PHOTOS: This is Rafael Nadal’s Wimbledon 2021 Nike outfit

Nike has unveiled Rafael Nadal’s new outfit that he’ll be wearing at Wimbledon 2021. Following the Wimbledon tradition, our champ will be sporting all-white with touches of black on it. As you can see, along with the Nike logo, the famous ‘raging bull’ was also designed in black.

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  1. Ginagigi re yours of June 18, 2:30PM

    You’re welcome.

    I will repeat David’s words, “Some haters have invaded our site. From now on [I] am ignoring them completely.”

  2. Ziggy re yours of May 17 @9:14PM

    Why not elevate him/her to “head coach?” 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

    “Rut?” Yes! Reminds me of a broken record where the needle is stuck 😂😂

  3. For those of you fans who have been here forever, we’ve had many discussions about Rafa possibly adding a sports psychologist to his team. As I see it, there could be plenty of reasons why he may not consider that.

    Rafa is in charge of his destiny. How he approaches his remaining years on Tour, and I hope it’s many, we as fans can only hope he chooses the best path to keep him playing and loving competing.

  4. Some haters have invaded our site. From now on am ignoring them completely. I will just state that there is no tennis player mentally tougher than Rafa Nadal. He might be the toughest in all of sport period. He has proven it time and again over his 16 year career.

    As for being a clay court specialist this is just a feeble attempt to diminish his incredible achievements at R.G. By that logic Djoko should be called a hard court specialist having won 12/19 titles on that surface.

    Besides many pros have stated that clay is the most difficult surface to construct points on. Even without his 13 titles in Paris he would still have 7 G.S.‘s. The next ones after him would be Andy and Stan with 3 each.

    Rafa stands atop the list as greatest role model to not only athletes but everyone else as well.

    • Yes, it remarkable how so many discount Rafa’s 7 non-clay Slams. Most players don’t even win 7 Slams. Well…since I’ve been following Rafa and I’ve been with him for almost half his life. 4 USOpens, 2 Wimbledon’s, and an Aussie. And that’s only the Slams. He’s just WONDERFUL.

  5. I for one am happy that Rafa is taking time away. I can watch Wimbledon in peace without the emotional involvement that comes with rooting for my champ Rafa Nadal:):)

    That’s funny whoever said that Rafa withdrew from Wimbledon with a ‘mental injury’. Funny not funny. Guys, if Rafa retired today, I would be happy to know that he gave us his everything.

    I think Rafa has suffered more physical injuries in his career than both Federer and Djokovic combined. And yet our champ returns each time and gets it done for us. It takes a toll on his body and inevitably seeps into the mind.

    The only valid what-if scenario really, is what if Rafa had been relatively injury free during his career? I’m sure he would be miles ahead in the H2H against Djoker and Federer, with many more tournament wins.

    I’m saying that, any mental scars Rafa may have, is not necessarily due to who he is playing, but a result of his physical limitations compounded over time. I see him hit some shots and think, WHY CAN’T HE DO THIS EVERY TIME!!??!!

    Rafa has always bounced back. And I believe that he definitely will in this case as well. I don’t care if Djokovic wins Wimbledon or surpasses the slam count. They are on different life paths, and Rafa has made the most of his opportunities especially with the obstacles he has had to deal with physically. What else can we ask for?

    Marijnt, we all want Rafa to win everything. But foremost let’s be respectful of each other here and agree to disagree when we have to.

    Enjoy your time off Rafa. And I hope you return with a EMMER EFFING VENGEANCE!!!!

    • Rafa has indeed suffered more injuries than Roger and Djokovic put together Mac. Like you, I have no doubt that, but for those injuries, Rafa would have won many more titles, including more Majors. A couple of years ago one of the commentators on TV pointed out that Rafa had withdrawn from NINE Majors through injury, which is way more than the other two.
      We can’t change any of that but it does demonstrate Rafa’s great strength of character and unquenchable desire to compete and win at the highest level that he should come back from those injuries every time and win. These are all marks of a True Champion.
      Rafa has already achieved far more than he and we could have hoped for. Much as we want him to carry on winning, we must recognise and accept that he can’t win every tournament that he enters at this stage in his career. Win or lose we know he will fight for every point. We can’t ask any more of him than that. Let’s enjoy all that Rafa brings to the court whilst we still can. He will be a long time retired!
      I just don’t understand why anyone claiming to be a Rafa fan would derive any satisfaction from criticising Rafa’s efforts now, as he approaches the end of his very long and extremely successful playing career, especially on THIS site.
      Please, let’s give Rafa a break!

