Let’s vote for Rafa!

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The ATP is running an online vote to decide on a favourite singles player and a doubles team for the 2021 season.

Rafael Nadal has been nominated for the ‘ATP Fan Favourite Singles’ award.

You can vote for Rafa HERE by choosing our champ under Singles category.

Voting closes at 11:59pm GMT on Tuesday, 7 December. 

Vamos Rafans!


  1. The ATP announced their calendar for the start of 2022 a couple of weeks ago. The ATP Cup will take place, beginning on January 1st. Rafa has said that he won’t play.

    Two 250s run concurrently with the ATP Cup, two more the week after, followed by AO. Rafa has entered the Melbourne 250 which starts on January 4th.

    These sound like sensible choices to me, hopefully everything will continue to go well for him.

    I’m getting excited about Mubadala as three of my favourite players are taking part and I can’t wait to see Rafa again. He’s scheduled to do two Q&A sessions on Thursday 16th and play his first match on Friday 17th, against either Dominic Thiem or Andy Murray, not before 7pm local time – exactly a week from now.

  2. BRAVO President Biden

    According to US news outlets….
    Breaking News: The U.S. will not send government officials to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing in a boycott to pressure China for human rights abuses.

    • Rafa, big fan BUT where have you been since Nov. 21st in support of your fellow pro tennis player,
      Peng Shuai? I hope not on your yacht, too busy to be bothered with her and all the other millions of Chinese athletes and citizens whose human rights are being violated daily. How could you just stand by after all that tennis and it’s fans have given to you?? Where is your leadership and caring?

      • Rafa did express his concern for Peng Shuai’s welfare on 21st November Robert but I don’t think he will go beyond that without knowing what has actually happened. There do seem to be grounds to suspect that something is awry but Rafa will not jump to conclusions based on suspicion alone. All those who have followed Rafa since he first broke onto the tennis scene know him to be a thoroughly considerate, decent and honourable man. To suggest or imply that he might be “too busy to be bothered with her” is disrespectful, unfair and unjustified.

  3. Message to me just got here. Rafa has always been my favourite , most admirable tennis player. The competition is truly intense these days…..Many tennis players also respect and appreciate him, such as Medvedev which has enriched the sport. We need such men in todays’ world ….leadership and good manners
    In achieving Peace . Cheers. Jean Palmer

  4. The best player ever Rafa you are the best we love you 😍 👍😘😘👍💪🎾

    • I agree. It’s wonderful to watch him play. More important he is humble and inspite of his Achievements he continues to be caring . All the Best. He is my number one player.

  5. Look and read notification..
    Voting had already closed before you posted this. I voted in all the groups I’m a member of.

  6. Dear Rafa & María, without kind of doubt, of couse, I´ll vote for you forever and ever, from The Canaries, please get my friendly Greetings, C. Javier

  7. As I have said over and over, Rafa you’re the best!
    Though I have to certainly give kudos to Roger and Andy. There will never be anything like the big 3 ever again. This only comes once in a lifetime, regardless of what others might say.
    Can’t wait to see you back on the court and crossing fingers that all will be well with your foot.

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