Rafael Nadal’s Nike outfit for the 2014 clay season

Here’s Rafael Nadal’s outfit for the clay tournaments in Monte-Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid and Rome in the run up to the French Open.

Rafa Nadal Nike 2014 Clay Apparel
Rafa Nadal Nike 2014 Clay Apparel

The deep hue, labeled Military blue, is a beautiful offset against the red clay and looks great on Rafa. The gray is a nice contrast. 

Is this a Nike hit or miss?  Leave a comment and tell us what do you think.

Photos: Tennis Warehouse, Midwest Sports



  1. Like the blue . He looks good in lighter colours but I ready think the grey is dull. Go Rafa – ur clothes dont matter


  2. I love blue. My favorit color and it’s a calming color. I think this color will give very positive energy to Rafa. I feel this. Love you Rafa. Marylynn


  3. It’s not what Nadal wears that matters for Pete’s sakes! What is important is for him to be able to beat Djokovic at the FO! I have this foreboding of danger, that Nadal will not win this year’s FO. Djokovic is ready to play the game of his life; but is Nadal ready to match him and beat him this time around?


  4. I love the blue shirt but am not mad about the grey shorts. He’ll look great in whatever of course. I still love the turquoise blue he’s worn before


  5. hmm .. i really like the shirt, the colour is beautiful and it suits him perfectly but the association of the shirt and the gray kinda make it a nike miss for me. I know Rafa will look stunning either way so i’m not worried but this is a matter of personal taste :p VAMOS !!


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