Rafael Nadal withdraws from Wimbledon and Tokyo Olympics

Rafael Nadal has said he will not be taking part in Wimbledon or the Tokyo Olympics this year. He announced the move on social media, saying it was not “an easy decision” but “after listening to my body” and discussing it with his team he said it was “the right decision”.

Hi all, not something I like to write but wanted to inform you guys that I have decided not to participate at this year’s Championships at Wimbledon and the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

It’s never an easy decision to take but after listening to my body and discuss it with my team I understand that it is the right decision with the goal to prolong my career and continue to do what makes me happy, that is to compete at the highest level and keep fighting for those professional and personal goals at he maximum level of competition.

The fact that there has only been two weeks between Roland Garros and Wimbledon this year, didn’t make it easier on my body to recuperate after the always demanding clay court season. They have been two months of great effort and the decision I take is focused looking at the mid and long term.

Sport prevention of any kind of excess in my body is a very important factor at this stage of my career in order to try to keep fighting for the highest level of competition and titles.

I want to send a special message to my fans around the world, to those in the United Kingdom and Japan in particular. The Olympic Games have always meant a lot in my career and they were always a priority as a Sports person and fan, I found the spirit that every sports person in the world wants to live at least once in their career. I personally had the chance to live 3 of them and even had the honor to be the flag bearer for my country.“


  1. Margo… This site is a bit more difficult to find room to answer back! Fortunately Marileena corrected it quickly! I wanted to respond to your question…if I remembered Lorna & yes I do…along with Elizabeth Howard, Mac,Varve4(sp) & of course you!
    When you read their posts It’s like reading the same one over. Everyone has the same endearing words for Rafa. We are all proud of all his historical accomplishments…we are all protective & while critiquing him it is with the upmost regards to his best interest. I see two that try to get a response from all the rest of us & I should ignore them but like to grapple a bit with him/her! However it’s just to add a bit of humor & nothing more! I could care less what they think… Rafa has nothing to prove… he has exceeded all of my expectations and I just love reading all the heartfelt post! I started posting in 2009 and it seemed as though you were already quite established here. Those days were difficult for me because Rafa was building his career & with all those injuries & time off I couldn’t imagined how he could compete for as long as he has. All long I was steadfast fan..I love that young man… his humbleness his greatness… what can I say I just adore him! Do you remember you taught me about Plagiarism! One time I ended my post with Rafa Rocks! That’s when I got my lesson! It’s been really fun here… I hope it doesn’t end soon but if Rafa retires then I will not follow tennis any longer! In reference to uncle Tony’s thoughts about aces… I too do not care for an Ace Ace match. John Issner ( I’m a fan ) Milos Raonic all they can do is blow Aces … that is too boring for me! It would have been nice for Rafa if he could throw a few more aces… it would’ve provided less wear and tear on his knees! Anyway Margo… it’s getting late and I know you’re in New York so I will bid you a💤💤! Rafa Rocks! Oopsie…💜Love Rafa win or lose! ( gotta watch out for that plagiarism)!

    • Well….unless I missed it…those two are glaringly absent in wishing Rafa congratulations about the REFT’s planned annual festivities celebrating tennis on his birthday. Not surprised.

      I was teasing you about plagiarism. Rafa does rock and I don’t have a patent on that anyway. Other fans have used the expression too but I think you were the first. I also came up with Rafamazing. There’s a fan named Rafantastic so Rafamazing just popped into my head. I use it once in a while. Because… Rafa is AMAZING.

      I just want Rafa to be healthy physically and mentally. I have no idea what is going on in his private life but without a doubt he has so many responsibilities. Anything attached to his name is scrutinized by both the media and fans of all stripes. So compound that with the Tour. I hope he comes back rejuvenated and very happy.


      • Well I’m always happy to learn a new word!. It’s all in good fun! I think Rafa will bounce back… he is usually pretty pragmatic about losing. I did not watch Rafa lose nor did I watch Novak lift the trophy. I do think it’s a wise choice for Rafa to opt out of the Olympics… he already has two gold medals so there really is no purpose in him participating. As far as Wimbledon… This has been such a unprecedented time & I can understand Rafa’s reasoning for pulling out. The only negative is that Novák will pretty much have free rein in both Wimbledon & the Olympics. It is what it is, nothing we can do but 🙏 for one of the next-gen pull through! I’m just supporting Rafa 100% with all his decisions!

