Spain will celebrate National Tennis Day on Rafael Nadal’s birthday

On Friday, the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) approved the proposal to honor Rafael Nadal’s achievements in a unique way. Starting next year, Rafael Nadal’s birthday will be celebrated as ‘National Tennis Day’ in his home country.

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Celebrating National Tennis Day on Rafa’s birthday, the RFET aims to create a national tennis movement across the entire spectrum of the sport.

“It is about all the clubs (more than 1,500 in Spain), the Territorial Federations and the fans from all over Spain celebrate tennis with different activities: social tournaments (mixed, male, female, children, veterans, etc.), Master classes, wheel chair tennis, beach tennis, exhibitions, etc. The idea came up in a broadcast on Eurosport (a chain that offers several RFET Challengers and ITF Women Tour tournaments) during the Roland Garros match between Rafael Nadal and Richard Gasquet, held on June 3, the birthday of the Manacor tennis player,” the RFET said in a statement.


  1. Rafa, to my knowledge, has never offered an excuse for losing a match, “Now is not the time to find excuses” as he tells reporters.

    There are no details about an injury but I am worried because we know of his Tarsal Schafoid problem. Is it his Archilles’ heel or plantar fasciitis or none of these.

    Please let him be OK after a good rest from competition. With so many injured ATP/WTA players is it safe to blame injuries on players’ inactivity, because of COVID, before restarting competition? Or are injuries occurring in players who have a history of injuries? We know about the high profile players but what about the majority of active players.

    Wishing Rafa a complete recovery and a continued thirst for his beloved tennis.

  2. Dominic Thiem will be our for at least a month, possibly longer after consulting with a specialist about his wrist injury.

    A specialist confirmed that the world No. 5 has a “detachment of the posterior sheath of the ulnar side of the right wrist,” which will sideline him for a month and maybe longer.

    He will be replaced at Wimbledon by a lucky loser.

    Goffin, Wawrinka, Raonic, and Coric have also withdrawn from Wimbledon.

    • I believe the specialist is Rafa’s doctor, Angel Ruíz-Cotorro. Nico Massu was at RNA yesterday, so I guess Dominic was too, a supportive place to be for sure. Dominic’s hope of defending his USO title is really under threat by the looks of things.

      • I agree. On his Twitter account he said he has to wear a splint for FIVE weeks.

        “Dr. Cotorro and his medical team will supervise the progress of his injury and recovery. Further testing will be done to assess when he can start the rehab process; a progressive process of specific, functional rehabilitation to regain mobility as well as muscle strength in his wrist and ultimately return to training on court.”

        It’s a lot to accomplish in order to be ready for the US Open. Wishing him the best.

  3. In an interview with Tennis Majors, French Open tournament director, Guy Forget, offered a reason why Rafa decided to skip Wimbledon and the Olympics. He said that Rafa had been experiencing pain in his foot prior to the match against Djokovic. However, he opted to keep the injury quiet. He got treatment from the trainer during the fourth set and this may have been for the same pain he was suffering.

    Forget went on to say that Rafa had the “class” not to raise the issue in defeat.

    • Forget may well be right about the reason for Rafa losing and certainly about his classiness – but it’s not up to him to speculate in public if Rafa and his team have chosen not to say anything. Just to clarify for anyone reading that didn’t watch the match – I’m sure you did, Lorna – Rafa didn’t receive treatment, he just had the tape (that he normally wears, for support) removed. Rafa has had flare-ups of his original foot problem on a few occasions, recently he’s spoken about it happening after lockdown. Rafa was obviously hindered in the last set at RG, whether the problem started before or during the match, we don’t know. We can only hope that rest and/or treatment will help.

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