Rafael Nadal Injury: Latest Updates On His Wrist

Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images for Laver Cup

Rafael Nadal has been forced to withdraw from his matches in the Laver Cup on Sunday after suffering a wrist injury, tournament bosses have confirmed.

In an announcement on Twitter, the tournament said: “Following consultation with the Laver Cup competition doctor Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from his matches today due to a wrist injury.”

Our champ also posted on Twitter:


More on Rafa’s injury:

I am sad of course. Especially because I had a big excitement to play doubles with Roger.

But the thing I am more sad about, because in singles I know Dominic is going to be there and he’s going to do unbelievable.

Since a couple of years ago I have that feeling on the hand. It is an inflammation on the hand not the wrist. Sometimes the next day you are a little bit better, sometimes you are a little bit worse. And today I think it is a little bit more inflamed.

In the morning I woke up with the feeling that something is inflamed on the hand and immediately I text Roger, Thomas and Bjorn that we need to find a solution because I don’t think I am the right one to play.

We have a great team so I really believe that without being at 100 per cent, the other guys are unbelievable.

Rafa recorded a singles victory over Milos Roanic and doubles defeat alongside Stefanos Tsitsipas yesterday. It seems like that has proved too much for our champ, who will no longer compete with Roger Federer in the doubles or singles battle with Nick Kyrgios.

Get well soon, Rafa!


  1. Congratulations to Team Europe, a job well done,Bravo….. sorry to hear of Rafa’s wrist but hopefully now you can rest and it will heal well.take time to rest and heal Rafa.

  2. Well done Team Europe, emerging victorious, once again, after a very close, hard fought contest. The team spirit on both sides was amazing. Rafa you played a valuable part on the court and in motivating your team. All the best abd back when you’re totally fit and ready.

  3. Congratulations to Team Europe. Team World will have to wait another year to try to win their first Laver Cup

    Rest Rafa, rest, rest, rest.

  4. I have to say I have this crushing feeling…. I too was surprised that Rafa didn’t back off from the Laver Cup after his match at the Open… and I posted 2 days ago after I saw the bandage on his lefthand that my gut feeling was that he wasn’t going to play…. And he said he would only play at 100% and I believed him…
    And now RR you are telling us that his doctor flew in prior to the match to give him an injection of an anesthetic to get him through the match…which means he was not 100% ….
    Yikes…And here I am thinking he’s ok and I’m defending his decision…
    Knowing this information, it is no surprise that his hand is inflamed today… The injection was just a bandaid and playing 4 sets yesterday would only result in possible further inflammation today.. Makes sense…
    Well I hope its considered minor and time is what he will need to heal…

    Good luck team Europe…. Sascha has his work cut out for him ….

    I am sure Rafa and Roger will be up on their feet coaching him… which is so cool to watch, especially if Sascha gets into trouble along way…

    Good luck!!

    • Marileena,
      Can’t say exactly when Dr. Cotorro flew in but a very reliable source who has been there all week saw him yesterday. As you say Rafa’s hand was strapped Friday. Knowing Rafa’s reliance on the opinion of his own team he would definitely have wanted his personal physician’s advice. Let’s hope he will not play at least before the end of October. If the hand isn’t just right by then I believe he will rest it even longer.

      • I didn’t mean to sound like…well RR said… Believe me we all appreciate, myself especially, all the little tidbits of inside info that you get about Rafa, and what he’s doing, and where he’s going and so on…. Thanks for sharing it… some of which I do get on instagram… but some I’m like…who is RR hanging out with?? Talk about being in the know. Love it!!! 🙂 So I do think without question that Rafa called Cotorro and he did come to Greece… It makes total sense…

        Bottom line is November 10th starts the tournament in London and by then Rafa should be fully recovered and ready to go! But if not, I completely agree, he needs to rest even longer until he’s at full strength…

      • Yes, thank you so much, RR🙏 It is greatly appreciated!

        Congratulations to Team Europe🎉🎊🥳 The beautiful trophy is yours for the third year in a row👏😁
        Team World played a great tournament, they were so close!

      • Happy to share the tidbits of info I get from a New York woman online who has a network of many knowledgeable insiders who live and breathe Rafa. She has always been accurate as far as I can tell. She herself travels to many of his tourneys during the year and sees things first hand. Don’t think this site appreciates other sites being named but if you search around you can find her.

  5. It’s been a very entertaining tournament and fitting that it goes down to the wire. For me, either team deserves to win, but Team World need it more, even just for morale sake.


  7. Now that Rafa is out I am rooting for underdogs Team World with its three Americans on the team. If Isner wins, it’s all over for Team Europe but I don’t think Roger is going to let that happen.

  8. I had hoped I was so wrong in being a worrywart.

    What compels Rafa to play despite not being 100%. I don’t know. I couldn’t enjoy his matches because I was worried despite his announcement he wouldn’t play unless he is 100%. Not the first time he has done this. I hope he now gets the rest he needs in order for his body to heal. He may have reversed any healing that occurred after his USO.

    Wishing Rafa a complete recovery.


    • The good news is that Dr. Cotorro flew in to check Rafa personally. He knows him best. Reports are that he injected the hand with a local anesthetic to enable Rafa to play yesterday, Thankfully no one was willing to take any risks today. I’m quite certain Margo that we won’t see him lift a racquet again until he is truly ready.

      • RR, what a relief. That is great news. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

        To be honest I’ve been too upset about Rafa playing so soon after his grueling USO. Now I’m even more upset because he is injured.

      • Thanks RR. I wished Rafa chose not to play yesterday knowing what his Dr. had to do……but I also respect his decision.

        Margo, yes, what a relief indeed!

        Get well soon and all the best, Rafa❤️

      • I wish you a speed revovery Rafa. Take care and be ready for Next match. Get well soon.
        Allí the best yo you

      • RR, there are conflicting reports that it’s not his wrist but a swollen hand. Have you found anything definitive?

        Rafa said it’s his wrist but I don’t know if that was before or after Dr. Cotorro examined him. I also find it curious that he didn’t mention Dr. Cotorro as he usually does after a diagnosis.

  9. It’s been great watching you, but your body is telling you enough is enough for now. Even though you can’t play today, you’re still a huge boost to the team from the sidelines. Look after your wrist and see you again on court when you’re fully fit.

    • In Rafa’s own words from the video above the problem is inflammation in the hand. It is not the wrist. The media have got it wrong. It is not a new situation so he knows well how to deal with it. His description of having “slept that hand” meaning it was frozen is charming.

      • His tweet does say wrist so assuming it was misstated either by him or Barbadillo who writes some of his tweets. I’ll believe what he actually told the interviewer.

      • RR, I didn’t see your comment before posting mine of 6:45pm. I sure hope it’s nothing major.


  10. Rafa take care get well soon champyou can cheer on your teammates 👍👍👍🎾🎾🎾😘❤️😘

  11. Enjoy watching you support and cheer on your teammates. Take care and get well very soon❤

    Good luck to Team Europe!

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