  6. rafa will also skip AO2022, if rafa would have won RG he would have played the wimbeldon. point is there is no meaning to play wimbeldon if u have less chances of winning because u r not at top notch form to give teouble to novak and roger ..for beating nole and roger, rafa backhand and forehand should be working great, at present backhand is giving him trouble. also the fact is clay sesaon takes a lot out of body… rafa will definitely workout his form and backhand…and will vlbe ready for USO….rafa will win USO championship 2021….rest well and come soon rafa stronger vamos rafa

  7. Expecting this rafa will also skip AO2022 and he will win 2021 USO championship…rafa skipped wimbeldon because clay season takes alot out of u and also he still not on his top of his form so why play if u think u will not favorite to win with not top notch form..he will plan for nole and will stop him at USO…if rafa would have won RG he would have played wimbeldon….at this moment to beat novak and roger rafa need both his backhand and forehand working fine…this time backhand hurting lot..

    • ashu,

      I do not think he will skip ao 2022. He should go for the challenge. I hope that time between now and beginning august to reasses about things. I really hope for him that he will come back very strong in august and also preform in the indoor season

      Furthermore it will be so great if he would face the fact that he has problems with nerves since australian open 2012 and talk with someone a doctor about dealing with getting older.

  8. Lorna re yours @3:31PM

    When I saw that yesterday I wondered why Toni would reveal that. I was angry for him putting that out in public, whether or not Rafa said it. And what would Rafa think about his uncle’s comment. If Rafa is ok with that, fine.

    There is no doubt that the Big 3 are fighting for their legacy. If I read your comment correctly, you are explaining why Rafa is so down. I just feel Toni should have kept that to himself. #1 must be gloating like the Cheshire Cat.

    • Yes, strategically it may not have been the best move on Toni Nadal’s part.
      All i can say is that Novak is riding the crest of a wave, but waves can hit rocks….

  9. Marijnt, I take exception to someone LIKE YOU telling me to “cut the crap”. You of all people – the most negative one on this site. We all have individual differences and one size doesn’t fit all. You didn’t have the same aggressive attitude when Roger Federer chose to skip RG in the past or pulled out after the third round this year because he was “listening to his body”.
    What better place to return to than the place that has given Rafa four grand slams ON HARD COURT. That, Marjnt, is what I call a psychologically wise move!

    • Lorna,

      I apologize about saying that but it doesnt take away the fact that rafa will have to face his mental issues. Hope for himj and pray for him that he will come back strong in the hardcourt season en indoor season.

      Good to hear from rafa that he still has the desire to compete on highest level en win important titles. If he wants that he has a lot of work to do

    • I agree and give you credit for trying. I’m upset s/he addressed you and Ginagigi like that.

      SOOOO D I S R E S P E C T F U L

  10. I will miss him on tour but am happy about him taking time away from competing. He rally needs it.

    He is always busy whenever he’s out of the office so I’m sure there will be tidbits, here and there, about what he’s up to on his time off.

    We are waiting for you Rafa.

  11. I fully respect Rafa’s decision not to play at Wimbledon or the Olympics. After all, he has nothing to prove at either event and his long term mental and physical fitness are the most important things.
    My wish is for Rafa to get all the rest he needs and come back on the hard courts with renewed confidence and vigour.

    • I agree Lorna. Rafa has nothing to prove at either event. The clay court season always takes a lot out of him, both mentally and physically; more so as he ages, which is perfectly natural. As many of us have said before, Rafa is not a machine. He is a sensitive human being and the loss to Djokovic in the Semi-Final of the French Open will have hit him hard; not because it was Djokovic who beat him (with whom he has a great rivalry, 28-30 says it all) but because he knows that the opportunities for winning more grand slams are fast diminishing. I think his best chance to get to 14 and 21 was this year at this event and Rafa may think that too. For a great warrior like Rafa that will be hard to come to terms with. I do hope he returns fit and well in time for the US Open. Best wishes to Rafa.

      • I wouldn’t count out Roland-Garros 2022 providing he is healthy and the fight in him still burns.

      • ginagigi and lorna

        just cut the crap Nadal still has to prove that is a allround player and not only a clay specialist. You refering to his age. Age is not a excuse novak is old and also federer is old. Rafa just talk a lot negative about his age.

        He needs a mental reset and should talk with someone who can help him with his mental issues

      • Ginagigi, according to Toni Nadal, if Djokovic had lost in Paris, Rafa would have been less disappointed. “The only thing that could somehow alleviate his disappointment at the semi-final defeat would have been Tsitsipas’ victory in the final against Novak.”
        For Rafa it’s clear – anyone at all except Novak!