      • Margo, you are right-Rafa is amazing! I like both Rafantastic and Rafamazing.👍👍

        Ziggy, like you, I chose not to watch Rafa lose…I stopped watching when ND had 3 match points. You are right, nothing we can do, but hoping for other players win Wimbledon and the gold medal.🙏🤞

        Looking forward to have Rafa back later this summer healthy and fit!❤️

      • I wonder if Rafa has been out on his boat and, if so, if he looks toward the land knowing the tournament in Mallorca is going on. How strange that might be!

      • I like your Rafa Rocks! Since I can hire and fire coaches I’ll patent Rafa Rocks exclusively for you Margo! Yes I do not see the other two names giving any positive input for Rafa.. only negativity. Sounds as though they would tether Rafa to a grinding, grueling schedule in order to assure he tops ND in all GOAT categories! Between the arduous schedule and all the psychotropics to ward off any mental blocks stemming from that 2012 AO , poor Rafa would be in a facility for retired athletes by the time he was 40! Rafa has had a crazy, amazing, historical mind boggling career…He has a court named after him, a statue in honor of his astonishing 13 titles at RG & Now a national Spanish tennis day to celebrate him. I don’t know what else they want from him. One of Rafa’s loyal fans here posted that now that Rafa was out of Wimbledon he could sit back and enjoy it stress-free… I totally get that! Mimi you make me laugh…I didn’t even watch any of the fourth set…. instead I watched it on live tennis scores & only peeked at it occasionally! I’m a real 🐔 when it comes to Rafa! It just makes me too sad when he loses. I’m hoping that Rafa bounces back & we have him for a few more years… He never ceases to surprise us!

      • Yes, Ziggy, a few more years will be great. Best wishes to our Champ always!❤️

      • Mimi, thanks BUT…. I cannot take credit for Rafantastic.

        Rafantastic is the screen name of a longtime Rafa fan. Have always thought the name is fantastic. She showed up recently to cheer/congratulate Rafa. Some of us used to cheer for her compatriot, WTA star Wozniaki.

        I made up the name Rafamazing because I was thinking how amazing Rafa is. My intention was to close my comments with RAFAMAZING ROCKS or RAFA ROCKS simply to show my fandom.


      • Yes, Margo, one 👍 is to you, and the other 👍 is to the Rafa fan, Rafantastic.👌😉

      • Mimi, re yours @ June 25 @2:27AM

        Thank goodness! I don’t want to be sued for plagiarism 😉

      • Ya’ll CAN take personal back-patting to email. Just sayin’. Sorry to interrupt this important thread.

  2. Loved the quip at the graduation ceremony. Seemed totally spontaneous to me and so Rafa! Losing a tennis match, even a big one, is not a test of a person’s worth. It’s a disappointment, of course, but clearly Rafa has moved on. He’ll have a beautiful life whether he ever wins another major! I’m happy that he intends to play longer. Competition is what truly makes him happy. I’m going to try to be more like Rafa – so far I’ve failed – and focus more on the process than the outcome.

    • Spot on Ramara. His spontaneity is one of his great attributes, a part of his charm and comic relief.

      Remember the presser where Ugo fell asleep? Rafa didn’t say a word but motioned with his head and facial expressions in Ugo’s direction for the rest of the press corps to catch one of their own who was fast asleep. HILARIOUS.

      • Margo,

        I agree. Hilarious is the perfect word to describe it…I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched it. I think I watched it more than 5 times.😂

      • Mimi, that video is priceless. He could have handled it in so many ways but his humor kicked in and we get to laugh with him. He also looked as if he was stifling a roaring laugh.

    • Mimi…how is your husband with Rafa? Is a Rafaholic or just a normal fan? I thinks it’s you that post about your husband traveling with you to see Rafa play… i’m having a difficult time following the post… They change the topic so much!

      • Hi Ziggy,

        He is a normal Federer fan, but lately he watched some of Rafa’s matches with me, he says he likes Rafa a bit more than Federer now. He even say Federer looks old, but Rafa doesn’t.😂 Unlike him, I am a loyal Rafa fan since 2008.🤩😍

        I usually join a tennis tour to watch Rafa by myself…my sister was with me at the Aussie Open last year. My husband and I traveled quite a bit before the pandemic, but not to watch tennis. Although we went to Barcelona in 2019, I was there for the Barcelona Open, not sure what he did, probably sightseeing lol. He is my lucky charm though-we saw Rafa in the hotel lobby a day before he played his first match. I was overjoyed that I got Rafa’s autograph and a chance to have a photo with him, and no one was “fighting” with me!🙏

