beating quality opponents that are no longer fearing playing Nadal I.e. Lloyd Harris in DC tournament .Anyway , vamos Rafa and stay healthy and hungry . Adding Lopez will help by lending trusted support ..

  2. Rafa is all about the closeness he has with his family and friends…. He’s never gone out of the circle for coaching.and he never will….
    I’m not sure how I feel about Mark joining the team other than if Rafa thinks he wants to give it go then bring him on…. Mark is one of Rafa’s closest friends and this topic is something I could understand them discussing.
    I think Ramara makes some great points about Moya and Roig….and Mark is probably available to do some travelling with Rafa….
    Right now … Rafa has to figure out how to tighten his game…. He’s so used to running his opponents from right to left and back and forth and back and forth ….stretching it out… that continuing on that path will only tire Rafa out and add much stress to his legs and feet…. He has to go for precision… he has to serve and volley… he has to hand out the Aces…he needs the quicker volleys resulting in quicker points… . and I’m hoping that Mark might have some ideas on the skill of that type of game….

    Man … I’m talking tennis baby…
    My boy’s coming back!!!!


  3. It makes me very, very happy that the chance our Rafa wouldnt finish his career and with Marc Lopez he would make another very successful season!!! Vamos, Rafa… We have been with you all the time and you will feel how much we love and support in the coming season, too… 🙂

  4. Rafa you knows if you need hem to help you and your game to improve but the most important is stay healthy don’t get injury we support you all the way vamosssssss champ 👍💪😘🎾💪

  5. Marc is a capable hitting partner whom Rafa has always enjoyed working with. Roig is getting older. Moya can’t always be with him and probably doesn’t want to travel to Australia. Moya was originally hired to split his time between Rafa and the academy to give him more time for his growing family and they seem to have kept to that. Roig also has a job as a coach with an academy in Barcelona.

  6. Rafa he nows what to do let the professional do there job all the best Rafa come back stronger you can do it we are with you all the way 👍💪🎾💪🎾👍😘

  7. I’m not sure Rafa really needs anyone else on his team, he could be giving Marc an opportunity to try out a new career – helping people as always. I think Rafa likes to be surrounded with people he knows and trusts and Marc is a long-time friend. Nothing wrong with that, there’s no point in working with people that you don’t get on with.

    In other coaching news, I’m surprised at Murray splitting with Delgado, after everythingl that they’e been through together.

    • One should be surprised, but nothing Murray does surprises me;’ he’s always split with coaches for seemingly no apparent reason. Shame about Delgado, though, as he’s supported Murray for years.

  8. Bad decision i was hoping hé would add someone Who can help him improving his service because that is lacking now compare with nole

    • Spot on mate. I don’t know why adding Marc Lopez would help Nadal improve his game as we all know the weakness is the serve! I just can’t understand this.

      • Rafa has one 20 GS, equalling Djokovic and Federer, so why criticise his serve. In addition, up until recently he held the record for the most points won on 2nd serve – just because some of the guys have big serves, it does’t make them the better players; what makes a great player is having a complete game, variety in shotmaking, high tennis IQ, mental strength and ability to change strategies during a match when necessary.

    • At the end of the day, Rafa should know best what is good for him. So, I’m not in the position to disapprove of his decision.
      I can only hope it works out well for him.
      Vamos Rafa!

  9. I’m not sure … I know they get on really well, but a coach needs to be able to tell you what you’re doing wrong and have a go at you if you’re not concentrating and so on. I don’t suppose Rafa needs a lot of that, but it’s hard to imagine Marc telling him he’s not doing something right. But fingers crossed!

  10. What can Marc add to Rafa’s game and career? I just think they’ll be hitting buddies, nothing more. Also if we can be honest the current coaching team are not the ones to take Rafa forward. He will win grand slams on his own.

    • I think that Carlos Moyà has been a very valuable addition to Rafa’s team. He’s a wise person and has initiated change to Rafa’s hame,

  11. So happy for Rafa and Marc! I will never forget the day they won gold medal in doubles in 2016, the same day I made my first donation to a local hospital in Rafa’s honor. It has been a pleasure whenever I get the chance for five years since…

    All the best to Rafa and new team!🎾🍀❤️

  12. At 35 and with an injury-prone body, Nadal and his team must acknowledge and realize that he now needs to conserve his energy more than ever. Gone are the days when Rafa used to wear down his opponents with long rallies. Now, if he doesn’t change his game and continues with long rallies staying outside the baseline most of the time, he is only going to wear himself down – especially, in best-of-five set matches, long rallies are unlikely to work for Rafa going forward.

    To win more grandslams, he and his team need to work more on his court movements and to create opportunities by looking to attack more from inside the court.

    • I think that Rafa is an intelligent guy and knows exactly what he has to do !! I always find it quite arrogant that people post telling him what he should do, A 20 times Slam champion hardly got to that without using his brain,

      • I couldn’t agree with you more Elizabeth. Rafa knows a thing or two about how to win tennis matches, as his fantastic record over many years shows. He doesn’t need and never has needed any advice from his fans, no matter how well-intentioned.
        It won’t be easy for Rafa to return to his best after such a long lay-off, especially at the age of 35, but we know he will do everything within his power to try to do that. Unfortunately, the passage of of time inevitably takes its toll on all players, even the very best. (Even the great Roger Federer is struggling to return to the Tour.) As loyal Rafa fans, we must expect and prepare for that but let’s hope he can continue to amaze us for at least one, if not two more years.
        Marc is a long-time great friend and will no doubt provide Rafa with companionship and support on the Tour, which Rafa will no doubt appreciate. I am sure that Carlos and Francisco can continue to provide the technical and tactical advice, if/when Rafa needs it, even if they can’t always accompany him.
        Fingers crossed that Rafa gets a good draw in his first two/three tournaments, so that he can ease himself back into playing well again and that he remains injury free throughout 2022. The ‘young guns’ have done well in the last eighteen months and now believe in themselves; so they will be hard to beat.

    • Dear RAFA,all the best for a Healthy Sucessful 2022season.Play attacking tennis,with powerful accurate service to conser your energy

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