        Although they like to play it down, it just shows that the intensity of the rivalry amongst the “Big Three” is huge.

        I’m done with thinking Rafa shoulda-woulda-coulda now, and I just look forward to seeing him whenever he feels ready to return.

  12. I believe it’s official….

    As we previously have stated only Rafa knows how he’s feeling mentally and physically.. I felt that he might very well pass on playing Wimbledon and the Olympics…. ( Perhaps he would start to train for hardcourt starting with Toronto….)

    This morning, Rafa has released a lengthy statement on “Facebook” and “Twitter” stating just that…. He’s not going to play Wimbledon or the Olympics.

    “Hi all, not something I like to write but wanted to inform you guys that I have decided not to participate at this year’s Championships at Wimbledon and the Olympic Games in Tokyo.
    It’s never an easy decision to take but after listening to my body and discuss it with my team I understand that it is the right decision with the goal to prolong my career and continue to do what makes me happy, that is to compete at the highest level and keep fighting for those professional and personal goals at he maximum level of competition.
    The fact that there has only been two weeks between Roland Garros and Wimbledon this year, didn’t make it easier on my body to recuperate after the always demanding clay court season. They have been two months of great effort and the decision I take is focused on looking at the mid and long term.
    Sport prevention of any kind of excess in my body is a very important factor at this stage of my career in order to try to keep fighting for the highest level of competition and titles.
    I want to send a special message to my fans around the world, to those in the United Kingdom and Japan in particular. The Olympic Games have always meant a lot in my career and they were always a priority as a Sports person and fan, I found the spirit that every sports person in the world wants to live at least once in their career. I personally had the chance to live 3 of them and even had the honor to be the flag bearer for my country.“

    I am not surprised over this decision… As you can see he does not discuss his intentions for August. I am hoping with rest and reset Rafa will take to the court competitively this summer. Obviously I want the best for him but I will be crushed if he doesn’t play the Open….

    Be well Rafa…. Take the tiime you need….

    • Thank you Marileena for posting that. I woke up feeling a lot better since Rafa lost and you’ve answered the burning questions about him competing.


    • The true competitor stands up after a big defeat. Hiding on a boat during Wimbledon and the Olympics, arguably the two biggest events tennis players can compete in this year, is a clear sign of a deplorable mental state.

  13. Rafa just pulled out of Wimbledon and the Olympics, due to a mental injury, self inflicted during the match against Nole.

    • Jason B

      He needs a mental reset and get in touch with him to talk about his nerves that has been bothering him for the last 9 years. Ever since he lost the ao final against nole in 2012 he is having nerves. I saw it also in the semifinal when it got tense he was visible nervous and had problem breathing

  14. nadal has confirmed on twitter that he will not play wimbeldon and the olympics. That is very unfortunate so no one is standing in the way of Nole to win his 20 grandslam title.

    Hopefully nadal will use the rest to reboot psychically en mentally and give full force for the hartcourt season and indoor season

    • Yes, mentally injured, we could also see it during the match last week. Very, very much suffering from ‘da nerves’.

  15. Rafa’s speech for yesterday’s graduation ceremony at the Academy was blown off the lectern by a gust of wind.
    As he rushed to gather the pages, Rafa said, “That was not a success. Like my last match at Roland-Garros.”

    Fedal Tennis
    Rafael Nadal jokes about his
    @rolandgarros loss to @DjokerNole😂😂

    We knew he’s humble in defeat but he definitely knows when to throw a punch 😂🤜

    You can see the video on Twitter.
    He is owning his loss and I hope it’s an indication that he’s ready to move forward.

    • I have just been catching up on recent comments and am sad to see that Marijnt is still insisting that Djokovic is the GOAT, as though it is an indisputable fact. In the absence of any agreed criteria, this will always be a matter of opinion, NOT fact. Rafa fans believe Rafa is the GOAT, Federer fans believe Federer is the GOAT and, surprise surprise, Djokovic fans believe Djokovic is the GOAT!
      It is disappointing that a so-called Rafa fan should use this site to try to insist that Djokovic is the GOAT. No genuine Rafa fan would ever do that. I can only think that Marijnt must derive pleasure from criticising Rafa and/or provoking Rafa fans. How sad is that!
      In any event, as V wisely says, the race is not over until they have all retired. (Rafa has always said this.) Interestingly, Andy Murray was asked the GOAT question a couple of days ago. His answer was that he could not and would not put any one of the Big Three above the other two because they had all made a unique contribution to the game of tennis.
      Finally, I take exception to Marijnt’s referring to us as YOU PEOPLE! How rude! Marijnt is right that we cannot block him/her but we can ignore everything he/she says from now on. (People who have a very high opinion of themselves and enjoy winding people up can’t abide being ignored.)