      • Mimi … better Roger than Novak! 😬 Yes I read about you being photographed with Rafa in the hotel lobby!
        How awesome is that…a life time keepsake! I was lucky to see Rafa in 2013, Indian Wells. There you can watch them practice but Rafa had such a big crowd around him I didn’t bother. Rafa really enjoys that tournament because he gets to stay with Larry Ellison & goes golfing! I thought Rafa looked a lot taller in person & very handsome! Roger does look a lot older… Perhaps it’s all that sun beating down on them. Rogers hairline is receding as well but not as bad as Rafa’s! I hope Rafa is enjoying his time off. He hasn’t posted much about being on his yacht or maybe I’ve just missed it. It would be wonderful if he comes back all refreshed
        and wins the USO. In 2013 that’s exactly what he did! He was off for a long while but came back and won almost everything! Thank you Mimi for answering me! Take good care & we’ll 🙏for Rafa’s return! 💜💜

      • Hi Ziggy,

        We have 6 Federer fans and 1 super Rafa fan in our family who care about tennis, but NO ND fan.👍😜

        You are welcome, and you too, take care!❤️

        Waiting patiently for Rafa……

  3. After Rafa and Naomi, Dominic Thiem has added his name to the list of top players who will not attend the Olympics. He does intend to play Wimbledon and defend his USOpen title. He hopes to play in Paris at the 2024 Olympics.

    His goal is to “….give my best at Wimbledon…and hopefully defend my US Open title.”

    • FYI Margo
      Naomi is skipping Wimbledon but playing the Olympics. It’s in the country she represents and there are big sponsors relying on her.

      • Yes, Lorna posted that earlier. What knucklehead included her name there? 😂
        Thanks for the correction. You’re too fast. LOL

  4. The Royal Spanish Tennis Federation has approved a National Tennis Day in Spain. It will be on the 3rd June – Rafa’s birthday. A subtle but special honour.

    • jas_uk, I’m adding that to my calendar. Sounds as if there will be celebrating throughout Spain according to the RFET president. He plans to create a national tennis movement with the participation of tennis clubs, fans and regional federations on Rafa’s birthday each year with different activities related to tennis.

      He said “Spanish tennis has a lot to celebrate. We have the most outstanding Spanish sports player of all time.”


      • Brings tears to my eyes! A court named after him, a statue in honor of him & now a national tennis day to celebrate him! My cup runneth over with pride and joy for Rafa! Novak may end up with a few more GS but he will never be as celebrated or honored like “Our Rafa”’

  5. Rafa’s latest Instagram post – in which he made his Wimbledon and Olympics withdrawal announcement – shows a black and white picture of him smiling in front of a group of children. Was it taken at his academy? It’s such a lovely image: one of joy to be back home and seeing the children.

    • Lorna, I think it is. I looked at the Instagram pic you referred to and the background looks familiar so…I googled Rafa Nadal Academy pics.

      The children are adorable.

    • Hello! I too was wondering if Rafa’s wife was there the entire time & possibly not sitting in his box. I remember seeing her twice, but not at the last 2 or 3 matches. I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t be there supporting Rafa! I noticed when she was there, she didn’t sit with Rafa’s mom, sister or dad like she used to do before they were married! I don’t know if anyone else noticed it or if it was just me, but it seems as though Rafa’s wife wasn’t acting the same towards Rafa’s family as she did before. Rafa’s wife used to always sit next to his sister! They would always be seen together smiling & laughing. I also noticed Rafa’s mom & dad sitting next to each other quite a bit. His mom was resting her head on his dad’s shoulder during a match. It seemed to me that they were sad & supporting each other more than usual. In my mind, I was thinking, “Do they know something we don’t? Do they know that Rafa may be retiring soon?” I sensed that there was something going on between Rafa’s family & his wife. I hope & pray I’m wrong, but maybe Rafa’s wife wants him to retire so they can start a family. I know Rafa has said he doesn’t want to be on tour when they have children. I hope I’m wrong & there aren’t any family issues going on, as we all know how that affects our dear Rafa! Let’s hope Rafa recovers soon from the Clay Court Season & we will watch our beloved Rafa soon! VAMOS Rafa!!!

      • Can’t possibly surmise if anything is going on. What we saw Wednesday was that she was sitting with the family at the RNA graduation ceremony and then between Rafa and Maribel later at dinner. They all posed for photos looking happy together.

