Spain will celebrate National Tennis Day on Rafael Nadal’s birthday

On Friday, the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) approved the proposal to honor Rafael Nadal’s achievements in a unique way. Starting next year, Rafael Nadal’s birthday will be celebrated as ‘National Tennis Day’ in his home country.

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Celebrating National Tennis Day on Rafa’s birthday, the RFET aims to create a national tennis movement across the entire spectrum of the sport.

“It is about all the clubs (more than 1,500 in Spain), the Territorial Federations and the fans from all over Spain celebrate tennis with different activities: social tournaments (mixed, male, female, children, veterans, etc.), Master classes, wheel chair tennis, beach tennis, exhibitions, etc. The idea came up in a broadcast on Eurosport (a chain that offers several RFET Challengers and ITF Women Tour tournaments) during the Roland Garros match between Rafael Nadal and Richard Gasquet, held on June 3, the birthday of the Manacor tennis player,” the RFET said in a statement.


  1. Rafa has to do to Novak at Melbourne Park what Novak did to Rafa at Roland Harris.

    At AO 2022 there’s no escaping it -Rafa must beat Novak Djokovic otherwise Rafa will cease to be relevant in the GOAT race (that is, if we even assume that he is still relevant).

    Rafa must destroy the King of Melbourne Park next year otherwise he will remain restricted to forever being the King of clay. Sham!!

    • maria (snake island)

      I hope so but the reality is that rafa has not beaten djokovic on hard court since the us open final of 2013 that is 8 years ago.

      I am encouraged by the words of Moya that Rafa is determined to be at his best at the us open and will participate in Toronto and Cincinnati hopefully nadal will play both and not just one of them. In the meantime he has work to do put tremendous work in improving his serve, return of serve and his backhand but moreover his nerves and dealing with pressure in difficult moments. That is something that is bothering him since losing the australian open final of 2012.

      He has to come up with a solution add to sportpsychologist to his team a spanish woman who can do some session with him.

      I believe that nadal can beat djokovic at the us open and wimbeldon still has to played strange things can happen at wimbeldon I am going to cheer for every opponent that will face djokovic.

      Perhaps if nadal can beat djokovic on hardcourt in new york for the first time in 8 years then maybe he can do it again melbourne

  2. Can it get any worse for Dominic Thiem. I was disheartened to learn that he had to retire from his opening match at the Mallorca Open due to a wrist injury. His health issues seem to be never ending. Such a shame for a gifted player.

    • Yes, i just read that about Dominic. The poor guy has had such wretched luck with injuries lately. Wishing him all the best.

    • I’d just switched over to that match after watching ADF. Dominic was doing so well, then after he hit what looked like a routine forehand, he was suddenly calling for the physio saying he’d sprained his wrist. It was a freak injury and cruel luck after the last few months especially as he’d said recently that he was feeling better both mentally and physically. I wish him well, Domi is such a nice guy.

    • “Dominic Thiem

      Yesterday during the match I had a problem with my wrist. I went immediately to do an MRI at the hospital in Palma de Mallorca. The results weren’t that clear and I have decided to go to Barcelona to check with a specialist.

      I hope I can get the results and a clear diagnosis in the next days.”

      All the way to Barcelona for “a clear diagnosis?” Geezzz

      Hopefully it’s just a matter of getting a second opinion. What happens when regular folk on the island need a diagnosis?
      I hope I can get the results and a clear diagnosis in the next days.

      • Correction @1:35PM

        The last paragraph “I hope….” was duplicated in error.

  3. Congratulations Rafa in your next honour! If anyone deserves accolades, praise, trophies it’s you!!!!!

    You are not only a superb player but a wonderful, magnificent human being.
    Wish you many many more and all the best always!


  4. An amazing athlete and well deserved – full marks to his advisors in advising him to not play every tournament – this way I am sure we will be blessed watching him for a long time to come

  5. The list is still growing:

    José Morgado

    ATP Top 20 players out of #Tokyo2020

    #3 Nadal
    #5 Thiem
    #10 Bautista
    #12 Shapovalov
    #14 Ruud
    #16 Monfils

    Goffin doubtful.

    • Margo, with all the covid restrictions it will involve, i’m not surprised that the list of Olympic withdrawals is growing. It would be interesting to know players’ reasons for not wanting to take part.
      Novak must be rubbing his hands with glee, but my hope is that one of the youngsters – or anyone else but Novak – can seize that much coveted gold medal.

      • Hi Lorna, I just finished reading an Olympics article. A Ugandan athlete tested positive and is being quarantined outside of Tokyo but the distressing thing for me is that he was fully vaccinated. The rest of his team tested negative. No details on when he was vaccinated with the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine or which strain of COVID he contracted. He tested negative before leaving for Japan.

        Japan is going to be in big trouble if its hospitals become overwhelmed with COVID cases. A group of Japanese medical experts have been pushing for no fans, so far unsuccessfully.