      • Ginagigi I agree with you!!! Rafael Nadal, have records that stand by itself, records that never will be broken!!! In certain ways I believe that, Novak it’s a lucky guy… what would had happened in the French Open if , Nadal levels wouldn’t had dropped, like it did in the French open… look last year how Nadal beat, Novak in the French open… Novak never had been-able to bagel Nadal in a match… Nadal had done it to Novak in 3 occasions… so when Nadal it’s in his best, nobody can top him… maybe Novak it’s a lucky guy that get away with a lot of chances … look who got better winning records against the new generation… it’s Rafael Nadal!!! So anyone’s idea that Novak it’s already the goat ( perdón my French) it’s bullshiting himself/herself!!! Let’s way when their career it’s over, and still I will go for Rafael Nadal!!! Novak it’s having nightmares with anything related to Rafael Nadal, he it’s having a sick obsession with Rafael Nadal… that makes me wonder to what extent Novak would be willing to go, to overcome Nadal records… to all rafans have a great day!!!

      • Ginagigi … Coach Marijnt thinks he knows Rafa the best… he’s stuck in a rut with 2012! Posting that the 2012 AO mentally sabotaged his whole career! If he would just fast forward to 2013 he would see Rafa overcame any mental insecurities that he had. Coach Marijnt is quick in dwelling on Rafa’s distressing defeats rather than focusing on all his extraordinary victories! He stands alone here & I really don’t value his input. We are all entitled to our own opinion and have earned the right to critique Rafa but all that negativity that spews out of his mouth is a bit much! Thank you Ginagigi love your post…you are a true blue Rafa fan!

      • Thank you Margo, Tatamalo and Ziggy. We all know who are the GENUINE Rafa fans on this site.

  16. Yay so happy that Rafa has decided to play wimbledon. i will start praying now. and sending tons of positive energy to Rafa. vamos 💪💪💪

  17. i think key for rafa to win over nole is his backhand if rafa backhand working fine with his forehand its the ultimate weapon to defeat novak

  18. Kiki Bertens has announced that she will be retiring from professional tennis this year. Her recent battle with an achilles injury has influenced her decision.
    She said that tour life has taken its toll on her and she’s no longer getting the satisfaction from the game, compared to the effort she puts in. “I have always demaded the maximum of myself, but the tank is empty”. I wish her all the best in the future.

    • Awww..that’s too bad but she has been plagued by injuries. I never watched KiKi play but enjoyed reading about her as she climbed to World No. 4. Wishing her the best.

  19. Ever since 2011 Rafa mental strength and self confidence has been a seesaw and most of all against D. There have been so many moments be it a game, set, match, semifinal or final when he’s on the winning side, on the verge of snapping up a victory and all of a sudden …… snap, poof, the moment has gone – lost. There have been moments of brilliance but in comparison too few and far between. Kills me!

    Just hope something happens that makes him turn, fight and come out right on top!

    VAMOS Rafa.

    All the very best to you always!

    • it happen in 2012 after the loss against nole in australia. Before that loss nadal only lost 3 five setters one against hewitt and 2 against federer. After 2012 he lost 8 five sets matches 2 against djokovic and other ones were against rosol, fognini, verdasco, pouille, federer, muller and stefanos tsipipras.

      Rafa needs to get his mental strength back it has nothing to do with age. Djokovic is 34 years and is mentally strong as ever.

      You know what will help him defeating djokovic in five sets on the grass of wimbeldon if that happens it will be a complete turn around

    • If Rafa could only read your comment. I have felt like that too. We don’t know him but we all want him to succeed. And he has. Sometimes I feel as if I’m not being fair expecting more from him. But then he says he loves competing so then I want more. He drives me bonkers at times but will always support him in his quest for a title. May he come back stronger.

  20. Team Rafa! Lets do Wimbledon! Get ready and Let’s go!

    Rafa’s team and Rafa’s fans need to remember the basics: Rafa can still win matches and Tournaments. Nole can still lose matches and not win tournaments!

    And there are about five Next Gens, including Dominic Theim, who are coming on strong and who can make life complicated for Rafa and Nole.

    Understanding the new era, lets start with Wimbledon and cheer for Rafa to win!!

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