        Rafa has said he has been misquoted on having children. What he meant was that he expected to have retired by the age of 30 and then the kids would come afterward. Here he is still playing at 35. When he spoke to Andy Murray on video in April 2020 he said maybe now’s the time-you never know. We’ll see.

      • So well said, thank you. You said all the things I too was thinking. Ultimately, I hope there is nothing “wrong” with family! They are such a close knit group, it would be hard for Rafa if there was missing continuity.

      • loveourrafa1

        If you read Rafa’s statement above he clearly states that his goal is to prolong his career. He is not retiring soon.

  6. This week was graduation at the Academy…. Rafa looking dashing as usual was about to give a speech…. As he approached the podium and put his speech down a flash of wind came across blowing the papers off…. Rafa immediately says …. “Not a good start” turns and picks up the papers and continues
    “That was .like.. my last match at Roland-Garros” And breaks out in a smile…..And you can hear some moans in the crowd ” Awww”
    It’s being described as Rafa poking fun at himself…. Me,not so much…. It made me sad….

    I can’t wait till he hits the practice courts again and makes an announcement that he’s playing Toronto…..

    That day can’t come soon enough…..

    Btw …. If you want to see the video of that moment I described above its on Essentially Sports….
    Article titled “Like my last match in Roland-Garros”

    • Marileena, yes I watched the video. Margo mentioned that it was on twitter in one of her previous posts.
      Humour is often a good thing when you want to deflect pressure, stress or embarassment. I felt it for him, but I was more pleased that Rafa handed the situation really well, like the consummate professional he is.

      • Lorna, Absolutely, yes he did handle it like the “consummate professional” but I’d like to venture that, by taking ownership, he may have changed the tone by getting ahead of it [the loss] for those reporters who have any idea about asking idiotic questions about R-G.

        Remember a response he gave in 2019? “What happened in Monte Carlo happened. And what happened in Barcelona happened. And what happened in Madrid happened. And here we are. We are in Rome.” Thought I would fall off my chair and cheered him as if he had won a Slam…laughed my head off.

      • I’m late to the party…. I missed Margo’s post… And I do agree with you…. Rafa handled it well by adding some humor….

      • Margo….. I love your take on this graduation where the graduates and their families all felt the same as we do…. and here’s Rafa right in the beginning taking an opportunity to address the loss as papers fly and he makes a statement and adds a smile ….you could feel the people exhale…. And you are so right about the press…. There was nothing else to ask him about RG as he addressed it in his own way at the beginning of the ceremony..That is a great take on this….

  7. I didn’t really mean to criticise sweet Rafa just said what I thought.
    For me too Rafa will always be the best and greatest no matter how many matches D or anyone else wins. Honestly, I have always been more for saying “one of the very greatest” no matter the statistics. Also circumstances etc. are not equal. Rafa has had too many injuries many more than most other tennis 🎾 layers and certainly many more than D and F put together. Also, Rafa has been extremely unlucky in Wimbledon and especially in the AO – injuries and just plain ill luck.
    I’m quite sure without all these injuries Rafa could’ve surpassed everyone!!! Rafa is better than all in every way.

    Really hope someone else other than D wins Wimbledon and all the matches in the future.

    Rafa, hope you come back stronger than ever.

    • Rafa Fan 1, let’s get it out of the way straightaway. I did not take your comment as criticizing Rafa. Your feelings count.

      We are all dealing with Rafa’s loss in our own way. I, for one, was numb. My head wasn’t on straight for a week. But.. I consider myself very lucky.

      When I first met Rafa, figuratively speaking, I was BLOWN AWAY. I had no idea about rankings, or Slams, or anything else beside hitting a ball across a net and the one who wins a certain amount of sets wins the match. If Rafa had stayed at #10, or #20, or even lower in the rankings, I honestly believe I would still be cheering for him.

      Did it bother me that he lost in the SF’s? Of course it did. But I’m not letting you-know-who get into my head. I refuse to give him the satisfaction. I am Rafa’s fan and no other player is going to deprive me of the joy I’ve derived from watching him play. That’s my take.

      I hope you start to feel better because I feel Rafa will be back.


  8. I don’t know how long this RG loss will haunt me – especially because it was against D. I’m sad and yet relieved that Rafa has backed out of Wimbledon. But will D win it and maybe the Olympics too?

    When Rafa returns apart from all the obvious qualities he has to bring in consistency will be of great importance – I mean playing consistently well and of course his confidence and belief has to be high too. In the entire clay court season he has been terribly inconsistent, giving his opponents unnecessary advantage.