        In the same article, there was mention that England has postponed Freedom Day until July 19 because of a spike in the Delta [ from India] variant. This variant is also becoming dominant in the US. I am totally disgusted that we haven’t been able to vaccinate everyone who is eligible and medically able to be vaccinated.

        Where does July 19 leave Wimbledon with regard to fans, etc.?

        Are we all running around in circles?

    • To your point Lorna, I was so worked up after reading that article, I went off-topic. Sorry for victimizing you🤭

      Rest assured that I, and assuredly others, are hoping the same thing. You’re not alone.

      While rankings play an important role in who will win a match, there’s always the possibility of a dark horse. Whoever wins gold at Tokyo I hope it’s someone in the rankings starting at world No. 2 and lower.

      By the way, there was a very short tweet over the weekend about that one not wearing a mask, “Where’s his mask?” I couldn’t verify it so I left it alone. I hope Toni isn’t kissing his ___ because he’s No. 1.

      • Margo, it all seems chaotic in Japan to me. The news that a Ugandan athlete tested positive for covid just adds to the concern about the OGs going ahead, with covid numbers increasing by several hundred in Japan and only 6% of the population fully vaccinated. Given this, It comes as no surprise that many Japanese residents are even more opposed to the games going ahead.

        You have a situation of public health versus the financial investment in the games and you have to wonder how bad the covid levels have to be before the well being of the nation is seen as the clear priority.

        Despite the delay of the so called “Freedom Day”, Wimbledon has been given special dispensation to have a 50% capacity crowd, which will increase to 100% capacity during finals weekend.

        The covid vaccine rollout has been going well in England, with 60% aged over 18 being fully vaccinated and 80% who have received the first dose. However, the new variants are yet more problems which have to be grappled with.

  6. I’ll never tire of the power of his serve, the energy in his back hand, the grit of his smile with his teeth on the prize but Rafa is the best athlete so emblematic of the character of Spain because of his humility and generosity, regardless of whether he loses or wins. Rafa Nadal, Campeón!

  7. Rafa deserves every honor that he receives. It is wonderful how appreciated he is within his own country. We all know Rafa could have moved to a tax haven, but he puts family and friends above money. Rafa always took great pride playing for Spain.

  8. Rafa has inspired so many and he keeps on inspiring. Here’s to hoping he is bursting with pride knowing that Spain will be celebrating a countrywide celebration of the sport he loves on his birthday. An extra birthday present every year.

  9. What a tremendous honor and so richly deserved… So very happy and proud of you Rafa! ❤️

  10. Rafa we want too see you play more tournament you still very young too not play you can do it again vamosssssss champ we love you your fans ol over the world 🌎 💪👍❤️🎾🇺🇸🌎

  11. Lovely idea! I’m sure Rafa will be very pleased. Long after birthdays at RG are a thing of the past this will continue to honor the greatest athlete Spain has ever produced!

  12. Yes,yes,yes to the day of tennis in Rafa’s honor. Every honor he gets is absolutely right on!!! He is a grand human being, right along with being a tennis player of renoun and honor. Vamos to tennis.

  13. Well deserve Rafa. I have always and will continue to be your NO 1 fan. Oils not happen to a nicer guy, on and off the courts.

  14. A very fitting honour for Rafa and so richly deserved. Unique too I think. Many congratulations to Rafa.

  15. Congratulations to jas_uk for breaking such a huge story here. It is HUGE.

    Contrary to reports, and according to RFET’s president, the idea actually came from the seed planted by Jorge Mir Mayor, who is director of Técnico Escuelas de Tenis Real Club Jolaseta.

    Mayor tweeted on May 29 “….each one of us has to show a picture of Rafael Nadal on June 3, claiming the day as “FIESTA DEL TENIS EN ESPAÑA.

    In a June 3rd commentary Alex Corretja mentioned Mayor’s idea during Rafa’s match. RFET’s president, Miguel Díaz Román, said he “started working on the proposal as soon as he heard it on Eurosport.”

    Rafa has been unlucky throughout his career but he has also been very lucky. He lives in a country that can celebrate his formidable career where he is truly loved. And I am not forgetting the statue that was commissioned for his earth shattering 13 Roland-Garros titles. I couldn’t be happier for him. Hopefully this banner year of celebrating him will lift his spirits.

  16. Kudos to RFET for honouring Rafael Nadal with National Tennis Day, June 3. A well-deserved recognition👏👍🎾❤️for his on and off court achievements.

  17. What a meaningful way to honor an extraordinary athlete! Congratulations Rafa, well deserved!👏🥳

    • Very much agree Mimi. All of Spain will celebrate each year.

      It’s also interesting to read the Rafa roundup above from 2015 where he said the 2016 Olympics may be his last. How prophetic that was as it is unlikely, though not impossible, that he will play Paris in 2024 at age 38. In fact in his withdrawal statement the other day he spoke of the Olympics in the past tense. It is their loss.

      • Pauline,

        It seems like it might be his last…but our Champ has won 🥇 in singles and also doubles with Marc Lopez!👏😊

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