VIDEO: Everyone agrees Rafael Nadal is the best dancer | 2019 Laver Cup

Team Europe answer all of the big questions for Eurosport at the Laver Cup.


  1. Rafa has seen sense and won’t play today. By the way his own doctor, Dr Cotorro, was there yesterday. To expect any player to play 4 matches in 36 hours is ridiculous. I hope Rafa’s issue is nothing too serious (it doesn’t sound too bad – he said he has inflammation in his hand). He will still be there today to support his team, so I’ll still be watching. Rafa the cheerleader and coach is great to watch!

  2. Yo tambien estoy d acuerdo.. Sois muy buenos todos pero para mi como Rafa no hay ninguno.. Es muy inteligente compagina juego fisico y mental mas con sus efectos sobre la bola es extraordinario… ADELANTE RAFA!!!… Tienes un fisico increible despues del US OPEN sigues con la misma marcha.. Eres competitivo al maximo como celebras hasta los puntos d tus compañeros… ERES INCREIBLE!!!!

  3. I loved how they all agreed that Sascha was the one who’s always later! I would think Rafa’s a lot funnier in Spanish: it’s bound to be easier to him to get his message across in his own language 🙂 .

  4. Don’t know about Fognini but have to agree with Roger that Rafa is the funniest guy. Prime example from the U.S. Open: “I’m not the King of nowhere.” 😂 Wonder if he is as funny when speaking Spanish as he is at times in English.

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