    I only hope Rafa rests well and does all that he possibly can to be for in every way – making changes in all possible ways like D does and is a gladiator again.

    VAMOS Rafa!!! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

    • But will D win it and maybe the Olympics too?

      Probably. Imagine Djoker ends up with 30 grand slams.

      So what? It will not diminish all that our champ has accomplished in his career. Rafa is a beautiful human being who seems to struggle like the rest of us mere mortals. He has lots of challenges and yet he always finds a way to overcome them.

      Remember 2015 and 2016? Rafa failed to win FO or any major. We got over that, didn’t we? Our champ bounced back and put the smiles on our faces.

      We need to make peace with the fact that Djoker may probably end up with more trophies than Rafa or Federer. And that is great for Djokovic and his fans. It takes nothing away from what my champ Rafa has done, and the happiness I’ve derived from his numerous triumphs.

      And besides, I know that my Rafa at his best will always beat Djokovic at his best. It’s enough for me.

      • Marijnt, I feel your pain. But if it’s only titles you want, I’m sure Djokovic will welcome you with his trademark open arms (UGH)… enjoy the embrace:):)

      • Dang Marileena …You almost gave me a heart attack! For a New York minute thought you were in alliance with Coach Marijnt!

      • Ziggy, same thing happened to me, at first look. With this site’s latest program it is difficult at times to understand who is agreeing with whom.

    • rafa fan 1

      you are the one i can talk with it a critical nadal fan. Like I said i look at results have no judgement about his character that is up to his family friends and wife.

      Nadal was indeed not consistent this clay season that is true. And you didnt like the fact that he lost to d on clay. I will cheer for every djokovic opponent at wimbeldon and hopefully someone will take him out.

      Nadal is a great player and competitor but most of his success were on 1 surface only and that is clay. If you look op his statistics he only won 2 indoor tournaments and 4 grass tournament. Most titles and grandslams were on clay he did well on hard court also in my opinion.

      What I am hoping for this time allround is that nadal will deliver results this year on the indoor court as well on hardcourt

      Nadal has not beaten djokovic on grass since the final of queens in 2008 and has not beaten djokovic on hard court since the us open final of 2013 and has not beaten djokovic on a indoor court since the atp finals of 2012. That is just way to long ago

  9. Rafa was so close to beating Djokevic at Roland Garros as he had set point in the third set with Nole serving . That missed opportunity on break point led to the loss which we are still hurting from . I was hoping for Rafa to play Wimbledon and avenge the loss . Yes , there will be other chances like the USO but the bar is higher for Rafa as competitive play and being match ready is necessary for Rafa to compete at the highest level . Nontheless , Rafa will be back but it gets more difficult to win titles as time passes and the aging process takes it’s toll . The last thing we want is for Novak to win Wimbledon and USO and take the lead over Rafa .

  10. Obviously I’m sad that Rafa won’t be coming to the UK, it was always a nice feeling when he was here, but no surprises. I hadn’t expected Rafa to go to the Olympics and I would have had doubts about Wimbledon even if he had won RG – the events are too close together for him to have much chance of adequate preparation.

    On a positive note, it’s good to read that Rafa and his team are still referring to the medium and long term and finding ways to extend his career. I also find the early timing of the withdrawal announcement encouraging, as it implies a strategic decision – a last minute withdrawal would have made me think that Rafa was hoping to overcome a physical issue in time to play. What worries me (as well as all the other things!) is that after a relatively long time away he will require more time to find his best level when he returns. I’m not expecting any more big titles, but to use the term he does, I hope that Rafa can stay competitive for a little bit longer and take advantage of any opportunity that may arise.

    Also – I don’t think Kyrgios has officially withdrawn from Wimbledon, has he? Nick, we need you… 😉

    • I expect more big titles from Rafa and so does he, otherwise he wouldn’t be talking about prolonging his career!

    • Did you all see that Roger lost in Helle to Felix ( The Canadian that uncle Tony is coaching)! Roger said he didn’t have the right attitude!

      • Yes, he said FAA played great. Roger said he is having trouble with consistency.

  11. Raga needed a break. I hope he has some Amstel Lights, fishes, and enjoys a well-earned break.

  12. Estay healthy Rafa your fans love you we are going to wait for you vamosssssss champ 💪💪💪👍👍❤️🎾🇺🇸🌎

  13. Rafa you have made the right decision for your body we will be able to watch you play again with out injuries do take care of yourself may the most of your family time and your wonderful and beautiful lsland mallorca all the best for the future rafa xxx

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